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# Apr 18th, 16:13 waspinator never heard of it being a problem before
# Apr 18th, 16:13 waspinator you mean this `<?=`
# Apr 18th, 16:11 waspinator https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp.org/blob/master/src/Template/Element/Layout/default/footer/social_links.ctp
# Apr 18th, 16:09 mrfeedback i mean its used everywhere as it seems :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 18th, 16:09 mrfeedback cakephp.org\src\Template\Element\Layout\default\footer\social_links.ctp e.g.
# Apr 18th, 16:08 admad where?
# Apr 18th, 16:08 mrfeedback hmm browsing through templates of cakephp.org i realize that you use shorttags for opening and echoing in php. i was told that this feature is often disabled on hosts due to security concerns. or is this not an actual problem anymore?
# Apr 18th, 16:07 admad then make a PR for the docs :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 18th, 16:02 mrfeedback ah funny. on the website itself it is removed. but not in the book
# Apr 18th, 15:56 mrfeedback thx
# Apr 18th, 15:50 admad https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp.org
# Apr 18th, 15:49 mrfeedback hmm i have no idea where to put the PR for the website? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 18th, 15:45 admad @mrfeedback make a PR :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 18th, 15:42 mrfeedback i think you can remove the Google+ Button on the website :)
# Apr 18th, 15:38 this.impetus @admad check, will do, ty
# Apr 18th, 15:37 admad @this.impetus you might also want to consider https://github.com/admad/cakephp-glide
# Apr 18th, 14:49 ricksaccous lol
# Apr 18th, 14:49 neon1024 https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Core/ObjectRegistry.php#L97
# Apr 18th, 14:49 ricksaccous well actually that makes sense
# Apr 18th, 14:49 ricksaccous or it didn't instantiate it
# Apr 18th, 14:49 this.impetus It alarms me terribly that I understand none of that :P
# Apr 18th, 14:49 ricksaccous i had no idea that it didn't load it until you used it
# Apr 18th, 14:48 ricksaccous interesting
# Apr 18th, 14:48 neon1024 .. a bit like a DI container
# Apr 18th, 14:48 neon1024 As if it can’t find the key, it’ll instantiate the object and set the instance to the key
# Apr 18th, 14:48 neon1024 At least that’s my understanding of how the object registry works
# Apr 18th, 14:48 neon1024 They don’t get instantiated in the registry until you use them anyway
# Apr 18th, 14:47 neon1024 I think it’s such a microscopic enhancement to selectivly load helpers in the controller method
# Apr 18th, 14:47 neon1024 Loading helpers in the AppView I guess
# Apr 18th, 14:47 neon1024 You shouldn’t be loading helpers in a template file
# Apr 18th, 14:46 ricksaccous but i don't think it makes a huge difference
# Apr 18th, 14:46 ricksaccous @neon1024 it probably makes more sense to manipulate that in the view class especially because the response is available to you there
# Apr 18th, 14:45 this.impetus got it. tyvm guys
# Apr 18th, 14:45 ricksaccous yeah that would be loadHelper
# Apr 18th, 14:44 ricksaccous which woul dbe
# Apr 18th, 14:44 ricksaccous yeah i'm saying in controller you would do $this->viewBuilder->setHelpers() and in the view you would use the other method i think
# Apr 18th, 14:43 this.impetus Sigh, I don't really even understand helpers, sorry. I mean conceptually I do, but I don't havea great concept of cake's architecture. What I *want* to achieve is a means of generating mouse-over thumbnails. The front-end JS stuff is where I am actually qualified. if only one class is going to be using this helper, is it not better to load it in the controller?
# Apr 18th, 14:42 neon1024 `$this->_viewBuilder->setHelpers();` ?
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous and you would use a different method to do that
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous but yes, it's probably better to add them in the AppView class
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous you can add helpers that way