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# Apr 18th, 14:42 neon1024 `$this->_viewBuilder->setHelpers();` ?
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous and you would use a different method to do that
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous but yes, it's probably better to add them in the AppView class
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous you can add helpers that way
# Apr 18th, 14:41 this.impetus TBH, I *always* try. But I learned PHP years ago, and cake before it implemented namespace stuff, and I often find that I don't quite understand the API.
# Apr 18th, 14:41 neon1024 That’s not where you add helpers.
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous lol
# Apr 18th, 14:41 ricksaccous he's using viewBuilder in controller
# Apr 18th, 14:40 neon1024 So the method does exist. Which means you must have a typo I’d imagine
# Apr 18th, 14:40 ricksaccous in your case setHelpers is more appropriate
# Apr 18th, 14:40 ricksaccous learn to use that more often and you'll have less questions in general
# Apr 18th, 14:40 neon1024 AppView::loadHelper has been in for 4 years
# Apr 18th, 14:39 ricksaccous ;)
# Apr 18th, 14:39 ricksaccous @this.impetus https://api.cakephp.org/3.7/class-Cake.View.ViewBuilder.html
# Apr 18th, 14:39 this.impetus ```$this->viewBuilder()->getHelpers(['Thumber.Thumb']);``` seems to have pleased cake
# Apr 18th, 14:39 ricksaccous actually it's best to check the API
# Apr 18th, 14:38 this.impetus yeah, haha. thanks. don't be surprised if I come back
# Apr 18th, 14:38 this.impetus anyway, I should at least try to solve this myself
# Apr 18th, 14:38 ricksaccous you can go through the docs to figure it out
# Apr 18th, 14:38 ricksaccous then figure out what the better method to use is
# Apr 18th, 14:38 this.impetus but I keep getting errors stating that `loadHelper` isn't a method
# Apr 18th, 14:38 ricksaccous hehe
# Apr 18th, 14:37 this.impetus oh? As in now that we know it's there and installed, use the current cake API to actually load it? yeah `->helpers` is deprecated
# Apr 18th, 14:37 ricksaccous is helpers deprecated?
# Apr 18th, 14:37 this.impetus nah I can prolly google that
# Apr 18th, 14:37 ricksaccous don't use the deprecated method would be my advice
# Apr 18th, 14:37 this.impetus And this works. Final question—how do I suppress the deprecation errors?
# Apr 18th, 14:36 this.impetus Ahhhhh
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous the second part is the actual name of the helper
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous the first part of the string is the plugin namespace
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous Thumber.Thumb
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous it would be
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous so
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous I don't think you include the Helper part
# Apr 18th, 14:36 ricksaccous hehehehe
# Apr 18th, 14:36 this.impetus Thumb.Helper or something?
# Apr 18th, 14:35 ricksaccous this is a common theme throughout CakePHP
# Apr 18th, 14:35 ricksaccous when you load a helper from a plugin
# Apr 18th, 14:35 ricksaccous you need to prefix the plugin name
# Apr 18th, 14:35 this.impetus Or rather "Missing Helper" exception thrown
# Apr 18th, 14:35 this.impetus Hunh. Deprecation errors notwithstanding, that line with any of "Thumb", "Thumber", "ThumbHelper", "ThumberHelper" all say the helper is not found.