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# Mar 20th, 18:56 dereuromark auto cleaning processes that died
# Mar 20th, 18:55 dereuromark this is also fixed in dev master now
# Mar 20th, 18:55 dereuromark there u go^^
# Mar 20th, 18:55 challgren Yep that was probably it
# Mar 20th, 18:55 slackebot2 <challgren>
# Mar 20th, 18:54 dereuromark also clear your processes
# Mar 20th, 18:54 slackebot2 <challgren>
# Mar 20th, 18:53 challgren `*/10 * * * * ~/bin/cake queue runworker -q` is my cron
# Mar 20th, 18:53 dereuromark darn maybe the defaults dont get loaded in your case?
# Mar 20th, 18:50 challgren I only run 2 at a time
# Mar 20th, 18:49 dereuromark 'maxworkers' => 3 by default
# Mar 20th, 18:48 dereuromark this is a protection against >> x workers spawned, overloading the server
# Mar 20th, 18:48 dereuromark oh, set your count to a higher value. maybe the default is a bit too low?
# Mar 20th, 18:47 challgren @dereuromark any idea on this? All I did was upgrade
# Mar 20th, 15:59 zsoro2 Hello Guys! :slightly_smiling_face: I would like to ask a question if it's possible. I have problem with the ACL. I use 2.x CakePHP. I generated the ACO records in the database with ./Console/cake AclExtras.AclExtras aco_sync, command. But it not generated anything in the ARO table. How is it possible to generate data to the ARO table and the AROS_ACOS table?
# Mar 20th, 15:11 spriz Ah do’h - yeah ofc with `->toArray()` Bernat :+1:
# Mar 20th, 15:08 berarma @acosonic, so you're staying on cake2 because your team didn't agree on anything else? :O
# Mar 20th, 15:05 berarma Or `$authorIds = array_unique((new Collection($posts))->extract('author_id')->toList());`
# Mar 20th, 15:04 berarma I think it's wrong, you should do: `$authorIds = array_keys((new Collection($posts))->groupBy('author_id')->toArray());`
# Mar 20th, 14:53 spriz Usually I’ve done: `$authorIds = array_keys((new Collection($posts))->groupBy('author_id')->toList());` but it just feels wrong ,:)
# Mar 20th, 14:52 spriz What am I missing here? Isn’t there some sneaky way to only have unique `author_id`s with collection class from this: https://gist.github.com/Spriz/eceb62e87427830cc72bb14d8945c443
# Mar 20th, 14:50 slackebot2 $this->redirect('/onlinecheckout/:slug', ['controller' => 'autoCheckout', 'action' => 'verify', $code]); i had problem with redirect :S sombody can help me ?
# Mar 20th, 14:50 kweclawski Hi everybody :slightly_smiling_face: i have question about redirect to alias :slightly_smiling_face: so i create 2 routes for one controler in routes.php : ``` $routes->connect('/auto-checkout/begin/*', ['controller' => 'AutoCheckout', 'action' => 'begin']); $routes->connect('/onlinecheckout/begin/*', ['controller' => 'AutoCheckout', 'action' => 'begin']);``` and i want add redirect to onlinecheckout/begin but when i try used return
# Mar 20th, 14:27 ricksaccous I'm sure some people would still be happy to help you out with your cake2 questions
# Mar 20th, 14:27 ricksaccous lol
# Mar 20th, 14:22 acosonic Could there be like cakephp2 specific support channel? :slightly_smiling_face: Btw, after researching Laravel and Cake3 and going berserk, my team decided to stay on cake2 for 3 new projects, and keep maintaining cake 2 if support gets dropped :)
# Mar 20th, 13:13 dereuromark what do you mean? sounds like a non generic issue to me
# Mar 20th, 12:47 itmpls really don't want to re-invent the wheel..
# Mar 20th, 12:47 itmpls this might be a longshot but is there some plugin that scrapes your supplied tables and fks to do an export of the data based on relations?
# Mar 20th, 12:04 johnwayne Ok, Thank you for your aswer
# Mar 20th, 12:04 dereuromark usually they only throw deprecations etc, as such you just silence them in production
# Mar 20th, 11:57 johnwayne I thought some things in cakephp v3.3 will not work with php v 7.3 (we have also planned to update all the projects to the latest cakephp version - but not until April)
# Mar 20th, 11:56 dereuromark but there is usually no reason why it shouldnt be fine.
# Mar 20th, 11:55 dereuromark dunno that, we are always using latest minor as one should.
# Mar 20th, 11:54 johnwayne Heroku will shut down cedar-14 until APril/2019 and we are still using that one. Now few of projects use CakePhp v 3.3. Can I just upgrade to cedar-18 and php v 7.3 without updating cakephp to 3.7 or?
# Mar 20th, 11:53 dereuromark yeah
# Mar 20th, 11:50 johnwayne Hi, does anybody use Heroku for cakePhp?
# Mar 20th, 10:40 barlas This is how it is, right now. :-/
# Mar 20th, 10:35 spriz the end of all our scopes are `$routes->fallbacks(\Cake\Routing\Route\InflectedRoute::class);` though
# Mar 20th, 10:35 spriz try inserting `Router::defaultRouteClass(\Cake\Routing\Route\InflectedRoute::class);` before the scopes
# Mar 20th, 10:35 spriz the default route should be applied to all scopes AFAIK