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# Mar 20th, 09:20 challgren $table->find()
# Mar 20th, 09:19 birdy247 I am trying to do create a query
# Mar 20th, 09:19 birdy247 Morning
# Mar 20th, 08:13 spriz @acosonic depending on complexity - if you’re mostly looking for basic CRUD stuff you could look into `crud` and `crud-view`
# Mar 20th, 08:10 dereuromark no
# Mar 20th, 08:09 scuadra Hello. Is it possible to use afterSave() callback on updateAll() in Cake 3.7?
# Mar 20th, 07:55 narendravaghela I use this - https://keenthemes.com/metronic/
# Mar 20th, 07:35 acosonic Hi all, any backend theme you are recommending? For /admin purposes?
# Mar 19th, 20:29 joopm okey i see thank you for your patient
# Mar 19th, 20:28 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/migrations.html#using-migrations-in-plugins
# Mar 19th, 20:28 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/migrations.html
# Mar 19th, 20:27 joopm how do you mean Migrations? I thought migrations is about conversion from cakephp 2 to cakephp 3 for example
# Mar 19th, 20:26 joopm hello
# Mar 19th, 20:25 challgren Migrations
# Mar 19th, 20:07 joopm and interested in how to pack db files for installing the plugin later
# Mar 19th, 20:07 joopm i made my first plugin
# Mar 19th, 20:07 joopm hello
# Mar 19th, 19:41 ricksaccous actually i didn't, rawrrrrr
# Mar 19th, 19:26 ricksaccous got it working, was simpler than that
# Mar 19th, 19:26 ricksaccous nevermind
# Mar 19th, 19:05 ricksaccous in a hasOne
# Mar 19th, 19:05 ricksaccous i would have just used sortConditions but they seem to be ignored
# Mar 19th, 19:00 ricksaccous Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) in /vagrant/nflf/httpdocs/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Database/Query.php on line 352
# Mar 19th, 18:59 ricksaccous when I'm trying to set up a hasOne relationship of the most recent record of a hasMany I'm getting exceeded memory limits
# Mar 19th, 18:34 ricksaccous no problem
# Mar 19th, 18:33 jnguyen thanks @ricksaccous
# Mar 19th, 18:33 jnguyen its just i had to make it plural on the calls too
# Mar 19th, 18:33 jnguyen ahhh okay that was it
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous that will help you i think
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous you can think of entities as just bags of data
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous and you use the table class to create and patch new entities
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous can be kind of confusing
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous loadModel() corresponds to the table class not to the entity
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous yeah
# Mar 19th, 18:31 ricksaccous you just need to add an s in your controller
# Mar 19th, 18:31 jnguyen ah okk
# Mar 19th, 18:30 ricksaccous etc etc
# Mar 19th, 18:30 ricksaccous $healthRecord = $this->HealthRecords->newEntity();
# Mar 19th, 18:30 ricksaccous $this->loadModel('HealthRecords);
# Mar 19th, 18:30 jnguyen its being called within another controller
# Mar 19th, 18:30 ricksaccous you are calling it wrong