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# Mar 19th 2019, 14:29 jeremyharris ah yes, that can be a bit more tricky. here is the documentation for that: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html#creating-inputs-for-associated-data
# Mar 19th 2019, 14:28 ricksaccous lollll
# Mar 19th 2019, 14:28 ricksaccous the solution is wonky javascript
# Mar 19th 2019, 14:28 feLiruc Ohhh, my relationship is OK, the bake got it correct... my problem is to create the template with this 2 entities for the user... the fill the event, and N attendants in the same screen
# Mar 19th 2019, 14:26 jeremyharris or perhaps a belongsToMany, if attendants can be part of multiple events
# Mar 19th 2019, 14:25 jeremyharris feLiruc I think you are looking for a hasMany relationship. you can find information about it here: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/associations.html#hasmany-associations
# Mar 19th 2019, 13:27 feLiruc Hello guys, can anybody help me how to create an add page to create a 1 to n information? Like event and attendant...
# Mar 19th 2019, 12:19 feLiruc Hello guys... what´s the smartest way to create an add page to create a 1 to n relationship model? like, one event with a list of participants... I want to add the participants list just in 1 page.
# Mar 19th 2019, 08:02 challgren np
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:21 latenal @challgren, you were right. This is an accessibility problem. There was ‘monitors’ in the list not `monitor` Thanks a lot!
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:14 latenal Here is it: https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#saving-hasone-associations The problem is that in the example they create *a new entity with an ID*. I don’t have an ID when I create a record. It’s auto-incremented.
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:11 latenal I’ve read it multiple times. I think everything is according to the doc, but it doesn’t work
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:10 latenal This is the data: `Array ( [firstname] => TestName [lastname] => TestLastname [cellphone] => 1231231231 [username] => monitor2 [monitor] => Array ( [department_id] => 1 ) )`
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:09 challgren https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#patching-hasmany-and-belongstomany
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:08 latenal Yes
# Mar 19th 2019, 06:04 challgren Accessible
# Mar 19th 2019, 03:23 slackebot2 $this->Users->save($entity, [‘associated’ => [‘Monitors’]])) ` It saves the `User`, but it doesn’t save `Monitor` data How do I save the assoc model?
# Mar 19th 2019, 03:23 latenal Hey, I am using cake 3.7 I am trying to save hasOne but it never saves the associated value. There are 2 tables Users and Monitors (one-to-one) ` $this->hasOne(‘Monitors’, [ ‘foreignKey’ => ‘user_id’, ‘joinType’ => ‘INNER’ ]) ` This is the way I save it: ` $entity = $this->Users->newEntity(); $entity = $this->Users->patchEntity($entity, $data, [‘associated’ => [‘Monitors’]]);
# Mar 19th 2019, 02:16 chrisshick It had to do with the CRUD api plugin that I use. It automatically enables the query log
# Mar 19th 2019, 02:16 chrisshick @markstory I found the issue.
# Mar 18th 2019, 22:03 massimoi Hi, I've got a question about page cache (cake 2.x). I'm using caching for static pages (Pages/name.ctp). When I enable translations, the cache "hides" the translation (es: eng/pages/name == ita/pages/name), *how should I configure the cache?*
# Mar 18th 2019, 21:37 itmpls n/m, scope doh
# Mar 18th 2019, 21:36 itmpls how can I add another unique constraint so its 2 fields instead of one? for ex `->add('field','unique',['rule' => 'validateUnique']);`
# Mar 18th 2019, 19:17 m even I did not think that haha :slightly_smiling_face: I'm just a worthless guy.. and will go cry in a corner by myself eating cookies
# Mar 18th 2019, 19:16 admad @m of course if was your fault, no body thought otherwise :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 18th 2019, 19:09 m @admad: I'm honest enough: It was my own fault, I was updating the wrong (similar named and similar path.. ) project folder .. which was still at an earlier version of Cake. So it works and is fixed. Thanks again for your help.
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:28 m yes, was doing that now :slightly_smiling_face: thanks
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:28 admad delete your vendor/cakephp/cakephp folder and run composer update again
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:27 admad @m you mention `compact('etagMatches', 'timeMatches')` generating errors in Response class. But Response class no longer has any compact() call https://github.com/cakephp/caakephp/blob/3.7.5/src/Http/Response.php
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:27 m but i can see the fix at github; so ill figure it out myself. Thanks for your time
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:26 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:26 m hm; any idea why i dont have it when i'm at 3.7.5 ?
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:26 admad @m that fix was done quite a quite ago, it is present in latest release
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:25 birdy247 if i perform the exact same callback in "name"
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:25 slackebot2 <birdy247>
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:25 chris-andre @birdy247 Not sure how/why, but name has to come from somewhere? From the entity being patched?
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:25 birdy247 if I check the data higher up i.e. name
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:25 m ive checked github for cakephp/cakephp dev-master and i see a "php7.3" fix. Could it be that dev-master fixes that? instead of ^3.7 ?
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:24 birdy247 This is odd
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:23 m It's probably my fault, somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it; it seems to be Cake (to me at the moment)
# Mar 18th 2019, 18:22 m admad: I am using 3.7.5 (checked the file in vendor and ran composer again given ^3.7