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# Jun 13th, 15:44 neon1024 He sure has high expectations of everyone else ;)
# Jun 13th, 15:43 lorenzo it’s always about dereuromark :)
# Jun 13th, 15:43 neon1024 This one? https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/12123
# Jun 13th, 15:43 neon1024 Oh, you’re telling me to check the tickets because it’s your ticket
# Jun 13th, 15:43 dereuromark afaik there is only some issue with namespaced plugins, otherwise should work
# Jun 13th, 15:42 neon1024 We aren’t all ticket masters @dereuromark!
# Jun 13th, 15:42 neon1024 It’s lost the header, and the list of all commands
# Jun 13th, 15:42 lorenzo @neon1024 what changed?
# Jun 13th, 15:42 neon1024 Moan first, work second :P
# Jun 13th, 15:42 dereuromark You always forget that part :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 13th, 15:42 dereuromark LOL, how about checking existing tickets
# Jun 13th, 15:41 neon1024 I don’t like the new bin/cake. Who do I complain at? ;)
# Jun 13th, 15:41 lorenzo just change something and check the audits table
# Jun 13th, 15:41 lorenzo no need
# Jun 13th, 15:41 itmpls is there a way to test / debug where it's trying to create/use the audit stash?
# Jun 13th, 15:40 itmpls i shouldn't need to bake/create a class for audit stash, or do I?
# Jun 13th, 15:34 lorenzo no, that should be it
# Jun 13th, 15:34 itmpls @lorenzo - once I have the table up and I added the behavior to my table and once a record gets modified/created in that table, is there any other thing I setup before it starts dumping into audit_stash?
# Jun 13th, 15:21 lorenzo :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 13th, 15:21 itmpls i'll just manually create it
# Jun 13th, 15:21 itmpls ah np
# Jun 13th, 15:20 neon1024 Hah, perhaps you can ask @lorenzo :P
# Jun 13th, 15:20 lorenzo working on that
# Jun 13th, 15:20 neon1024 Ah, there is only 1
# Jun 13th, 15:20 lorenzo newer phinx is not yet in the migrations plugin
# Jun 13th, 15:20 neon1024 Is that in the correct set of migrations you are running?
# Jun 13th, 15:19 itmpls well, it creates 'audit_stash_phinxlog' but not audit_stash for example
# Jun 13th, 15:18 neon1024 Which included BC breaks
# Jun 13th, 15:18 itmpls oh
# Jun 13th, 15:18 neon1024 Do bear in mind that Phinx was recently updated
# Jun 13th, 15:18 neon1024 Well plugins with correct migrations should create a `pluginName_phinxlog` table
# Jun 13th, 15:18 itmpls this one specifically: https://github.com/lorenzo/audit-stash/blob/master/src/config/Migrations/20171018185609_CreateAuditLogs.php
# Jun 13th, 15:18 itmpls anyone know why a migration would create a _phinxlog table and the migration appears to work when running migrate -p Foo -t blah but the actual table isn't created?
# Jun 13th, 14:37 zmurphy Ah, didn't even think of that. Thanks
# Jun 13th, 14:36 jeremyharris if you are mixing new with existing, then the other format is probably the way to go. association.0.id if it exists, association.1.name for new ones
# Jun 13th, 14:34 zmurphy What's the appropriate way in a form to set up controls for both attaching an existing association and adding a new one. I know for existing I can use `$this->Form->control('association._ids', ['options' => $association])` but would that conflict with also having an option to add new associations?
# Jun 13th, 13:21 josbeir classic, should v mentioned that :P
# Jun 13th, 13:19 Martin` ok fixed my problem, I had to add contacts to the accessible array of the entity :P
# Jun 13th, 13:08 josbeir oh snap !
# Jun 13th, 13:07 dereuromark hah, didnt know that these threads are also all published at https://irc.cakephp.org/ :P
# Jun 13th, 13:07 josbeir i'll do my best !