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# May 20th, 01:28 joshuaso91 I tried to follow the instruction from FriendsOfCake but it still seem like it is working
# May 20th, 01:28 joshuaso91 has anyone use Boostrap UI for CakePHP??
# May 20th, 01:16 royalty didn't realize that till now that dynamically added fields are not considered via the submit button
# May 20th, 01:15 royalty nevermind this is more of a javascript thing...
# May 20th, 01:14 royalty interesting
# May 20th, 01:14 royalty i see it isn't even in the post data...
# May 20th, 01:12 royalty even though the naming conventions for the name field seem correct
# May 20th, 01:12 royalty and it's not being picked up by the entity
# May 20th, 01:11 royalty so i'm creating form inputs using javascript
# May 20th, 01:11 royalty hello
# May 19th, 20:35 makamo i clean the entity avec change value but when the page is loaded my form keep the old data
# May 19th, 20:35 makamo Hello i want to inject new data in my form after i save without redirect
# May 19th, 20:34 makamo hello
# May 19th, 19:51 makamo someone here ?
# May 19th, 19:28 makamo i clean the entity avec change value but when the page is loaded my form keep the old data
# May 19th, 19:27 makamo Hello i want to inject new data in my form after i save without redirect
# May 19th, 19:10 DeVito1 or component
# May 19th, 19:10 DeVito1 and Was wondering if i should save the user from the controller
# May 19th, 19:10 DeVito1 im making an oauth component
# May 19th, 19:02 savant DeVito1: what do you mean
# May 19th, 18:47 DeVito1 is it good practice to have add actions in a component ? 3.x ?
# May 19th, 17:38 josh_rodarte Is there any way to send a route to a Cell function instead of a controller? Needing to do some ajax with a cell being created.
# May 19th, 16:58 tiagoab I saw it wrong.. the both returns 405..
# May 19th, 16:55 tiagoab If I do an PUT request to my action it returns HTTP status 400, but if I send Accept: application/json it returns 405.. why it happens?
# May 19th, 16:50 cake-novice hi. https://pastebin.com/e6i6E4ty here is my code .. i am trying to get result from 3 tables which have foreign_key of each other.. so i am not getting last 3rd tabel data, Which is Template table
# May 19th, 16:46 rudy1976s Hello I am trying to prepare a DB for a new installation of my app: I have created migration to create database tabel: does migrate allow to populate tables with data ?
# May 19th, 16:38 joshuaso91 instead of echo $this->Form->control('roles', array ('disabled' => 'disabled'));
# May 19th, 16:38 joshuaso91 nvm I figured it out. LOLx. Soz for the trouble. I used `echo $this->Form->control('roles', array ('readonly' => 'readonly'));`
# May 19th, 16:33 joshuaso91 any idea how i can turn things around
# May 19th, 16:32 joshuaso91 what i wanted to do is registering a new user before logging in. If it's not a Super admin or admin, then the roles field will be disabled or not be able to see so the default `Staff` value will be inserted into the database
# May 19th, 16:31 joshuaso91 it won't let me submit the form because that error message is telling me the field is not allowed to be empty when it is not
# May 19th, 16:29 joshuaso91 hey guys. I need some advice/help
# May 19th, 16:17 swiffer got it! -> forgot to flush the cache on deployment
# May 19th, 16:07 swiffer https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/10675
# May 19th, 16:07 swiffer already opened an issue at github but don't know if it's the right place
# May 19th, 16:06 swiffer same code is indeed working on another server
# May 19th, 16:06 swiffer hey, currently cannot find a solution for a problem with ->save() method calling on a table with modified entity object; while getDirty() is showing two modified properties neither of them is saved (query log shows just the modified_at) beeing updated
# May 19th, 15:33 benjmart I'm having trouble with a custom widget and templates. I am trying to figure out how to set attributes on the label (specifically, an id) within the form group template. I can't figure out where I need to add code to modify how the label is written. (I can't seem to do it from the widget, because the formGroup is rendered outside the widgetAnyone have any advice?
# May 19th, 15:26 slackebot idea as to how I can update my validator to check if there is an uppercase letter and a digit?
# May 19th, 15:26 slackebot 'hasUppercase'=>[ 'rule'=>['custom', 'regex'=>'/[A-Z]/'], 'message'=>'Password must contain at least one uppercase letter' ], 'hasDigit'=>[ 'rule'=>['custom', 'regex'=>'/[0-9]/'], 'message'=>'Password must contain at least one number' ] ]); ``` The custom rules in hasUppercase and hasDigit are causing this error it seems, but since I am still kind of a cake noob and didn't write the code, I don't know how to fix it. Does any
# May 19th, 15:26 animepauly We updated cakephp from 3.3.x to 3.4.5, and now when users attempt to register, they get the following error: ``` [Error] Cannot unpack array with string keys in /var/www/public/adphenom-portal/vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Validation/ValidationRule.php ``` I have pinpointed the problem to here: ``` $validator->add('new_password', [ 'length'=>[ 'rule'=>['minLength', 6], 'message'=>'Password must contain at least 6 characters' ],