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# At Username Text Report
# Today, 17:07 tiagoa I've has editing the wrong file Report
# Today, 17:06 tiagoa hahaahahaha Report
# Today, 17:06 tiagoa I was sleepy... Report
# Today, 17:06 tiagoa ok, it's my mistake, don't worry... Report
# Today, 17:04 hmic whats the error? Report
# Today, 17:03 tiagoa I'll review my code Report
# Today, 17:03 tiagoa I've tried but it dont works Report
# Today, 17:01 hmic you can just implement it as before: http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/table-objects.html#beforefind Report
# Today, 16:58 tiagoa How do implement beforeFind in cakephp 3? Have I do a EventListener???? like this: http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/table-objects.html#initialize? Report
# Today, 16:55 hmic good to have been helpful Report
# Today, 16:55 froodley @hmic Success! Thanks for the tip :D Report
# Today, 16:26 froodley trying that... Report
# Today, 16:18 hmic just add the definition to the composer.json "autoload" section then Report
# Today, 16:18 froodley not being found by the autoloader Report
# Today, 16:17 froodley it's in /Lib/Interface Report
# Today, 16:17 hmic you just need to adhere to the conventions for placing and naming the files Report
# Today, 16:17 froodley an interface we wrote Report
# Today, 16:17 hmic if its in your app dir, composer takes care already! Report
# Today, 16:17 hmic wait, what are you trying to autoload and failing? Report
# Today, 16:17 froodley oh, so, moving all the interfaces and traits and etc into a composer package so composer will bring them in instead? Report
# Today, 16:16 hmic you can just add the requirements to the composer.json and composer dump-autoload Report
# Today, 16:16 hmic sure. if composer handles autoload Report
# Today, 16:16 froodley we already bring cake2 in with composer, but i think that's not what you're talking about? Report
# Today, 16:15 hmic i'd go this way. if you dont and need custom autoloading, you've got the solution already. Report
# Today, 16:15 hmic and it solved the autoloading issues and dependencies at once Report
# Today, 16:14 hmic and there is composer suppport for cake2 available, its not as good, but working Report
# Today, 16:14 hmic cake3 uses composer (only) Report
# Today, 16:14 froodley have to think about that Report
# Today, 16:14 froodley interesting Report
# Today, 16:10 hmic composer? Report
# Today, 16:09 froodley that was the solution i'd come around to, just trying to be sure I'm not missing something built in to cake Report
# Today, 16:08 froodley oh, you're talking about adding to spl_autoload_register then? Report
# Today, 16:08 hmic check google for setting up the autoloader. its not a cake thing really Report
# Today, 16:07 froodley @hmic I have looked for documentation in the cookbook and haven't found anything, can you elaborate please? Report
# Today, 16:04 froodley add to spl_autoload_register? Report
# Today, 16:03 hmic configure the autoloader accordingly Report
# Today, 16:03 froodley how is this to be done correctly? Report
# Today, 16:03 froodley question is about custom interfaces. Cake(2) autoloader does not find files in Lib, but adding App::use() or App::import() (or require_once, etc) to the top of the file to bring in the interface is prohibited under PSR2, effects and declarations in the same file Report
# Today, 16:02 froodley howdy Report
# Today, 16:01 hmic !tell froodley about ask Report
# Today, 16:01 froodley anyone active? Report
# Today, 15:42 ypnos you're welcome Report
# Today, 15:41 prophet Wow. This is amazing. It works. Thank you so much sir. I see now that it needs the user_id to match the right user, I thought this is done by the order. Report
# Today, 15:37 ypnos validate => false is not needed for the call to save() Report
# Today, 15:36 ypnos that's it Report
# Today, 15:36 ypnos second, you need to add <?= $this->Form->hidden("users.$i.id") ?> Report
# Today, 15:35 ypnos so you don't have to initialize and increment $i Report
# Today, 15:35 ypnos you can do foreach ($association->users as $i => $user) Report
# Today, 15:35 ypnos yeah two comments Report
# Today, 15:33 prophet http://pastebin.com/UWFSyyWE Report
# Today, 15:33 prophet Here you can roughly see my code Report
# Today, 15:29 ypnos you still have the mindset as if your join table is an entity by itsel Report
# Today, 15:29 ypnos this is how cake sees it Report
# Today, 15:29 ypnos in your mind, you need to see it as patching the user, passing joinData along (and situationally, you don't patch any of the user's fields) Report
# Today, 15:28 ypnos do not provide any ids within the join data Report
# Today, 15:28 ypnos you provide the id of the user next to the _joinData, on the same level Report
# Today, 15:27 ypnos http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#saving-data-to-the-join-table Report
# Today, 15:27 ypnos what you would need to do is like in the tags example Report
# Today, 15:27 ypnos that doesn't make sense to me Report
# Today, 15:27 prophet Next to 'rank' there are 3 hidden fields that I added, id, user_id, association_id Report
# Today, 15:26 ypnos show us what you did Report
# Today, 15:26 prophet I did. Report
# Today, 15:26 ypnos so that the data appears connected to the right user Report
# Today, 15:26 ypnos you need to provide the user's id as a hidden field Report
# Today, 15:25 prophet I did what you said. Now I have two additional users. Report
# Today, 15:22 ypnos also see http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/validation.html#using-different-validators-per-association Report
# Today, 15:21 ypnos just say 'associated' => ['Users' => ['validate' => false], Report
# Today, 15:21 ypnos no Report
# Today, 15:21 ypnos and first level associations are automatically included btw. see http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#converting-request-data-into-entities Report
# Today, 15:21 prophet Okay. Should I change it to 'Users._joinData'? Report
# Today, 15:20 ypnos prophet: ['associated' => ['Users'] this states you are patching user Report
# Today, 15:20 ypnos prophet: because you are patching user! you just don't know it Report
# Today, 15:20 tiagoa How do implement beforeFind in cakephp 3? Have I do a EventListener???? like this: http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/table-objects.html#initialize? Report
# Today, 15:20 prophet Why are the validation rules even applied? I want to patch the data that is associated to user and not user Report
# Today, 15:20 GuillaumeP hello guys -- I've got one short question : if, for any reason, sending an email fails, what type of exception should I catch ? Report
# Today, 15:19 ypnos well then you have to either (a) specify that the user should not be validated or (b) have a different set of validation rules for your case Report
# Today, 15:18 prophet For the user, yes. But I am not realy editing the user but a field of the membership table. The membership table does not have validation rules. Report
# Today, 15:18 ypnos you can remove the "$association = " part of that Report
# Today, 15:17 ypnos well do you have validation rules that an email must be provided? Report
# Today, 15:14 prophet This is how the call looks like $association = $this->Associations->patchEntity($association, $this->request->data, ['associated' => ['Users']]); Report
# Today, 15:13 prophet You are right. But when I call patchEntity I get errors because 'email' etc. is missing. Report
# Today, 15:12 ypnos why would you want to have other fields in your request data if you didn't change them? Report
# Today, 15:11 ypnos that has nothing to do with the joinData though Report
# Today, 15:11 ypnos well obviously the request data will only have what you submit in your form Report
# Today, 15:10 prophet No, and this seems to be the problem. The request->data only has the attributes that I added as (hidden) form inputs. Every other attribute of the entity is missing. Report
# Today, 15:07 ypnos so your stuff looks like this? http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#saving-data-to-the-join-table Report
# Today, 15:04 prophet My fault. It should only be one Report
# Today, 15:03 ypnos why are there two underscores in your request data? Report
# Today, 15:01 prophet Edit: request->data looks like ['users' => '0' => [__joinData => ['rank', etc]], '1' => [__joinData => ['rank', etc]]] Report
# Today, 14:57 prophet I had several approaches. I see the most fitting in saving the association with the 'associated' option. I set 'associated' to ['Users']. My request->data looks like ['users' => '0' => ['rank', etc], '1' => 'rank', etc]. As you can see it is missing all other attributes of 'user'. Report
# Today, 14:54 ypnos did you try editing the join data? Report
# Today, 14:49 prophet two* Report
# Today, 14:49 prophet I have to tables (Associations, Users) connected with a 'through'-table (membership). The 'through'-table has an additional attribute 'rank'. I don't see how I can edit the rank. I can access the rank via '_joinData' field of 'users' of the association. Report
# Today, 14:44 ypnos I would like to create a template to be replicated in my view instead of having to mangle with it in javascript Report
# Today, 14:43 ypnos or do I need to maintain a strict numbering? (tags.0.id, tags.1.id, … etc)? Report
# Today, 14:43 ypnos is it possible to add to the array of tags? Report
# Today, 14:43 ypnos because I add inputs dynamically via javascript Report
# Today, 14:43 ypnos if I don't have a numbering, though Report
# Today, 14:42 ypnos normally the input identifiers look like "tags.0.id", "tags.0.name" etc. Report
# Today, 14:42 ypnos so I want to submit a form with array elements (hasMany) Report
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