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# Today, 00:06 savant Seaker: dont know, never tried.
# Yesterday, 21:37 Seaker so it seams as if I need to tell your plugin which field to use. can this handle a multiple upload field ?
# Yesterday, 21:36 Seaker uploading went well before switching to multiple=true and changing the 'name' of the input
# Yesterday, 21:36 Seaker ok .. it looks like I have messed up the input file ;)
# Yesterday, 21:34 Seaker https://gist.github.com/carlchen1986/1bf6c432d932cd3c1478ba84ab05d0b9
# Yesterday, 21:32 savant use that^
# Yesterday, 21:32 slackebot Command sent from Slack by savant:
# Yesterday, 21:32 slackebot ~gist
# Yesterday, 21:32 Seaker ok .. try to do so .. haven't used gist yet .. will try
# Yesterday, 21:32 Seaker yep ;) i have read in one "issue" topic in git that you can be found here :D
# Yesterday, 21:32 savant - entire table class - your controller - the template
# Yesterday, 21:32 savant can you gist the following:
# Yesterday, 21:32 savant oh hey thats me
# Yesterday, 21:31 Seaker josegonzalez/cakephp-upload
# Yesterday, 21:31 Seaker is there any special config to do or naming so that the plugin recognized data from input:multiple=true
# Yesterday, 21:31 savant seaker: what plugin are you using, can you link to it?
# Yesterday, 21:31 Seaker but multiple files are not transferred to the destination (uploaded). saving to database is fine (I have modified the controller method and split the array comming from the input field)
# Yesterday, 21:30 Seaker single files are fine
# Yesterday, 21:30 Seaker I have.a question on uploading multiple files at once with the upload-pluginm
# Yesterday, 21:28 savant http://josediazgonzalez.com/2016/12/09/saving-custom-post-types/
# Yesterday, 21:28 savant CakeAdvent 2016 followers! Here is today’s post, which covers saving custom post types to our database using a few more listeners. Also shows how to automatically attach a record to the currently logged in user. Enjoy!
# Yesterday, 21:27 savant hi
# Yesterday, 21:24 Seaker Hi
# Yesterday, 20:17 hdon ok that's not the problem i was having
# Yesterday, 20:11 hdon uh... are you a bot, slackebot?
# Yesterday, 20:00 cjohnson another one that I have to fight sometimes is xcache
# Yesterday, 20:00 cjohnson or it’s browser cache
# Yesterday, 20:00 cjohnson maybe you are doing some custom caching
# Yesterday, 19:43 hdon hi all :) i'm using cakephp2 and one of my views is being cached. i delete all the files in my cache dir (and see them reappear when i reload the page) but it doesn't change anything. i did a tcpdump to see if my configuration could have been contacting a memcache or something somewhere. no such luck. any ideas?
# Yesterday, 18:00 spriz Have fun n
# Yesterday, 18:00 spriz It should:thinking_face:
# Yesterday, 18:00 ceeram sushi time actually, laterz
# Yesterday, 18:00 ceeram nvm, hometime
# Yesterday, 18:00 ceeram i meant does the book say anything about you shutting up?
# Yesterday, 18:00 spriz That's the only thing the books says in this case :,),:),:)
# Yesterday, 17:59 spriz Look at the alert/info box on the link I just sent :)
# Yesterday, 17:59 ceeram does the book say anything about that too?
# Yesterday, 17:59 spriz I'll just shut up now:face_with_rolling_eyes:
# Yesterday, 17:59 spriz Ffs - didn't read his follow up....
# Yesterday, 17:59 ceeram i know
# Yesterday, 17:58 spriz 6:38 @ceeram :b
# Yesterday, 17:58 spriz Hehe, that would surprise me ,:) it was an answer to his answer to my question :D
# Yesterday, 17:57 ceeram book states he should not keep quiet?
# Yesterday, 17:57 spriz http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/development/routing.html#url-inflection-for-resource-routes
# Yesterday, 17:56 spriz @admad: the book states the opposite :thinking_face:
# Yesterday, 17:52 admad perhaps i should just keep quite today
# Yesterday, 17:52 admad Neon1024: sorry, earlier even though you linked cakedc/search my mind read it as foc/search and i responded accordingly :slightly_smiling_face:
# Yesterday, 17:43 pbaire Hi! I was looking at dbosource file from cake 2.x [ ref https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/2.x/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php#L3261�], anybody knows why the design of insertMulti prepares a single statement and then make an execute for every inserted record instead of preparing a unique statement with all values that it can be executed later and in one-shot?
# Yesterday, 17:40 admad Oh you are talking about resource routes, sorry
# Yesterday, 17:38 admad @spriz it's just you since it's possible to specify the default route class to use
# Yesterday, 17:25 pbaire hi
# Yesterday, 17:21 savant im backkk its a dinosaur story
# Yesterday, 17:05 pbaire I moved db on an aws instance, a huge insertMulti cause a timeout on db connection, I've modified the function for use a single prepared statement instead of multi , if someone thinks it's be useful I can make a PR into repository
# Yesterday, 17:02 pbaire Hi! I was looking at dbosource file from cake 2.x , there's a reason why the insertMulti function make a single insert for every inserted record instead of preparing a unique statement executed later? [ ref https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/2.x/lib/Cake/Model/Datasource/DboSource.php#L3261�]
# Yesterday, 17:00 Leonardo_0112 BC ?
# Yesterday, 16:58 hmic otoh, it is easier to programmatically build arrays than object chains :p
# Yesterday, 16:58 hmic the array syntax is BC imho
# Yesterday, 16:57 philipgrey as to why, someone else would be better equipped to answer
# Yesterday, 16:57 philipgrey you should use the object syntax
# Yesterday, 16:48 Leonardo_0112 Why cake has the array and the object syntax for find method? Any fallback? Which should I use?
# Yesterday, 16:41 Leonardo_0112 philipgrey, thanks
# Yesterday, 16:41 Leonardo_0112 It worked! http://pastebin.com/GZ7LxCUg
# Yesterday, 16:40 pbaire Hi to all!
# Yesterday, 16:29 din Still struggling with the onlyIds option. Code here: http://pastebin.com/VycMMiah Works the first time when adding, but even just re-saving removes the shipment id from the package and creates a new, empty package for some reason
# Yesterday, 16:26 philipgrey something like that?
# Yesterday, 16:26 philipgrey ```->matching(‘Categories', function ($q) { return $q->where([‘categories.id IN' => [1,2,3]]); });```
# Yesterday, 16:25 philipgrey i believe just object, it needs to be chained
# Yesterday, 16:24 Leonardo_0112 philipgrey, Can I use matching with array syntax? Or just object (->matching(...)) ??
# Yesterday, 16:24 philipgrey which will filter down your products by the categories
# Yesterday, 16:23 philipgrey i believe you watching to use the matching functionality
# Yesterday, 16:22 Leonardo_0112 philipgrey, Yes, all products tht belongs to categories 1, 2 and 3
# Yesterday, 16:20 philipgrey do you want products within those categories?
# Yesterday, 16:18 Leonardo_0112 Can someone help me? What am I missing in many-to-many find? http://pastebin.com/0pFMM3r3
# Yesterday, 16:16 philipgrey Them brackets… i tell ya
# Yesterday, 16:16 philipgrey ```$contain['CustomerRecords.Leads'] = function ($q) { return $q->matching('Users', function ($r) { return $r->where(['Users.id' => $this->AuthUser->id()]); }); };```
# Yesterday, 16:15 philipgrey If it’s of interest to anyone, I solved my query above
# Yesterday, 16:07 Neon1024 I need to do a distinct, but I have lots of contains
# Yesterday, 16:07 Neon1024 Does Cake 2 have autofields?
# Yesterday, 15:59 philipgrey id love to hear a better way though
# Yesterday, 15:59 philipgrey thats what i do @spriz
# Yesterday, 15:58 spriz When having a ton of resource routes, it seems crazy to put the custom option there every time for the dashed route - or is it just me? :thinking_face:
# Yesterday, 15:49 philipgrey intuitively it feels like it shouldn’t be a problem
# Yesterday, 15:49 philipgrey is it possible to use matching within a contain conditional?
# Yesterday, 15:49 philipgrey ```$contain['CustomerRecords.Leads'] = function ($q) { return $q->matching(['Users'], function ($r) { $r->where(['Users.id' => $this->AuthUser->id()]); }); };```
# Yesterday, 15:38 din I don't know if I've misinterpreted what the onlyIds option is supposed to do, or whether I'm doing something else wrong
# Yesterday, 15:36 din ModelA hasMany ModelB. When an A entity has no B's associated yet, the save works as expected. But when there are existing B entities, a save using onlyIds wipes the existing ones and create a new, empty, B entity and associates only that with the A entity.
# Yesterday, 15:31 din Looking for some assistance with the "onlyIds" option and hasMany relationships
# Yesterday, 15:23 Neon1024 s/cyptic/cryptic
# Yesterday, 15:23 Neon1024 Thanks for the cyptic input there ADmad, finally figured out what you meant :)
# Yesterday, 15:22 Neon1024 Yep, agreed
# Yesterday, 15:20 hmic well. he will come back when savant is around, and it's gonna be a hard debugging session looking at the GH issue... so props to savant for taking it!
# Yesterday, 15:19 hmic me too...
# Yesterday, 15:19 Neon1024 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
# Yesterday, 15:18 Neon1024 Oh, that chap left, was about to offer some thougts
# Yesterday, 15:17 luv2quit Neon1024: no, thank you!
# Yesterday, 15:17 Neon1024 Haha, thanks luv2quit
# Yesterday, 15:16 luv2quit Neon1024: thank you! you are great!
# Yesterday, 15:15 Neon1024 cakephp701: savant is asleep now, he’s usually on EST timezone
# Yesterday, 15:13 cakephp701 i need help in fixing this
# Yesterday, 15:13 cakephp701 https://github.com/josegonzalez/cakephp-upload/issues/422