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# Today, 14:28 hmic ?! Report
# Today, 14:28 flangofas thanks guys :) Report
# Today, 14:27 flangofas hmic: next time, i will stick the reason too :) Report
# Today, 14:27 hmic i certainly think cake should implement a default file type to overcome theese problems, they happen often, to many ppl Report
# Today, 14:26 slackebot <admad> that always is :slightly_smiling_face: Report
# Today, 14:26 hmic i did read that, but supposed he knows how it works. Report
# Today, 14:26 hmic so still, "why" was the right thing to ask... ;) Report
# Today, 14:25 slackebot <admad> "move the uploading logic" Report
# Today, 14:25 hmic but probably you are right, thats the origin of his questions Report
# Today, 14:25 hmic he did not ask about that, but about event and request stuff Report
# Today, 14:25 slackebot <admad> that's why referring to upload plugin is better Report
# Today, 14:24 slackebot <admad> right, so without custom type he will keep head banging why he doesn't see the file data in event :slightly_smiling_face: Report
# Today, 14:23 hmic admad true. but you dont use events on that, but a custom Type Report
# Today, 14:22 slackebot <admad> hmic: one imp. thing to remember in case of file uploading is ensuring that marshalling doesnt wipe out the file info, "blame" won't show that Report
# Today, 14:22 slackebot <a.barclay> @admad Can you help me with my issue? I originally reported it to GitHub as a bug but devs said it was not, however I've had no luck trying to resolve what the actual problem is. Report
# Today, 14:21 hmic this is the cleanroom implementation i think, it does not get easier/clearer Report
# Today, 14:21 hmic i'd rather point him to ceeram/blame Report
# Today, 14:21 flangofas i setup an event in afterSave but i guess that is not the right place. Report
# Today, 14:19 slackebot <admad> checkout how the cakephp-upload plugin does it Report
# Today, 14:19 hmic you can setup an event accordingly and provide any data you like Report
# Today, 14:16 flangofas currently, i use a trait in a AppController but i prefer to handle this in the afterSave and keep my controller thin. Report
# Today, 14:15 flangofas hmic: I wanted to move the uploading logic in the events. Report
# Today, 14:11 hmic !tell flangofas about why Report
# Today, 14:10 flangofas thanks admad. Report
# Today, 14:09 slackebot <admad> models don't know anything about request, so no Report
# Today, 14:08 flangofas Hi, is there any way to get the whole request data that was posted in afterSave callback? Report
# Today, 14:04 ankr Have a good fest everyone. Hope to be there next year. Guess we'll hear from some of you in here. Report
# Today, 13:56 hmic admad: i'll bring the map with me to show around ;-) Report
# Today, 13:51 slackebot <nemmons> if it's a query object, i think you might be able to do $query->where(null, null, true) to overwrite any previously set conditions on the query object. This is just a guess, though, based on a quick reading of the where() method (http://api.cakephp.org/3.2/source-class-Cake.Database.Query.html#692-813) Report
# Today, 13:51 slackebot <a.barclay> I'm having real issues with Paginator throwing a "PDOException" and I can't see where I'm going wrong. Am using a somewhat complex relationship with a custom finder but it works for the rest of the app, just not when I use it with Paginator. Can anyone help? Report
# Today, 13:48 binary . Report
# Today, 13:45 binary Please, is it possible to have two login module (tables). Say Users (for school administrators) and students (for students). NB: I prefer not to have one users table for all of them. Report
# Today, 13:45 slackebot <nemmons> ypnos is this a Cake 3 query object or is it a string containing a sql statement Report
# Today, 13:44 slackebot <admad> binary: you should use a single table for authentication. They use extra profile tables to hold other info based on user type Report
# Today, 13:42 ypnos I know its wording Report
# Today, 13:42 ypnos easiest way to remove it? Report
# Today, 13:42 ypnos I have a where clause in a query Report
# Today, 13:42 slackebot <admad> @nemmons: yeah you had already done the difficult part to tracking down the cause of the problem. After then fix was simple Report
# Today, 13:41 binary Please, is it possible to have two login module (tables). Say Users (for school administrators) and students (for students). NB: I prefer not to have one users table for all of them. Report
# Today, 13:40 slackebot <admad> thanks for reporting :slightly_smiling_face: Report
# Today, 13:40 slackebot <nemmons> @admad thanks very much for fixing the issue i reported in Muffin.Footprint. Report
# Today, 13:38 slackebot <admad> hmic: i am curious which places are marked with that pink triangle besides say gay clubs Report
# Today, 13:28 stopMe Does anyboy know why I am always getting "The provided value is invalid" during email validation. I have setted up another text in Model/Table/UserTable Validation for email but I still getting "The provided value is invalid" plus my custom defined message? Does anybody know why? Report
# Today, 13:25 Eax Hey folks! Cake3 question: I have this LoginController: https://gist.github.com/eaxexe/64442df2e6465a67fe7a0fcd98ad27f7 (It uses Facebook to auth the login, hence no password checking) - My question is: Can anyone see why the cookie simply dissapears after being set and the user being redirected? Thanks! 😊 Report
# Today, 13:25 slackebot <dereuromark> No I will not. You must be able to find it on your own in the awesome list, as everyone else does :slightly_smiling_face: Report
# Today, 13:24 slackebot <mandeepkhaleriya> @ dereuromark so please send me link here for that particular plugin Report
# Today, 13:21 slackebot <dereuromark> mandeepkhaleriya: there is a geo plugin around that Report
# Today, 13:16 lee_ I'm trying to implement the bookmarking tutorial part 2, but get a 'Session was already started' error when trying to login. Any pointers? Report
# Today, 13:14 stopMe Where is located text for validation? If I type email like email@email without .com etc I got error like "The provided value is invalid" and where I can change this text Report
# Today, 12:58 slackebot <mandeepkhaleriya> @hmic thnx i will try Report
# Today, 12:57 hmic you get the point: its easy, really! Report
# Today, 12:56 hmic mandeepkhaleriya: just lat+lng or do you need to store more? like zoom level and the rect (which is 2 lat+lng pairs) Report
# Today, 12:55 slackebot <mandeepkhaleriya> Can anyone tell me How i store the google map location in db in cakephp 3? Report
# Today, 12:55 hmic ionas: will stay in the hotel till the weather clears up. probably catch some food tonight only Report
# Today, 12:54 hmic its raining hard :-( Report
# Today, 12:54 hmic http://pasteboard.co/1bAIz3Up.jpg Report
# Today, 12:46 slackebot <phpnut> hmic I never noticed that Report
# Today, 12:29 stopMe welcom to the Amsterdam :D Report
# Today, 12:23 hmic wow, this is hillarious: i've just looked at the amsterdam city map the hotel has... it has 2 distinct tourist information signs: "tourist information" (red quare with an embedded i) and "gay tourist information" (rose triangle, upside down with an embedded i) Report
# Today, 12:19 stopMe I can´t figure out how to "adapt" dates with this PR Report
# Today, 12:18 ionas so awesome of a RDMBS Report
# Today, 12:18 ionas working after only doing CREATE EXTENSION ltree; in postgres Report
# Today, 12:18 ionas SELECT path FROM test WHERE path <@ 'Top.Science.Astronomy'; looks quite good Report
# Today, 12:18 ionas stopMe: yes I am Report
# Today, 12:17 stopMe ionas: are you there? Report
# Today, 12:15 ionas hmic: understood - so people weak up and make hmic leave his laptop for food Report
# Today, 12:15 ionas hmic must evolve around indexes Report
# Today, 12:14 hmic anybody wants to play some hardware projects during cakefest? - i've got some nice stuff with me ;-) Report
# Today, 12:13 hmic the question about lunch options was for the group, as i suspect ppl already be nearby Report
# Today, 12:12 hmic thats what i said: go with the tree behaivor, its tested and working and does not eat your data ;-) i can tell you the quick hint on insert perfomrance later... Report
# Today, 12:12 ionas I’d try to look for a falafel place personally ;P Report
# Today, 12:11 ionas sadly not I haven’t been to amsterdam for years Report
# Today, 12:11 hmic any recommendations? local fast food in the area? - walking distance Report
# Today, 12:11 ionas then stop being ;) Report
# Today, 12:11 ionas I try biting my nails once and then probably will try to do 100% vanilla treebehavior Report
# Today, 12:11 hmic still in the hotel at my notebook... Report
# Today, 12:11 ionas enjoy your lunch Report
# Today, 12:11 ionas hehe Report
# Today, 12:09 hmic exactly like that Report
# Today, 12:09 hmic composite keys are a thing on its own Report
# Today, 12:09 hmic you dont need composite keys for storing multiple trees in a table Report
# Today, 12:09 ionas I should have just created one root node per “foreign key” Report
# Today, 12:09 ionas well basically composite primary key and storing multiple trees in one table Report
# Today, 12:09 hmic you might have had, if not/misunderstandings happened or you screwed your data beause of manual interactions, sure Report
# Today, 12:08 hmic tell about them Report
# Today, 12:08 ionas I had bad xp with nested sets - you did not? Report
# Today, 12:08 ionas hehe Report
# Today, 12:08 ionas (stroke reading) Report
# Today, 12:08 hmic i can help you on insert performance on large trees, if you need to Report
# Today, 12:08 ionas hmic huh when I move parts of the table only those parts are affected in terms of reading and writing Report
# Today, 12:07 hmic if you have a show stopper with it, lets talk about it! Report
# Today, 12:07 hmic my 5ct on the topic: if you can go with a nested set and use tree behavior, by all menas do so! Report
# Today, 12:07 hmic ionas, your materialized path is nothing but a written down nodelist, that is a nested set still! Report
# Today, 12:06 ionas I ll take a harder look at https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/ltree.html hmic and in case it takes too long just opt for build in treebehavior Report
# Today, 12:05 lampsBR bernat1: It works! Thanks dude Report
# Today, 12:04 slackebot <jippi> ionas: sorry, you are welcome to come to Denmark and visit :p Report
# Today, 12:04 ionas hmic: its implemeted fast because tree behavior ships OOB Report
# Today, 12:04 ionas jippi thats great too doesnt make it any better that you are not there :p Report
# Today, 12:04 hmic ionas, yes, it is. it works quite well, its not write-optimized but could probably be implemented fast Report
# Today, 12:04 lampsBR bernat1, I'll try right now ;] Report
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