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# Today, 21:38 crazycoder i have a json field, is it possible that updateALl() does not work with this type ? Report
# Today, 21:25 Casmooo Fixed... You will need the associated table... AddressesTable.php in /Model/Table :) Report
# Today, 21:15 Casmooo Even without the typo it's not working (MainAddresses) Report
# Today, 21:05 tlmarker where can i find a documentor scrip, like ApiGen, the will work from Netbeans 8.1? Report
# Today, 21:04 Casmooo How can I get this MainAddressess relation to use the Address Entity class intead of the default "Cake\ORM\Entity" ? Report
# Today, 21:03 Casmooo I've the following hasOne relation: Buildings->hasOne('MainAddressess', ['className' => 'Addressess'])); Report
# Today, 20:54 slackebot <ndm> ugh... no... it's late, sorry, there is no `newEntity()` on an entity, it's a method of the table class Report
# Today, 20:51 slackebot <ndm> Or you haven't contained the association... Report
# Today, 20:51 slackebot <ndm> http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/associations.html#hasmany-associations Report
# Today, 20:50 slackebot <ndm> @salik most probably because you haven't explicitly configured that name for your association property, so the default will apply, which is the underscored plural of the association name, wich would probably be either `labels` or `thermal_labels`. Report
# Today, 20:43 saliak in my app ShipmentHandlingUnits haveMany Labels. when i’m iterating through a list of ShipmentHandlingUnits ($shu), I get an error when i try to do $shu->ThermalLabels->newEntity() (the error is that $shu->ThermalLabels is a non-object). why would that be? this is in my test case Report
# Today, 19:31 harry1 has anyone used this: https://github.com/luisdias/CakePHP-Report-Manager-Plugin Report
# Today, 19:18 slackebot <majidsportback> please can you help me, thanks Report
# Today, 19:17 slackebot <majidsportback> And i get Class 'PredisAutoloader' not found Report
# Today, 19:17 slackebot <majidsportback> PredisAutoloader::register(); $redis = new PredisClient(); Report
# Today, 19:16 slackebot <majidsportback> App::import('Vendor', 'Predis', array('file' => 'predis' . DS . 'predis' . DS . 'autoload')); Report
# Today, 19:16 slackebot <majidsportback> But I can not load the package Report
# Today, 19:16 slackebot <majidsportback> https://scotch.io/tutorials/getting-started-with-redis-in-php Report
# Today, 19:15 slackebot <majidsportback> Hi all, i need to use Predis on Cakephp Report
# Today, 19:05 helpMeObiWan of *course Report
# Today, 19:05 helpMeObiWan the user is not allowed, so it redirects the ajax, and returns a regular view response, that is not rendered of curse, but still, since the response is 200, the javascript thinks it was ok Report
# Today, 19:05 helpMeObiWan I've checked the response in the deve tools Report
# Today, 19:04 helpMeObiWan I'm sure Report
# Today, 19:01 harry1 The page you requested cannot be found! Report
# Today, 18:58 harry1 it then says to go to report_manager/reports Report
# Today, 18:58 harry1 have followed the instructions to install, which is really some adds to bootstrap.php Report
# Today, 18:58 harry1 has anyone used this: https://github.com/luisdias/CakePHP-Report-Manager-Plugin Report
# Today, 18:41 slackebot <savant> are you sure the user isn't authorized? Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan but I can't seem to find it Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan looking up in the doc Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan when you have no access allowed? Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan 401 Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan so ajax will receive Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan how can I configure it Report
# Today, 18:35 helpMeObiWan it's still a code 200 Report
# Today, 18:34 helpMeObiWan the thing is, when you have no access allowed Report
# Today, 18:34 helpMeObiWan I'm using authorize, and I have a few AJAX requests coming in Report
# Today, 18:34 savant hi Report
# Today, 18:34 helpMeObiWan gooooooooood evening beautiful community Report
# Today, 18:14 slackebot <anhtuank7c> @ndm: thanks <3 Report
# Today, 18:10 slackebot <ndm> @anhtuank7c: http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/console-and-shells.html#styling-output Report
# Today, 17:49 slackebot <anhtuank7c> I see cake shell command very colorful. Can anyone show me how to fill color to the shell out message? Report
# Today, 17:33 sai_ the app is not able to access any image from the thumb or upload folder Report
# Today, 17:33 sai_ my .htaccess is messing up with the url rewriting i guess Report
# Today, 17:32 sai_ the problem is i am working on a cakephp app , i got from a friend , now trying to run it in local host Report
# Today, 17:31 sai_ okay great Report
# Today, 17:31 savant so that all will learn from the answers :) Report
# Today, 17:31 savant sai_: if you have questions, I would ask her in the #cakephp channel Report
# Today, 17:30 savant cool Report
# Today, 17:30 sai_ i am new to cakephp Report
# Today, 17:29 savant hi Report
# Today, 17:29 sai_ hello Report
# Today, 17:00 slackebot <savant> its pretty easy to extend for your use-case Report
# Today, 17:00 slackebot <savant> the whole thing is written in bash and some golang for a few tools Report
# Today, 17:00 slackebot <spriz> I see :slightly_smiling_face: Gotta take a look at it Report
# Today, 17:00 slackebot <savant> yep Report
# Today, 17:00 slackebot <spriz> yeah sure, and using docker under the hood? Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <savant> so whatever overhead from containers (negligible usually) Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <spriz> okay :slightly_smiling_face: Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <savant> otherwise, its just running your app in a container Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <spriz> Ah, I see - so everything goes through host’s nginx? Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <savant> etc. Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <savant> or swap nginx with haproxy Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <savant> we don't do any tuning, and there is definitely stuff you can screw around with to eek out performance within nginx Report
# Today, 16:59 slackebot <savant> the only thing i'd be concerned about is the host's nginx Report
# Today, 16:58 slackebot <spriz> savant: how’s Dokku for prod env’s? How’s performance? (I havn’t looked further into it, yet) Report
# Today, 16:27 crazycoder good Report
# Today, 16:27 crazycoder ahah Report
# Today, 16:27 crazycoder besically with this 30 mins conversation i know that i must learn python/ruby and then dokku :D Report
# Today, 16:27 crazycoder savant, thanks for the link i will give it a try too Report
# Today, 16:18 BackEndCoder whats a genoius idea Report
# Today, 16:18 BackEndCoder vm's for devs Report
# Today, 16:18 BackEndCoder i was just too lazy Report
# Today, 16:18 BackEndCoder i had the plan in my head like 4 years before they did it Report
# Today, 16:18 BackEndCoder i wish i was the ceo of digital ocean Report
# Today, 16:17 savant https://www.digitalocean.com/features/one-click-apps/dokku/ Report
# Today, 16:17 savant you can setup a box automatically Report
# Today, 16:17 savant if you have a digitalocean account Report
# Today, 16:17 crazycoder good thanks! Report
# Today, 16:17 savant ^ that tutorial walks you through it Report
# Today, 16:17 savant http://dokku.viewdocs.io/dokku/application-deployment/ Report
# Today, 16:16 crazycoder savant, where can i see how it works in short ? Report
# Today, 16:15 savant using the heroku buildpacks Report
# Today, 16:15 savant and by default, we detect the best language to deploy with Report
# Today, 16:15 savant basically all you need to do is push your code Report
# Today, 16:15 savant it uses docker underneath Report
# Today, 16:15 crazycoder savant, something like docker ? Report
# Today, 16:13 slackebot <ndm> @qq Pretty hard to tell without knowing what the model/entity looked like before. Given that they were only baked before too, I'd suspect a cached schema problem, but we already had that. The issued queries might have helped to figure where things gone wrong. Report
# Today, 16:13 savant it works well Report
# Today, 16:12 crazycoder savant, is dokku good for live website? Report
# Today, 16:12 savant here is a tutorial on deploying gogs - a github clone - to dokku for instance: https://dokku.github.io/tutorials/deploying-gogs-to-dokku Report
# Today, 16:11 savant all it is is a deploy tool Report
# Today, 16:11 Neon1024 savant: Over my head I’m afraid, I’m just a code monkey Report
# Today, 16:11 crazycoder grrr and learn english better :D Report
# Today, 16:11 savant Neon1024: its pretty good im telling you Report
# Today, 16:10 crazycoder *must give Report
# Today, 16:10 crazycoder i must to give them a try Report
# Today, 16:10 crazycoder thanks! Report
# Today, 16:10 crazycoder ok got the point Report
# Today, 16:09 Neon1024 Oh, is that YOUR face savant :p Report
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