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# Today, 00:02 slackebot <sinus> eg: ``` 'redisForeverCache' => [ 'className' => 'Redis', 'duration' => '+1 year', 'host' => 'localhost', 'server' => '', ], Report
# Today, 00:01 slackebot <sinus> ```$ redis-cli> exit ``` Report
# Today, 00:01 slackebot <sinus> I have Redis installed and also predis Report
# Today, 00:00 slackebot <sinus> I get `Cache engine Cake\Cache\Engine\RedisEngine is not properly configured.` Report
# Yesterday, 23:59 slackebot <sinus> Hi, anyone used Redis as cache with Cake3? Report
# Yesterday, 22:29 slackebot <latbud> Hey guys. I'm looking into CakePHP to add a small, custom ecommerce solution I'd build for a client's site. I'm wondering if there's any kind of PayPal integration plugin for CakePHP 3.x. I've been able to find them for 2.x but haven't had any luck with the current version. Thanks! Report
# Yesterday, 22:26 slackebot <nemmons> my best guess is that it would just be inconvenient or difficult or perhaps impossible to pass that configuration option on to the Marshaller as well so that all of Marshaller's references to _joinData would be handled properly Report
# Yesterday, 22:24 slackebot <nemmons> Not a big deal either way, i was just sort of curious, since so much of CakePHP *is* configurable Report
# Yesterday, 22:23 slackebot <nemmons> right, @admad, thanks, i know it's not configurable, i was asking if anyone has any thoughts on why it's not configurable Report
# Yesterday, 22:00 slackebot <cpierce> http://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/request-response.html Report
# Yesterday, 22:00 slackebot <cpierce> n/m found it Report
# Yesterday, 21:50 slackebot <cpierce> in 2 Report
# Yesterday, 21:50 slackebot <cpierce> they used to be called media views Report
# Yesterday, 21:48 slackebot <cpierce> is there a sendfile for cakephp 3 Report
# Yesterday, 21:07 slackebot <admad> that special key `_joinTable` is not configurable Report
# Yesterday, 21:06 slackebot <admad> oh wait, you asked about `$_junctionProperty` Report
# Yesterday, 21:04 slackebot <admad> * junction() Report
# Yesterday, 21:04 slackebot <admad> or just `joinTable` in options Report
# Yesterday, 21:03 slackebot <admad> @nemmons you can using juntion() method Report
# Yesterday, 20:54 slackebot <nemmons> Good afternoon. Does anyone have any thoughts on why \Cake\ORM\Association\BelongsToMany.php->_options() doesn't allow for the user to set $_junctionProperty by passing in an option for it? Any reason that we shouldn't be able to edit $_junctionProperty? (https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/ORM/Association/BelongsToMany.php#L1359) Report
# Yesterday, 20:43 saliak my belongsToMany Products through OrderLines ? Report
# Yesterday, 20:42 saliak i thought the association would do that automatically? Report
# Yesterday, 20:41 saliak ah, shit. that did it. Report
# Yesterday, 20:41 slackebot <btx> also check your OrderLines table and make sure `product_id` actual exists Report
# Yesterday, 20:41 slackebot <btx> you should be doign something like `$this->Orders->get($id, [‘contain’=> ‘Orders.OrderLines.Products’])` Report
# Yesterday, 20:39 saliak that error goes away if I remove Products from the contains in the Porducts->get() in my view action Report
# Yesterday, 20:39 slackebot <btx> oh I meant your php code Report
# Yesterday, 20:38 saliak https://gist.github.com/anonymous/2f9f1e652241c5adaf65d9d54ccf9b84 Report
# Yesterday, 20:36 slackebot <btx> so what does your Query look like Report
# Yesterday, 20:36 saliak yes Report
# Yesterday, 20:35 slackebot <btx> Products* Report
# Yesterday, 20:35 slackebot <btx> and OrderLines belongsTo Product? Report
# Yesterday, 20:35 saliak yes, it does Report
# Yesterday, 20:34 saliak hold on Report
# Yesterday, 20:34 saliak oh Report
# Yesterday, 20:34 saliak yes Report
# Yesterday, 20:34 slackebot <btx> @saliak ** Report
# Yesterday, 20:33 slackebot <btx> salik, does Orders haveMany OrderLines? Report
# Yesterday, 20:25 saliak OrderLines. any thoughts as to what’s going on? the reason for the ‘non-cake-standard’ names are because of some legacy action going on. Report
# Yesterday, 20:25 saliak I’ve got a HABTM relationship between two tables, through a join table (https://gist.github.com/anonymous/7a2387f18bfa16680505ca5b8244bd39). For some reason it’s working one direction (products->orders), but not the other way (can’t get a list of products associated with an order). I get the error that “ Unknown column 'OrderLines.product_id' in 'field list’”, suggesting that cake isn’t using the foreign/binding key names in my definition in Report
# Yesterday, 20:12 slackebot <hytromo> Yes it is :slightly_smiling_face: Report
# Yesterday, 20:12 slackebot <shealyw2> it should be hakermania Report
# Yesterday, 20:12 hakermania test: is an irc msg visible in slack Report
# Yesterday, 18:49 slackebot <philipgrey> any thoughts? Report
# Yesterday, 18:43 slackebot <graziel> nope, it gives path where data will be sent by browser so no function calling Report
# Yesterday, 18:39 slackebot <marquesf> @graziel i can call my add function in url right? :) Report
# Yesterday, 18:33 slackebot <graziel> @marquesf you can pass 'url' to Form->create ie $this->Form->create($contact, ['url' => ['controller' => 'Home', 'action' => 'contact']]) Report
# Yesterday, 18:31 slackebot <marquesf> im feeling im close to do my contatc form with cells, but i dont understand how to submit my form. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ddc7e7a0c4e95b7483520df6cdfe2e25 Report
# Yesterday, 18:26 slackebot <btx> maybe I’ve just been on this task too long and can’t think of a different way to approach things Report
# Yesterday, 18:25 slackebot <btx> we’re using valid property mutators to change the fields before persistence, but we have no option for changing the validator without newEntity/patchEntity Report
# Yesterday, 18:23 slackebot <btx> what if we conditionally add meta-data to an entity that only the Table needs to know about, because Controllers should be dumb, that needs to be valid in order to save, but is not part of the default validation for some reason Report
# Yesterday, 18:21 slackebot <btx> or, less destructively, `$entity->user_id = $this->AuthUser->id;` Report
# Yesterday, 18:20 slackebot <btx> @admad is there anything illegal about the following ``` $entity = $this->Foos->newEntity($this->request->data()); unset($entity->title); ``` Report
# Yesterday, 18:12 slackebot <admad> You have already gone wrong when you find the need to validate an entity Report
# Yesterday, 18:09 slackebot <btx> actually. i’ll just slap a method on AppTable for now lol Report
# Yesterday, 18:09 slackebot <btx> `$entry = $this->patchEntity($entry, $entry->toArray(), ['validate'=>'consume']);` seems a lot to just get an entity to revalidate, but that’s a struggle for another day Report
# Yesterday, 18:08 slackebot <btx> +1, u rock Report
# Yesterday, 18:08 slackebot <graziel> no problem glad i could help : ) Report
# Yesterday, 18:07 slackebot <btx> now to clean up all this frenzied mess i made Report
# Yesterday, 18:07 slackebot <btx> @graziel, it worked :slightly_smiling_face: thanks! Report
# Yesterday, 18:06 slackebot <btx> Houston, we have persistence Report
# Yesterday, 18:05 slackebot <btx> holy flip. at long last Report
# Yesterday, 18:03 slackebot <graziel> bah wrong `patchEntity($entry, $entry->toArray(), ['validate' => 'consume']);` Report
# Yesterday, 18:02 slackebot <graziel> in table Report
# Yesterday, 18:02 slackebot <btx> like $entity->validate(‘consume’); Report
# Yesterday, 18:02 slackebot <graziel> and then `$entry = $this->patchEntity($entry->toArray(), ['validate' => 'consume']);` Report
# Yesterday, 18:02 slackebot <btx> and then is there a way to take an entity and revalidate it without creating another entity? Report
# Yesterday, 18:01 slackebot <graziel> ah then well you need to `$entry = $this->BucketEntries->newEntity($this->request->data, ['validate' => false]); in controller Report
# Yesterday, 18:01 slackebot <btx> the idea is that the Table should know how it’s data needs to be stored and tweaked, and the Controller just needs to know what Table function it should be talking to Report
# Yesterday, 18:01 slackebot <btx> yeah I want to do it in the Table tho - otherwise the controller is required to know more about the internal processing than it should Report
# Yesterday, 18:00 slackebot <btx> i want to only call `validate => ‘consume’` Report
# Yesterday, 18:00 slackebot <graziel> cause you dont set it in $entry = $this->BucketEntries->newEntity($this->request->data); Report
# Yesterday, 18:00 slackebot <graziel> btx im kind of lost what you want to do : ), you dont want to call validation at all? or call ['validate'=>'consume'] ? Report
# Yesterday, 17:57 slackebot <btx> agh poop haha it’s almost identical to `purchase` i pasted the wrong one - only diff is the `ENTRY_TYPE` that gets set Report
# Yesterday, 17:57 slackebot <graziel> yeah but i dont see body of consume Report
# Yesterday, 17:56 slackebot <btx> o Report
# Yesterday, 17:56 slackebot <btx> no, the `newEntity` line right above (line 8) Report
# Yesterday, 17:56 slackebot <graziel> and how do you add this data? maybe using patchEntity? : ) Report
# Yesterday, 17:55 slackebot <btx> instead of requiring the controllers to be aware of underlying model logic Report
# Yesterday, 17:55 slackebot <btx> to keep my models fat and happy and my controllers lean and clean Report
# Yesterday, 17:55 slackebot <btx> just passing an entity full of form data to the `BucketEntriesTable::consume()` to add extra meta like the current date, the whodunnit, etc and then do the actual persisting of the record to the DB Report
# Yesterday, 17:53 slackebot <graziel> @btx whats $this->BucketEntries->consume($entry) ? Report
# Yesterday, 17:48 slackebot <btx> @graziel thanks for sticking with me :) - here’s a gist https://gist.github.com/cwbit/a66992c4778b75d7e41739e70ac0e5b6 Report
# Yesterday, 17:46 slackebot <rudy1976s> hello is there a way to append data to an existing configure ? Report
# Yesterday, 17:45 slackebot <graziel> you are not calling later any patchEntity? Report
# Yesterday, 17:44 slackebot <graziel> the `$entry = $this->newEntity($source->toArray(), ['validate'=>'consume']);` looks totaly valid and should do what you want Report
# Yesterday, 17:42 slackebot <btx> the problem is that I am creating an entity in a controller (which calls default validation during the marshall) and passing that entity to a Table function (e.g. `$this->Foos->consume($foo)` ) Report
# Yesterday, 17:41 slackebot <graziel> would help if you could gist the code : ) Report
# Yesterday, 17:41 slackebot <btx> 100% sure Report
# Yesterday, 17:40 slackebot <graziel> btx you sure you are not calling $this->validationDefault($validator) in validationConsume? Report
# Yesterday, 17:39 slackebot <btx> ugh frak that breaks error checking in the controller because normally the save operation modifies the entity it gets passed Report
# Yesterday, 17:30 slackebot <btx> `$entry = $this->newEntity($source->toArray(), ['validate'=>'consume']);` is somehow preserving the source entries `errors()` even tho a `pj($source->toArray());` doesn’t show errors Report
# Yesterday, 17:23 slackebot <admad> I am pretty sure if you specify a custom one only that is called Report
# Yesterday, 17:14 slackebot <btx> yeah that’s fine - I added a comment on the gist Report
# Yesterday, 17:14 slackebot <marquesf> in** Report
# Yesterday, 17:14 slackebot <marquesf> my form should be display.ctp? Report
# Yesterday, 17:14 slackebot <marquesf> im srry man i need to ask Report
# Yesterday, 17:10 slackebot <btx> also def not the way to do the cell display function Report
# Yesterday, 17:10 slackebot <btx> @marquesf if that’s the actual code you’ve spelled `contacts` wrong twice so far :) Report
# Yesterday, 17:09 slackebot <btx> @admad is there a way to stop `validationDefault` from being called? (i.e. only call the validation specified in `[‘validate’ => ‘..’]`) Report
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