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# infinitas CMS built with CakePHP and in beta development: for the code or chat with the team over at #infinitas 2/16/11, 9:29 PM
# hekep consistently wrong, but at least he's consistent! 2/13/13, 11:31 AM
# overloaded Controller::paginate is not an actual class property anymore, its an overloaded property provided by magic __get(). So you can't do ->paginate['foo'] = 'bar' directly, you first have to do ->paginate = array(); 11/5/11, 2:28 PM
# cpsr Copy-paste savant's response 9/16/10, 10:28 PM
# empty-pw-hashed create another field like confirm_password and validate that, saving only the 'password' field when all the data validates 7/23/10, 1:24 PM
# stepone cut a hole in a box 4/11/11, 3:52 PM
# lunch delicious 3/19/12, 6:13 PM
# dsql direct sql, raw sql, or more commonly, dirty sql 9/22/11, 4:09 AM
# core do not hack the core unless you make a patch (or you know what you're doing, which in 99% of the cases is not the case) 4/29/10, 10:18 AM
# asking don't ask to ask, just ask the question, be patient, and someone will answer. 9/8/08, 10:25 PM
# ask Don't ask to ask. Just state your question (following these guidelines : ) and wait for an answer 2/17/13, 8:27 PM
# fight Don't fight the framework. Embrace it. 11/8/13, 2:27 PM
# DRY Don't Repeat Yourself! 6/16/08, 6:56 PM
# jose-advice Don't use ACL 6/24/13, 12:50 PM
# AlexMax dual booting his mom 8/11/11, 3:00 PM
# less Easily implement LESS in your project - 2/7/12, 10:17 AM
# clear_cache easy with this plugin: *New* DebugKit toolbar panel included 6/14/12, 11:17 PM
# speedy-cake eaten on the run @ and 7/7/10, 12:57 PM
# bug Every program contains at least one bug. Every program can be simplified by at least one line of code. Therefore every program can be simplified to one line of code, and it will contain a bug. 11/24/10, 4:22 PM
# new-word exciting. If someone mentions a word you are unfamiliar with, may I suggest you put it into a ~searchbox somewhere. Good places would be , and . 5/16/09, 5:04 PM