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# Jun 10th, 16:34 challgren Damm
# Jun 10th, 16:33 jeremyharris I think for something like that you would need custom versioning or to store tags/fks on the posts table itself
# Jun 10th, 16:29 challgren Does anyone know of a version/audit plugin that also plays nice with hasManys? I’ve looked into https://github.com/josegonzalez/cakephp-version but I need something that shows the versioned hasManys? Basically I have say a Post that has many tags. Version 1 of the Post has 2 tags and then Version 2 of the post has 8 tags, and version 3 has 3 tags. I wanna be able to look at the Post with different versions instead of looking at the
# Jun 10th, 16:29 slackebot1 individual tags.
# Jun 10th, 14:23 ricksaccous just breaded and fried pork
# Jun 10th, 14:23 jeremyharris no I haven’t
# Jun 10th, 14:23 ricksaccous i love it
# Jun 10th, 14:23 ricksaccous have you ever made tonkatsu
# Jun 10th, 14:22 jeremyharris but to each his own :P
# Jun 10th, 14:21 jeremyharris I’d prefer croutons, breadcrumbs are better for breading + frying or as a binder like for a meatball
# Jun 10th, 14:20 ricksaccous speaking of breadcrumbs, an actual salad with breadcrumbs would be great rightnow
# Jun 10th, 14:19 jeremyharris helpers are loaded onto views, not controllers, so that’s why you’re getting that error on a controller
# Jun 10th, 13:48 mehov I'm on 3.7.2. and `$this->loadHelper('Breadcrumbs');` itself doesn't seem to be giving me any errors. However, when I change *Breadcrumbs* to something random, it does show an error
# Jun 10th, 13:46 mehov Hey guys, I need help getting Breadcrumbs to work. I'm putting `$this->loadHelper('Breadcrumbs');` into src/View/AppView, but still when I call `$this->Breadcrumbs->...` in my controller, it gives me *Undefined property: PriceTestingController::$Breadcrumbs*
# Jun 10th, 12:27 yamcomnet i think i finally need to learn map/reduce :)
# Jun 10th, 12:22 yamcomnet i will look if i can find something usable from Collections
# Jun 10th, 12:22 yamcomnet now i just need to map object somehow to one-dimensional
# Jun 10th, 12:20 yamcomnet im using xml view for now. Seems to be working :)
# Jun 10th, 12:19 dereuromark depends. comma separated list for example if that suffices
# Jun 10th, 12:13 yamcomnet easiest way to flatten hasmany orm object? for xml/excel purposes
# Jun 10th, 11:38 revillosakristianpaol btw im using aws linux
# Jun 10th, 11:38 revillosakristianpaol when i open the webpage, it was route to my login page. but i returns 404 error
# Jun 10th, 11:37 revillosakristianpaol it already working, but i have another issue
# Jun 10th, 11:34 revillosakristianpaol i just tested to 777 (i was thinking also about permission so i tried)
# Jun 10th, 11:28 neon1024 Plus, I said rewrite, not permissions ;)
# Jun 10th, 11:27 neon1024 I wouldn’t recommend doing that
# Jun 10th, 11:27 neon1024 :grimacing:
# Jun 10th, 11:23 revillosakristianpaol i guess no, i already set the permission of all files on 777
# Jun 10th, 11:20 neon1024 Looks like a missing stylesheet, which might be a rewrite issue?
# Jun 10th, 11:16 revillosakristianpaol does anyone experience this, after installing cakephp on the web server (aws) it returns to this screenshot. ?
# Jun 10th, 06:26 johnpaulgrefaldo Hi, how to make 2 fields for a associated table?
# Jun 10th, 05:55 kgb.acct.personal Nvm. I solved it by using anonymous function (query builder) on contained model
# Jun 10th, 05:44 kgb.acct.personal ``` public $paginate = [ 'fields' => [ 'id', 'name' ], 'contain' => [ 'Vehicles' => [ // belongsToMany associated 'fields' => [ 'id', 'name' ] ] ] ]; ```
# Jun 10th, 05:42 kgb.acct.personal I cannot select fields when containing belongsToMany associated table
# Jun 10th, 01:43 admad @st.steinkuehler correct
# Jun 9th, 19:16 st.steinkuehler I figured it out myself: Due to the fact that I have used the program "Poedit" a "default.mo" file will also be saved in "src/Locale/de", but I added the XXX to my teststring the "default.po" file (the ".po" file is human readable, the ".mo" is not). If I remove the "default.mo" file and also clear the cached "*_translations_*" files in "/tmp/cache/persistent" my teststring appears in the browser as aspected. I've tried it three
# Jun 9th, 19:16 slackebot1 times now, so I guess: If cake finds a ".mo" file for a translation domain it uses the ".mo" file to generate the "*_translations_*" files in "/tmp/cache/persistent". But if there is no ".mo" file the ".po" file is used. To the core developer: Did I figure that out right?
# Jun 9th, 18:29 st.steinkuehler So why is the german ('de') not used? Thanks
# Jun 9th, 18:28 st.steinkuehler Hello, maybe someone can explain me the locale handling in 3.7, because it does not behave as I expected: The browser sends `Accept-Language: de,en;q=0.7,en-US;q=0.3` and in 'config/app.php' I set 'App.defaultLocale' to `env('APP_DEFAULT_LOCALE', 'de')`. I also use the 'LocaleSelectorMiddleware' in 'Application.php' ( `$middleware->add(new LocaleSelectorMiddleware(['de','en']));` ), because the Cake Application should react on the
# Jun 9th, 18:28 slackebot1 "Accept-Language" Header. In the "default.po" file under "src/Locale/de" I add a teststring: ```msgid "Eine Seite vor" msgstr "Eine Seite vorXXX"``` So I should see the text with the "XXX" in the browser after rendering the page by Cake if the browser sends "de" in the "Accept-Language" Header. But I do not see it. Why? And now the strange thing: If the browser sends `Accept-Language: en,de;q=0.7,en-US;q=0.3` I see the english text, because in the
# Jun 9th, 18:28 slackebot1 "default.po" under "src/Locale/en" the same key is translated: ```msgid "Eine Seite vor" msgstr "One page forward"
# Jun 9th, 18:21 JDD_Canada https://pastebin.com/aEs82iCU
# Jun 9th, 18:15 JDD_Canada to be a bit clearer, the above is a partial from my contain array inside $this->paginate
# Jun 9th, 18:13 JDD_Canada but 'InterestHolders' => ['Contacts' => ['EmailAddresses','PhoneNumbers']] results in sql that is trying to look up emailaddresses.contact_id = but it is in a join table. Am I messing up my paginate array, or my hasmany declarations in my table models?
# Jun 9th, 18:12 JDD_Canada I might have over normalized my database to be useful.. I have an InterestHolder hasMany Contacts Contacts hasMany EmailAddresses When I lookup an interest, which has an interestholder, I want to contain deep enough to show the email address and phone numbers of the contacts.
# Jun 9th, 15:38 joeymu what is the best way to create special types of entities? or create default entities to a certain set of values?
# Jun 9th, 10:04 adithya i guess i'm gonna give it another go
# Jun 9th, 09:58 challgren The latest version before the new Authentication switch was pretty well documented
# Jun 9th, 09:58 adithya sure, i started with cakedc/users but there aren't tutorials to get me started and i felt that the resources are really low
# Jun 9th, 09:49 challgren And no worries just pay it forward
# Jun 9th, 09:47 challgren If your doing login stuff cakedc/users is a great plugin to simplify things
# Jun 9th, 09:46 adithya oh! my client wants to support FB login, so I'm here trying to understand this, thank you for taking the time to point me toward the resources :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jun 9th, 09:40 challgren The stackoverflow may help. I stopped doing FB dev since they kept changing and removing stuff so I gave up but I recall the whitelisting, https, and resolvable url where common issues people had
# Jun 9th, 09:38 adithya thank you!
# Jun 9th, 09:37 adithya yes, it is!
# Jun 9th, 09:37 challgren https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37001004/facebook-login-message-url-blocked-this-redirect-failed-because-the-redirect
# Jun 9th, 09:36 challgren Is your URL publicly accessible?
# Jun 9th, 09:25 ra7bi Yes
# Jun 9th, 09:25 challgren Just a FYI with PDF generation css and links should be fullBase => true so the PDF generator can properly locate the files/links
# Jun 9th, 09:23 challgren Or on a computer with access download all your stuff and then zip up the project and sneakernet it to your dev
# Jun 9th, 09:23 ra7bi and install
# Jun 9th, 09:23 ra7bi and i will do composer update
# Jun 9th, 09:23 ra7bi just i got an idea , will move the project online without src folder .
# Jun 9th, 09:22 ra7bi Yes,
# Jun 9th, 09:22 challgren Isolated from the public internet
# Jun 9th, 09:22 ra7bi what do you mean ?
# Jun 9th, 09:20 challgren Is your dev airgapped?
# Jun 9th, 09:19 ra7bi Yah , but i meant if i could download entire package
# Jun 9th, 09:18 challgren well cloning wont fix that problem since you’ll still need a connection to dl the package
# Jun 9th, 09:18 ra7bi that's why
# Jun 9th, 09:18 ra7bi my development environment is offline
# Jun 9th, 09:16 challgren try composer dump-autoload
# Jun 9th, 09:14 challgren You could submodule it but composer is your best option IMHO
# Jun 9th, 09:14 ra7bi or i need to do more steps
# Jun 9th, 09:14 ra7bi im wondering can i install the plugin without composer ? like clone it from github to vendor folder only
# Jun 9th, 09:13 challgren Maybe clear your vendor folder and rerun composer
# Jun 9th, 09:13 ra7bi @challgren sorry i was busy , i think i've a problem with my development PC , i install it in other pc and everythings just works fine
# Jun 9th, 09:12 challgren Any luck @ra7bi
# Jun 9th, 08:38 challgren Could be the config vars are not set
# Jun 9th, 08:37 challgren Can you look in your logs folder to see if theres anything meaningful there
# Jun 9th, 08:37 ra7bi so i cant debug it
# Jun 9th, 08:37 ra7bi the main problem when i put `$this->addPlugin('CakePdf', ['bootstrap' => true]);` in `application.php` i got blank screen
# Jun 9th, 08:36 challgren Im also using CakePHP 3.8.0-RC2 but shouldn’t be too diff from 3.6
# Jun 9th, 08:33 challgren If I want to force a pdf for a non pdf extension I add the following line in the controller `$this->viewBuilder()->setClassName('CakePdf.Pdf');`
# Jun 9th, 08:31 challgren When I want a pdf of the page I just add .pdf to the url and bam PDF generated
# Jun 9th, 08:31 slackebot <adithya>
# Jun 9th, 08:30 adithya doesn't seem to be working, just asking from the redirect url i figured that https://mywebsite/hybrid-auth/endpoint is the one that i have to add to my fb app
# Jun 9th, 08:30 challgren In routes.php I have `$routes->setExtensions(['json', 'pdf']);`
# Jun 9th, 08:29 challgren In my application.php bootstrap I have `$this->addPlugin('CakePdf', ['bootstrap' => true]);`
# Jun 9th, 08:25 ra7bi i tried also to load the plugin from `application.php` but after i loaded i got blank white page :(
# Jun 9th, 08:11 ra7bi 3.6.11
# Jun 9th, 08:09 challgren And cakepdf
# Jun 9th, 08:09 challgren What Cake version you using?
# Jun 9th, 08:09 ra7bi Sure , Thanks
# Jun 9th, 08:08 challgren Like 15 minutes and I'll be back in my office
# Jun 9th, 08:07 challgren Stand by I'm on mobile
# Jun 9th, 08:06 ra7bi i got an error ` View class "CakePdf.pdf" is missing `
# Jun 9th, 08:05 ra7bi maybe i can have idea how you make it work
# Jun 9th, 08:05 ra7bi @challgren Can u show me your controller
# Jun 9th, 08:04 challgren Try putting it in your app.php, Im not really sure if that works in bootstrap