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# Jan 14th, 14:26 neon1024 Iterating is clearer though :thumbsup:
# Jan 14th, 14:26 neon1024 ..and `where()` with the second param `true`
# Jan 14th, 14:25 neon1024 I was thing `clause()`
# Jan 14th, 14:05 ndm except `iterateParts()` :) ... and `traverse()`, but that's just for reading
# Jan 14th, 14:04 ndm The array that holds the conditions is protected, and there's no public API for reading or overwriting.
# Jan 14th, 14:00 neon1024 You could get the array, change it and write it back
# Jan 14th, 13:26 val I wish there would be a simpler way.
# Jan 14th, 13:18 ndm One way would be to use `QueryExpression::iterateParts()`, and in the callback _not_ return the condition that you want to remove.
# Jan 14th, 13:10 val Hi, is there a way to remove one condition from QueryExpression object that has several conditions in 3.x?
# Jan 14th, 12:48 dereuromark if you are fine with the limitations, go for it :) No one is stopping u
# Jan 14th, 12:46 neon1024 True, hard to unload a trait
# Jan 14th, 12:39 dereuromark trait is hardcoded in, and less flexible based on event/flow. it directly replaces a parent, etc. usually a behavior is a bit cleaner if you want to have reusable functionality added into more than one table.
# Jan 14th, 12:20 neon1024 Although harder to get the Table alias from a trait I guess
# Jan 14th, 12:10 neon1024 Now I’ve copied that method into two Table classes it’s time to refactor into a .. trait maybe :thinking_face:
# Jan 14th, 12:09 neon1024 Although it’s a bit XY, as I’m actually trying to use the foc/search plugin to filter for ‘today’ using comparison on datetime, using date data. Meaning I have had to use a finder as my filter and wrap my datetime with `DATE()` method to get the comparison to work for a single day
# Jan 14th, 12:08 neon1024 I can only think that a trait requires ‘less framework’ than a trait
# Jan 14th, 12:08 neon1024 What factors dictate the choice between a Behaviour and a Trait for table class shared methods
# Jan 14th, 10:42 neon1024 Merry Tuesday all :rainbow:
# Jan 14th, 10:29 conehead I am. Currently on plugin version ```3.5.1```
# Jan 14th, 10:27 rudy1976s good morning: is there anyone who's using asset_compress plugin from MarkStory, on cake 3.8x? I need the correct version to update my composer
# Jan 14th, 10:19 conehead Actually just saw it is not pdf, it is docx. Using PHPWord
# Jan 14th, 10:16 challgren What you using to generate the PDF?
# Jan 14th, 10:03 conehead How would you solve this problem? I got an url that generates a graph (as png image), with a normal controller/action that just prints out this stuff. User is required to be logged in to see it. Now I want to use this image and generate a pdf file with it. Just copy from the url e.g. http://myapp.com/graphs/my_graph.png ? Or does this bring any security issues with it?
# Jan 14th, 07:42 challgren Ones with :strawberry: are CakePHP 4.x compatible
# Jan 14th, 07:42 challgren But https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/awesome-cakephp would be a great place for Plugins
# Jan 14th, 07:41 challgren Theres also https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/crud
# Jan 14th, 07:40 challgren It really depends on your implementation @matiur756
# Jan 14th, 06:38 javier.villanueva morning all
# Jan 14th, 05:22 matiur756 whats the difference? https://github.com/sprintcube/cakephp-rest https://github.com/CakeDC/cakephp-api
# Jan 14th, 05:14 matiur756 @challgren whats the difference? https://github.com/sprintcube/cakephp-rest https://github.com/CakeDC/cakephp-api
# Jan 14th, 05:11 challgren 4.0 might not have all the plugins you need just yet
# Jan 14th, 05:10 challgren Yes or 3.8
# Jan 14th, 05:10 matiur756 @challgren that means ...newly implement cakephp 4.0
# Jan 14th, 05:09 challgren So much has changed from 1.2 to 4.0 that its not even possible just to upgrade
# Jan 14th, 05:08 matiur756 rewrite mean ...new project implement ?
# Jan 14th, 05:08 challgren But yeah best just to rewrite
# Jan 14th, 05:04 matiur756 @challgren not fun, i am facing this problem
# Jan 14th, 05:04 challgren Ohh man that would not be a fun migration
# Jan 14th, 05:02 admad That would be a rewrite
# Jan 14th, 04:58 matiur756 how to convert cakePHP 1.2 to cakephp 4.0
# Jan 13th, 23:01 jimbo2150 Alternatively you could sort it in the Select2 element by the browser if that information is passed to the browser: https://stackoverflow.com/a/28764371/1456201