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# Jan 13th, 21:30 ndm Wrong namespace maybe...
# Jan 13th, 21:21 MrEm I've got the UserPolicy.php living in src/Policy/
# Jan 13th, 21:19 MrEm I've created a UserPolicy#canDelete. In my UsersController#delete method I call $this->Authorization->authorize($user), but I'm getting a "Policy for App\Model\Entity\User" has not been defined
# Jan 13th, 20:46 MrEm Yep, that was it
# Jan 13th, 20:35 ndm Sounds like you've maybe added the request authorization middleware _before_ the routing middleware
# Jan 13th, 20:33 MrEm I probably have something wrong with the routing - but it seems to be routing to the right place at least. Here's the routing: https://pastebin.com/eyum1cnS
# Jan 13th, 20:32 MrEm Cool - I think I have it all set up. Now... I must have something else goofy. My route is /admin/users/add - but the controller, action, and plugin are all empty
# Jan 13th, 20:23 ndm yep
# Jan 13th, 20:21 MrEm ?
# Jan 13th, 20:21 MrEm With the "Request Authorization Middleware" Do I still need the "Authorization Middleware"
# Jan 13th, 20:15 dereuromark If you want simple prefix routing (matching role), you can even just toggle on a default config of TinyAuth.
# Jan 13th, 20:13 ndm https://book.cakephp.org/authorization/2/en/request-authorization-middleware.html
# Jan 13th, 20:13 ndm Depends on where that admin area is located... if it's easily and uniquely identifiable via routing parameters, then you might want to check the request authorization middleware. You might get away with a single policy that for example checks the prefix.
# Jan 13th, 20:03 MrEm With authorization - If I just want to restrict the admin area to those with a given role, do I still need to create Policies and issue checks in each method? Or is there a simpler/blanket way to restrict?
# Jan 13th, 20:01 ricksaccous i got you
# Jan 13th, 19:57 daniel.upshaw Shot in the dark here -- I'm in the job market in the Washington, DC area, or remote, full-stack dev. Have come to love CakePHP, so I am mentioning here :)
# Jan 13th, 19:32 devito hmm, so if I set up a through relationship that should make it acessable from the parent model then as well yeah?
# Jan 13th, 19:31 dereuromark whatever works for u
# Jan 13th, 19:31 dereuromark you can set up special relationships and still use contain, or yeah, completely manual
# Jan 13th, 19:31 devito im pretty sure my relationships are set up correctly
# Jan 13th, 19:31 devito or should I drop the contain and move to just joins?
# Jan 13th, 19:31 devito is it ok to use join in conjunction with contain on the paginator?
# Jan 13th, 19:29 dereuromark are those belongsTo relations? you would need them in the same query to have easy default access. otherwise you need to join manually for this
# Jan 13th, 19:28 devito like page.auth.id is fine but if i try to do page.author.address.city the pagination query throws a unknow column error
# Jan 13th, 19:28 devito Im having a issue with the paginator. When i try to do a contain with nested associations I am un able to access the fields in the field list. but the data does show in my returns, Ultimatly I want to be able to sort on a nested field value any ideas?
# Jan 13th, 18:33 MrEm Huzzah! That worked!
# Jan 13th, 18:28 MrEm Ahhhhhh. Thank you
# Jan 13th, 18:28 ndm CakePHP 's default password hasher is using bcrypt hashing
# Jan 13th, 18:27 ndm 32 is too short, it should be at least 60
# Jan 13th, 18:25 MrEm OK, one at a time: column length = 32 on the password. It's getting hashed (at least I see a hashed value and not the password entered), the password is extremely simple so I know it's not a mismatch ("test"). And here's the User entity, with the _setPassword function: https://pastebin.com/brF2MEee
# Jan 13th, 18:22 ndm Could be all sorts of things, username mismatch, password mismatch, password not stored correctly (not hashed, column length to short, ...)
# Jan 13th, 18:21 MrEm (This one: https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/index.html#)
# Jan 13th, 18:20 MrEm I set everything up as it showed in the tutorial
# Jan 13th, 18:20 MrEm Now, the next question: I seem to be coming up against FAILURE_IDENTITY_NOT_FOUND when submitting it with just the user name
# Jan 13th, 18:20 ndm See https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/identifiers.html#identifiers, the `resolver` config
# Jan 13th, 18:20 MrEm ok, no worries. I can settle
# Jan 13th, 18:19 ndm You'd have to settle for a single input field, and the use a custom finder for the identifier where you can do an OR lookup...
# Jan 13th, 18:18 MrEm Ah, is there no way to have it look at either? I thought I saw that somewhere online
# Jan 13th, 18:17 ndm Tour `username` field contains an array, but it should be a string.
# Jan 13th, 18:16 MrEm https://pastebin.com/zkeiv2Me
# Jan 13th, 18:16 MrEm This is my Applications class: