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# Jan 13th, 20:03 MrEm With authorization - If I just want to restrict the admin area to those with a given role, do I still need to create Policies and issue checks in each method? Or is there a simpler/blanket way to restrict?
# Jan 13th, 20:01 ricksaccous i got you
# Jan 13th, 19:57 daniel.upshaw Shot in the dark here -- I'm in the job market in the Washington, DC area, or remote, full-stack dev. Have come to love CakePHP, so I am mentioning here :)
# Jan 13th, 19:32 devito hmm, so if I set up a through relationship that should make it acessable from the parent model then as well yeah?
# Jan 13th, 19:31 dereuromark whatever works for u
# Jan 13th, 19:31 dereuromark you can set up special relationships and still use contain, or yeah, completely manual
# Jan 13th, 19:31 devito im pretty sure my relationships are set up correctly
# Jan 13th, 19:31 devito or should I drop the contain and move to just joins?
# Jan 13th, 19:31 devito is it ok to use join in conjunction with contain on the paginator?
# Jan 13th, 19:29 dereuromark are those belongsTo relations? you would need them in the same query to have easy default access. otherwise you need to join manually for this
# Jan 13th, 19:28 devito like page.auth.id is fine but if i try to do page.author.address.city the pagination query throws a unknow column error
# Jan 13th, 19:28 devito Im having a issue with the paginator. When i try to do a contain with nested associations I am un able to access the fields in the field list. but the data does show in my returns, Ultimatly I want to be able to sort on a nested field value any ideas?
# Jan 13th, 18:33 MrEm Huzzah! That worked!
# Jan 13th, 18:28 MrEm Ahhhhhh. Thank you
# Jan 13th, 18:28 ndm CakePHP 's default password hasher is using bcrypt hashing
# Jan 13th, 18:27 ndm 32 is too short, it should be at least 60
# Jan 13th, 18:25 MrEm OK, one at a time: column length = 32 on the password. It's getting hashed (at least I see a hashed value and not the password entered), the password is extremely simple so I know it's not a mismatch ("test"). And here's the User entity, with the _setPassword function: https://pastebin.com/brF2MEee
# Jan 13th, 18:22 ndm Could be all sorts of things, username mismatch, password mismatch, password not stored correctly (not hashed, column length to short, ...)
# Jan 13th, 18:21 MrEm (This one: https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/index.html#)
# Jan 13th, 18:20 MrEm I set everything up as it showed in the tutorial
# Jan 13th, 18:20 MrEm Now, the next question: I seem to be coming up against FAILURE_IDENTITY_NOT_FOUND when submitting it with just the user name
# Jan 13th, 18:20 ndm See https://book.cakephp.org/authentication/2/en/identifiers.html#identifiers, the `resolver` config
# Jan 13th, 18:20 MrEm ok, no worries. I can settle
# Jan 13th, 18:19 ndm You'd have to settle for a single input field, and the use a custom finder for the identifier where you can do an OR lookup...
# Jan 13th, 18:18 MrEm Ah, is there no way to have it look at either? I thought I saw that somewhere online
# Jan 13th, 18:17 ndm Tour `username` field contains an array, but it should be a string.
# Jan 13th, 18:16 MrEm https://pastebin.com/zkeiv2Me
# Jan 13th, 18:16 MrEm This is my Applications class:
# Jan 13th, 18:15 ndm Either the request body is funky, or your form authenticator's `fields` configuration is wrong
# Jan 13th, 18:14 MrEm Cake 4
# Jan 13th, 18:14 MrEm This started happening when I started trying to implement Authentication
# Jan 13th, 18:12 MrEm I keep getting an error message every time I post a form:Illegal offset type in isset or empty [ROOT/vendor/cakephp/authentication/src/Authenticator/FormAuthenticator.php, line 63]
# Jan 13th, 16:43 Human_G33k find i guess
# Jan 13th, 16:41 Human_G33k the book/doc for the 4th is just a mess
# Jan 13th, 16:41 Human_G33k by default there is a conventionnal name for a debug_lan_config.php file or it fust load all file in the directory
# Jan 13th, 16:40 neon1024 Good find!
# Jan 13th, 16:37 Human_G33k it was about the test connection
# Jan 13th, 16:37 Human_G33k ok find
# Jan 13th, 16:35 neon1024 As I mentioned above for MySQL. Although I can’t help with Postgres, and I haven’t used it, sorry
# Jan 13th, 16:35 neon1024 I would imagine that Postgres is configured to only allow localhost
# Jan 13th, 16:35 Human_G33k but not from the lan