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# Dec 3rd 2019, 12:06 javier.villanueva Hi... a question. I have this belongsToMany table: [ id | installation_id | document_class_id | internal | external ]
# Dec 3rd 2019, 10:29 challgren I think my tests namespace is all messed up
# Dec 3rd 2019, 10:22 alexdd55976 morning
# Dec 3rd 2019, 10:09 neon1024 PEBKAC
# Dec 3rd 2019, 10:06 noel With xdebug I'm steppeing through the code and able to get to a certain point. But if I put a break point in at that point and run instead of step, then it doesn't break. Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas why?
# Dec 3rd 2019, 09:56 turkles ok odd console thing was... php.ini had short tags disabled
# Dec 3rd 2019, 09:10 challgren another plugin converted to 4.x https://github.com/bcrowe/cakephp-encrypted-type/pull/3
# Dec 3rd 2019, 09:08 spriz (the `App` folder :slightly_smiling_face: )
# Dec 3rd 2019, 09:08 spriz @brian.french Here you can see a "full blown" app in `tests` :slightly_smiling_face: https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/crud/tree/master/tests
# Dec 3rd 2019, 08:55 neon1024 I haven’t
# Dec 3rd 2019, 08:53 turkles Has anyone seen this before?
# Dec 3rd 2019, 08:53 turkles arghhhh I haven't touched cake in a while, and had to re-install php on my mac (brew, @7.3). my app is cake 3.8, and somehow my shell code is reading out all of the files in the Shell folder, rather than parsing them?
# Dec 3rd 2019, 08:21 javier.villanueva morning all
# Dec 3rd 2019, 08:00 jotpe Morning
# Dec 3rd 2019, 07:40 dsar BC -> breaking changes
# Dec 3rd 2019, 06:42 md.islam11 full meaning please
# Dec 3rd 2019, 06:41 md.islam11 "BC" means???
# Dec 3rd 2019, 06:41 md.islam11 4.x hidden BC break => migration guide #6075
# Dec 3rd 2019, 06:41 md.islam11 Hello
# Dec 3rd 2019, 06:38 brian.french examples.
# Dec 3rd 2019, 06:38 brian.french I have, and I think I've come up with a good way to do this. Yeah awesome-cakephp is a great resource of example!
# Dec 3rd 2019, 02:06 francisdoydora thanks, but I already have the ```->email('email')``` rule applied, but emails like gmail.con or yahoo.con still pass thru
# Dec 3rd 2019, 02:01 brian.french I also require the email address on creation, though
# Dec 3rd 2019, 02:01 brian.french Here's how I'm doing it in a 3.8.x app, which seems to work as expected: `$validator` `->email('email')` `->requirePresence('email', 'create')` `->notEmpty('email');`
# Dec 3rd 2019, 01:53 francisdoydora is there any way to know that an email is valid before it can be saved to the database? I already set this in validation ```$validator ->email('email') ->allowEmptyString('email', null, false) ->add('email', 'validFormat', [ 'rule' => 'email', 'message' => 'E-mail must be valid' ]);``` but emails like gmail.con still pass thru
# Dec 3rd 2019, 01:37 brian.french I haven't played with nginx. does it support .htaccess files?
# Dec 3rd 2019, 01:36 slackebot plugin there. Would it be best to create a mock application under tests/test_app? I've seen that done, but i haven't seen any official documentation on how to do this.
# Dec 3rd 2019, 01:36 brian.french So, Testing plugins question... what is the cake way to test your plugins from a standalone perspective, but as if it was running within a larger application? I tried importing the cakephp/app skeleton via composer, but the bootstrapping, etc. has been very hacky to get it to work, then the controller test within the plugin doesn't like to run correctly, since you can't modify the cakephp/app/src/Application.php's bootstrap to add the
# Dec 2nd 2019, 22:49 daniel.upshaw I think the mixed case is growing on me, for the templates directory
# Dec 2nd 2019, 20:39 dan_w my nginx settings look correct
# Dec 2nd 2019, 20:39 dan_w cannot figure it out
# Dec 2nd 2019, 20:38 dan_w hi everyone. I have a cakephp app on my nginx server and it works great. however, i also have another cakephp app for a subdomain on the same server and it works except for accessing files in webroot, gives me a jsController not found CssController not found etc. cakephp 3.8
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:30 ricksaccous @jotpe no problem dyud
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:30 jotpe `$query->contain(['Users' => ['Names'], 'Terminations'])` `->leftJoin('Terminations')` `->where(['OR' => ['Terminations.id IS' => NULL, 'Terminations.effective >=' => new DateTime()]]);`
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:29 jotpe Thanks @ricksaccous that's it:
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:14 ricksaccous Terminations.effective or whatever
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:14 ricksaccous and do the other one as well
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:14 ricksaccous i think you can do where Terminations.id IS NULL at that point
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:13 ricksaccous what the conditions are i dunno off the top of my head
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:13 ricksaccous $query->leftJoinWith('Terminations')->where([ 'OR' => [some conditions here]
# Dec 2nd 2019, 19:12 ricksaccous if you want to do what you're doing