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# Dec 2nd, 19:30 ricksaccous @jotpe no problem dyud
# Dec 2nd, 19:30 jotpe `$query->contain(['Users' => ['Names'], 'Terminations'])` `->leftJoin('Terminations')` `->where(['OR' => ['Terminations.id IS' => NULL, 'Terminations.effective >=' => new DateTime()]]);`
# Dec 2nd, 19:29 jotpe Thanks @ricksaccous that's it:
# Dec 2nd, 19:14 ricksaccous Terminations.effective or whatever
# Dec 2nd, 19:14 ricksaccous and do the other one as well
# Dec 2nd, 19:14 ricksaccous i think you can do where Terminations.id IS NULL at that point
# Dec 2nd, 19:13 ricksaccous what the conditions are i dunno off the top of my head
# Dec 2nd, 19:13 ricksaccous $query->leftJoinWith('Terminations')->where([ 'OR' => [some conditions here]
# Dec 2nd, 19:12 ricksaccous if you want to do what you're doing
# Dec 2nd, 19:12 ricksaccous you would have to left join terminations and use an or statement or something
# Dec 2nd, 19:11 ricksaccous either you want ones without or want ones with
# Dec 2nd, 19:11 ricksaccous yeah those are both contradictory
# Dec 2nd, 19:11 jotpe `$query->contain(['Users' => ['Names'], 'Terminations'])` `->notMatching('Terminations')` `->matching('Terminations', function (Query $query) {` `return $query->where(['Terminations.effective >=' => new DateTime()]);` `});`
# Dec 2nd, 19:11 jotpe This does not work :slightly_smiling_face:
# Dec 2nd, 19:10 jotpe thanks @ricksaccous... and how can I combine matching and notMatching? E.g. I want all memberships without Termination OR with a Termination in future:
# Dec 2nd, 18:53 ricksaccous ;)
# Dec 2nd, 18:53 ricksaccous notMatching
# Dec 2nd, 18:51 jotpe `$query->contain(['Users' => ['Names'], 'Terminations'])` `->where(['Terminations' => null]);`
# Dec 2nd, 18:51 jotpe Evening all. I have a Model (`Membership`) which can has a `Termination` Association (which could be in future). Is there a way in a `finder` method to get all memberships without termination? I tried something like:
# Dec 2nd, 18:09 ricksaccous i might want to write my own behavior that extends his
# Dec 2nd, 18:08 ricksaccous i'm using https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/cakephp-upload so far, what's the cleanest way to achieve this
# Dec 2nd, 18:08 ricksaccous suppose you are writing files to the server but for files with certain extensions you don't want them saved in db in the regular location
# Dec 2nd, 17:16 dereuromark i dont think that should be necessary :slightly_smiling_face: normal text messages here should suffice in general
# Dec 2nd, 17:15 neon1024 It’s handy to focus I find
# Dec 2nd, 17:15 neon1024 Just click the bell in the sidebar and set a time :)
# Dec 2nd, 17:14 noel ok sure. I didn't know. Just thought you were helping. No problemo.
# Dec 2nd, 17:14 neon1024 @dereuromark You can sleep your notifications if you want :slightly_smiling_face:
# Dec 2nd, 17:14 dereuromark truth is: i never used any of that crud stuff before.
# Dec 2nd, 17:13 neon1024 https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dont%20%40%20me
# Dec 2nd, 17:13 neon1024 Don’t even at me bro
# Dec 2nd, 17:12 dereuromark after that I was basically not able to further assist
# Dec 2nd, 17:12 dereuromark my previous answer was only to the prefix part
# Dec 2nd, 17:12 dereuromark not offended, but disturbed for no reason. You shouldnt tag someone specific unless they actually are part of the conversation already.
# Dec 2nd, 17:10 noel oh ok. Sorry if I offended, may I ask why?
# Dec 2nd, 17:09 neon1024 Guess that it is pretty recent, perhaps they’ll spin up some boxes soon
# Dec 2nd, 17:07 neon1024 :face_palm:
# Dec 2nd, 17:07 dereuromark @neon1024 i tried, and travis doesnt support it yet
# Dec 2nd, 17:07 dereuromark @noel you shouldnt tag me here
# Dec 2nd, 17:07 neon1024 Can’t what?
# Dec 2nd, 17:06 dereuromark @neon1024 you cannot
# Dec 2nd, 17:04 slackebot is included in the JSON as well.