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# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:46 devito like if i do patch entity on a user and pass in data for the profile as well
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:46 devito when creating a new entity that has associations, will the associated data be validated or just the primary entity that was instanciated?
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:44 neon1024 It’s fine to ask questions, but it’s also worth have a read of the documentation first :thumbsup:
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:43 gianmarxgagliardi I didn't want to take advantage of your availability or community
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:42 gianmarxgagliardi sorry @neon1024
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:42 gianmarxgagliardi I will reread the tutorial
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:40 gianmarxgagliardi having said that I am a beginner in cake
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:39 gianmarxgagliardi I read the tutorials, but I never understood how important the conventions were
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:39 neon1024 ..and your question is the same, almost as last time, about loading a table class
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:38 neon1024 Or at least, you’re not adhering to convention ay all
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:37 neon1024 Which is why I wonder if you have followed the tutorial, as you’re making lots of very basic beginner mistakes
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:37 neon1024 Again, you’ve missed convention. Foreign keys are `table_id` you’ve got `id_dogs` rather than `dog_id`
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:35 gianmarxgagliardi Yes, I read. but on some things I have doubts
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:32 neon1024 Especially as baked models and templates will do all this for you
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:32 neon1024 I feel like you need to revise the basics, have you completed the tutorial? https://book.cakephp.org/3/en/tutorials-and-examples.html
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:28 neon1024 Help me Obi-wan, you’re my only hope.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:21 gianmarxgagliardi @neon1024 help me please
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:07 gianmarxgagliardi `table cats:` `id name surname` `1 tony may` `table dogs:` `id name surname` `1 pop gray` `table dogs_cats:` `id id_dogs id_cats info` `1 1 1 pop and tony` `but I would like to display:` `id name_dogs name_cats info` `1 pop tony pop and tony`
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:05 gianmarxgagliardi this is in controller DogsCatsController.php
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:05 gianmarxgagliardi public function index() { $this->set('field',$this->Dogscats->find('all')); }
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:03 gianmarxgagliardi they are not like taking the fields of the other two tables from the dogs_cats controller
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:02 gianmarxgagliardi https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59141547/cakephp-displays-the-id-display-table-name-from-two-different-tables-with-relati
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:02 gianmarxgagliardi this would be the problem in detail
# Dec 2nd 2019, 15:02 gianmarxgagliardi hi I should enter IDs from two tables and show the name in the view
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:39 dereuromark dunno, only did plugins so far, that worked out all right
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:37 maymeow or ... how hard is to upgrade whole app to Cakephp 4 :D
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:33 neon1024 ..but you do lose the validation messages
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:33 neon1024 I tend to skip creating a whole widget and just manually write a tag
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:32 dereuromark See https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/bootstrap-ui/tree/master/src/View/Widget
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:32 alexmax That's good to hear that it's fixed in 4.x. Thanks for hipping me about the 3.x status, I can just swap a template on a text field, I just didn't know if there was a magic happy path that I hadn't seen in the documentation.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:32 dereuromark Using custom widgets you can get this.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:31 alexmax Oh I was scrolled up.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:31 alexmax But from perusing the documentation it seems like the three-select is default, I don't see a way off-hand to generate HTML5 date inputs.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:31 ndm It should generate that out of the box in CakePHP 4.x now. In 3.x you'd need a workaround, for example use `'type' => 'text'` and custom templates, or a custom datetime widget, or a custom form helper, or...
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:26 alexmax If you're saying that that is what you get out of the box, then I think maybe I have some form templates to rework.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:26 alexmax Well, I can't figure out how to generate it. If I do `type => 'date'` from the form helper, it gives me three select dropdowns. What I'm looking for is literally `<input type="date">`.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:25 dereuromark it should work out of the box for supporting browsers, and should display fallback string. make sure you have validation in place here.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:24 dereuromark ah gotcha. whats your issue with this element?
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:24 alexmax @dereuromark Sorry for my terseness. By HTML5 datepicker, I mean a `type="date"` input tag.
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:22 maymeow hmm
# Dec 2nd 2019, 14:20 dereuromark See https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-shim/pull/61 - still not resolved yet