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# Nov 19th, 14:30 shifat.it 1 keyword : Readable. I agree to this
# Nov 19th, 14:29 admad @pieceof meh, he still got nothing over the "27 club"
# Nov 19th, 14:29 pieceof you read code you dont know is its setting or getting, now its more readable
# Nov 19th, 14:29 shifat.it hmm. ..both
# Nov 19th, 14:29 pieceof do you know javascript/jquery ?
# Nov 19th, 14:28 shifat.it etc.
# Nov 19th, 14:28 shifat.it In terms of performance/coding
# Nov 19th, 14:28 shifat.it I was thinking about ... They did it for a reason...
# Nov 19th, 14:28 shifat.it please
# Nov 19th, 14:27 shifat.it stay relevant
# Nov 19th, 14:27 shifat.it seriously man ... it will help me to migrate 3.8 ...
# Nov 19th, 14:27 shifat.it :O
# Nov 19th, 14:26 pieceof jesus christ died at age 33
# Nov 19th, 14:26 shifat.it Tell me something I dont know
# Nov 19th, 14:25 pieceof ctrl + h -> search and replace
# Nov 19th, 14:25 shifat.it seriously ... hell lot of work
# Nov 19th, 14:25 shifat.it I am still working with 3.3 and I was told to migrate to 3.8
# Nov 19th, 14:25 pieceof its a conspiracy (tinfoil hat)
# Nov 19th, 14:24 pieceof pros will hate
# Nov 19th, 14:24 pieceof now they can read code easier
# Nov 19th, 14:24 pieceof its for noobs man
# Nov 19th, 14:24 shifat.it why method separated with get set methods ? Someone please tell me about problems and benefits regarding this issue.
# Nov 19th, 14:21 shifat.it Hello from your link its not clear to me , why they did this.
# Nov 19th, 14:18 shifat.it methods create side effects? ? can you explain this line
# Nov 19th, 14:15 neon1024 Here you are @shifat.it https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/9978
# Nov 19th, 14:12 shifat.it okay.. I will get back to you after seeing roadmap
# Nov 19th, 14:12 neon1024 You can find out more in the pull request I’m sure, or on the roadmap
# Nov 19th, 14:12 neon1024 Because multi mode methods create side effects, have an unclear api and are harder to understand when reading code
# Nov 19th, 14:12 shifat.it Is there any reason??
# Nov 19th, 14:11 shifat.it why ??
# Nov 19th, 14:11 shifat.it why we are using $request->data; to $request->getData()
# Nov 19th, 14:11 neon1024 The change was made across the framework
# Nov 19th, 14:11 neon1024 Multi-mode methods were deprecated
# Nov 19th, 14:11 shifat.it $this->setTable('my_table'); // Prior to 3.4.0 $this->table('my_table');
# Nov 19th, 14:10 shifat.it why the following code changed?
# Nov 19th, 14:09 shifat.it One question to ask
# Nov 19th, 14:09 shifat.it Hello
# Nov 19th, 14:01 cubetto when i run the sql that comes from debugging the query, it works fine, for some reason cake just doesn't execute it
# Nov 19th, 14:00 cubetto i need to increment a value in a column of 5 different rows, so i'm trying with $this->query()->update()->set(['field'] => $expression)->where(['user_id'=>$id])->execute();
# Nov 19th, 13:58 cubetto Hi, i'm working on a cake 3.4.7 project, trying to write an updateAll query and can't get it to execute, if I use updateAll i just get 0 modified rows, if i use $this->query() ->update() i can see the query is propery produced but it states executed=false
# Nov 19th, 13:44 slackebot !