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# Nov 8th, 08:19 javier.villanueva I think that your models are different than the models im thinking
# Nov 8th, 08:18 javier.villanueva morning all
# Nov 8th, 06:36 conehead Morning!
# Nov 8th, 06:17 alexdd55976 Morning
# Nov 8th, 01:50 ndm Check `$context['newRecord']`
# Nov 8th, 01:47 francisdoydora thanks in advance for your help :slightly_smiling_face:
# Nov 8th, 01:47 francisdoydora if update, allowEmptyFile. Else if create, follow the validator rule I posted.
# Nov 8th, 01:37 slackebot1 (isset($context['data']['academic_level_id'])) { return $context['data']['academic_level_id'] === '1'; } return true; })```
# Nov 8th, 01:37 francisdoydora if anyone could help me figure out how to return 'update' as default. But needs to return true or false on create. Right now allowEmptyFile returns false if academic_level_id is not equal to 1. But I didn't take into account if I want to edit. In edit it should always allow empty files. ```$validator ->allowEmptyFile('gmrc', 'Please upload a GMRC', function ($context) { if
# Nov 7th, 23:24 mrfeedback is there a way to disable a virtual field when a query is returning entities? In my case I dont need that specific field as it generates s3links which I wouldn´t use in that case. I tried to not select the field. but for some reason it still triggers
# Nov 7th, 22:41 slackebot1 <martonmiklosqdev>
# Nov 7th, 22:40 martonmiklosqdev I can see the problematic line in the variables pane:
# Nov 7th, 22:40 martonmiklosqdev the view errors a bit better
# Nov 7th, 22:40 martonmiklosqdev where the problem is in the view
# Nov 7th, 22:40 slackebot1 <martonmiklosqdev>
# Nov 7th, 22:39 martonmiklosqdev here is an another example
# Nov 7th, 22:39 martonmiklosqdev the problematic ItemTypesAttributesController only has 183 lines
# Nov 7th, 22:39 martonmiklosqdev refers to the Core/Controller.php
# Nov 7th, 22:38 martonmiklosqdev the line 609
# Nov 7th, 22:22 noel @martonmiklosqdev As far as I can see there are line numbers... have you looked at line 609 of your Controller?
# Nov 7th, 22:05 martonmiklosqdev I will read back the messages tomorrow
# Nov 7th, 22:05 martonmiklosqdev if anyone has any idea please let me know
# Nov 7th, 21:40 martonmiklosqdev is it a configuration problem of the apache/PHP or is it a CakePHP config issue?
# Nov 7th, 21:40 martonmiklosqdev error_reporting = E_ALL
# Nov 7th, 21:39 martonmiklosqdev in the php.ini I set all error/debug flags
# Nov 7th, 21:38 martonmiklosqdev I think it is since I upgraded to PHP7
# Nov 7th, 21:38 martonmiklosqdev it does not shows the problematic line number
# Nov 7th, 21:38 martonmiklosqdev https://i.imgur.com/SCJ9sCW.png
# Nov 7th, 21:38 martonmiklosqdev I have some trouble with the error pages
# Nov 7th, 21:37 martonmiklosqdev Hello all,
# Nov 7th, 17:36 dev.cyrusjayson I get error like the gave_fruits does not exist
# Nov 7th, 17:36 dev.cyrusjayson not yet. I will try this tomorrow. looks much easier.
# Nov 7th, 16:32 javier.villanueva are you tried $this->Fruits->Users->get($user_id, ['contain' => 'Fruits'])
# Nov 7th, 16:24 javier.villanueva what error you have?
# Nov 7th, 16:24 dev.cyrusjayson yes because the gave_fruits has user_id and I want to get only the data for specific user
# Nov 7th, 16:23 javier.villanueva the function is for passing conditions to contain
# Nov 7th, 16:23 dev.cyrusjayson the id is the id of gave_fruits. forget the select, could be more
# Nov 7th, 16:22 javier.villanueva anyway you can add conditions to contain without function
# Nov 7th, 16:20 javier.villanueva your gavefruits table has "id" field?
# Nov 7th, 16:15 slackebot1 }]);``` What would be wrong?
# Nov 7th, 16:15 dev.cyrusjayson This is working ``` $fruits = $this->Fruits->find('all') ->contain(['GaveFruits']); ``` This is not working ``` $fruits = $this->Fruits->find('all') ->contain(['GaveFruits', function (Query $q){ return $q ->select(['id']) ->where(['user_id' => 1]);