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# Oct 21st, 12:09 alexdd55976 @kevin.pfeifer you are right.. i did not check the class i used.. just copy pasted :)
# Oct 21st, 12:08 kevin.pfeifer i have created a Mailing Component which is called by all my controllers
# Oct 21st, 12:08 challgren I prefer the mailer route because that logic is all contained in a single class instead of littered in models/controllers
# Oct 21st, 12:08 kevin.pfeifer @alexdd55976 you are using the Cake\Mailer\Email Class which will be deprecated on CakePHP 5.0 Since im refactoring my current application in CakePHP 4.0 im trying not to implement new stuff with soon to be depreacted functions
# Oct 21st, 12:07 kevin.pfeifer @challgren thx for that, i will look into that. It is definitely a good idea to extend the default Mailer class and work with that.
# Oct 21st, 12:05 slackebot1 $email->setViewVars($data['vars']); $email->setTransport('default'); return $email->send(); } ```
# Oct 21st, 12:05 slackebot1 'company_id' => $query['company_id'], 'hash' => $confirm_hash, 'date' => date('d.m.Y'), 'time' => date('H:i') ] ]; if ($this->sendEmail($data)) { return true; } } return false; } public function sendEmail($data) { $email = new Email(); $email->setSubject($data['subject']); $email->setTo($data['email']); $email->setFrom('bla@foo.bar); $email->setReplyTo('bla@foo.bar'); $email->setTemplate($data['template']);
# Oct 21st, 12:05 alexdd55976 @kevin.pfeifer or the easy version ```public function sendOptinMailToUser($query, $confirm_hash) { if (isset($query['data']->email) andand isset($query['mail_optin']) andand $query['mail_optin'] == true) { $data = [ 'subject' => 'Regsitriation', 'email' => trim($query['data']->email), 'template' => 'app_confirmation_blank', 'vars' => [ 'email' => trim($query['data']->email), 'access_key' => $query['access_key'],
# Oct 21st, 12:02 challgren @kevin.pfeifer here’s my example
# Oct 21st, 11:50 kevin.pfeifer since Cake\Mailer\Email will be deprecated in 5.0 i dont want to implement something that will be deprecated on the next Cake Version
# Oct 21st, 11:49 kevin.pfeifer does someone have a working example for sending custom Emails with Cake\Mailer\Mailer and viewVars?
# Oct 21st, 10:50 jotpe Found that on github: https://github.com/cakephp/phinx/issues/1431
# Oct 21st, 10:49 jotpe Thanks. What also worked was `MysqlAdapter::PHINX_TYPE_STRING`
# Oct 21st, 10:42 challgren add a length/limit for the varchar(*)
# Oct 21st, 10:41 challgren string from what I’ve seen
# Oct 21st, 10:39 jotpe For phinx migrations, what is the correct type of a `varchar` for `mysql`? `String`? http://docs.phinx.org/en/latest/migrations.html#id2
# Oct 21st, 08:59 challgren Evening all!
# Oct 21st, 08:54 slackebot1 !gist
# Oct 21st, 08:54 slackebot1 Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Oct 21st, 08:53 challgren I only see one line and it doesn't include anything useful
# Oct 21st, 08:29 joechua *info?
# Oct 21st, 08:29 joechua anybody here who can give me some onfo?
# Oct 21st, 08:01 neon1024 Hey @jotpe
# Oct 21st, 07:58 jotpe morning!
# Oct 21st, 07:55 joechua im trying to access this url: appic.localhost:8888/api/customers
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua 'Crud.Index',
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua use Cake\Controller\Controller;
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua these is the content of my appController file
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua => 'index']);
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua Router::prefix('api', function ($routes) {
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua my routes.php file is:
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua "errors": [
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua i always get this error
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua i am using the crud-json-api package
# Oct 21st, 07:45 joechua hello
# Oct 21st, 07:37 alexdd55976 lot of changes to 3.6
# Oct 21st, 07:37 alexdd55976 i already did my authentication against AD with 4.x :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 21st, 07:37 admad @alexdd55976 you will most likely be able to start with Cake 4 then :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 21st, 07:15 alexdd55976 2 month until the new big project starts with cake :tada:
# Oct 21st, 07:12 javier.villanueva morning