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# Oct 21st, 10:49 jotpe Thanks. What also worked was `MysqlAdapter::PHINX_TYPE_STRING`
# Oct 21st, 10:42 challgren add a length/limit for the varchar(*)
# Oct 21st, 10:41 challgren string from what I’ve seen
# Oct 21st, 10:39 jotpe For phinx migrations, what is the correct type of a `varchar` for `mysql`? `String`? http://docs.phinx.org/en/latest/migrations.html#id2
# Oct 21st, 08:59 challgren Evening all!
# Oct 21st, 08:54 slackebot1 !gist
# Oct 21st, 08:54 slackebot1 Command sent from Slack by challgren:
# Oct 21st, 08:53 challgren I only see one line and it doesn't include anything useful
# Oct 21st, 08:29 joechua *info?
# Oct 21st, 08:29 joechua anybody here who can give me some onfo?
# Oct 21st, 08:01 neon1024 Hey @jotpe
# Oct 21st, 07:58 jotpe morning!
# Oct 21st, 07:55 joechua im trying to access this url: appic.localhost:8888/api/customers
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua 'Crud.Index',
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua use Cake\Controller\Controller;
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua these is the content of my appController file
# Oct 21st, 07:47 joechua does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua => 'index']);
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua Router::prefix('api', function ($routes) {
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua my routes.php file is:
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua "errors": [
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua i always get this error
# Oct 21st, 07:46 joechua i am using the crud-json-api package
# Oct 21st, 07:45 joechua hello
# Oct 21st, 07:37 alexdd55976 lot of changes to 3.6
# Oct 21st, 07:37 alexdd55976 i already did my authentication against AD with 4.x :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 21st, 07:37 admad @alexdd55976 you will most likely be able to start with Cake 4 then :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 21st, 07:15 alexdd55976 2 month until the new big project starts with cake :tada:
# Oct 21st, 07:12 javier.villanueva morning
# Oct 21st, 07:00 alexdd55976 morning dudes and duderinas
# Oct 21st, 05:49 Fastidius off for the day but back in 16 hours for another wrestle
# Oct 21st, 05:49 Fastidius probably safe to say im a bit lost here so if someone can send me a link to an example of a select from a Collection with a few values would be great.
# Oct 21st, 05:45 Fastidius and why are map and combine telling me Call to undefined method App\View\AppView::map()
# Oct 21st, 05:19 Fastidius but i cant really see an example for how to do it
# Oct 21st, 05:19 Fastidius Using collections to build options seems to be the part im looking for in https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html#creating-select-checkbox-and-radio-controls
# Oct 21st, 04:59 Fastidius 'options' => $client->client_name gives me Undefined property: Cake\ORM\ResultSet::$client_name so i assume im doing it wrong
# Oct 21st, 04:57 Fastidius looking for some guidance
# Oct 21st, 04:57 Fastidius which has the array items in there but i need to setup the pairings for view vs value and im finding no documentation refering to dropdown on cake php....
# Oct 21st, 04:57 Fastidius now i have <?php echo $this->Form->control('Client_ID', ['options' => $client, 'class' => 'ml10 form-control select-2', 'label' => 'Client', 'onchange' => 'viewClient()', 'empty' => 'Select a client']); ?>
# Oct 21st, 04:56 Fastidius i wish to add a dropdown selector that allows me to type the first few letters of a Name and on selecting the item out of the list then sends me to the View of that ID.
# Oct 21st, 04:56 Fastidius I have a index which is showing all the information i want