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# Oct 18th, 20:21 ron.rattie Nothing, the opposite of something. Well the layout pieces I’m the default show but that’s it. I know I’m missing something basic here, but I just back to working in this today
# Oct 18th, 20:14 ricksaccous what do you mean by nothing shows?
# Oct 18th, 20:11 ron.rattie Okay so new question, I'm using the app default.ctp as the layout for the site and when I go to /audit-trail/logs nothing shows but debugkit shows the variable is there, is there something I need to put in the default.ctp to display plugin content?
# Oct 18th, 19:35 ron.rattie But it's the top of the routes now
# Oct 18th, 19:35 ron.rattie Feels odd putting the: Router::plugin( 'AuditTrails', ['path' => '/audit-trails'], function ($routes) { $routes->connect('/logs', ['controller' => 'Logs']); } ); In the main routes.php
# Oct 18th, 19:23 holisticnetworking Is it possible to query a Model from inside a Behavior? I need to ensure that a companion record lives in two tables in a database upon saving or updating?
# Oct 18th, 19:10 ron.rattie I'm getting closer I would suppose.
# Oct 18th, 18:56 daniel.upshaw You could try moving `Plugin::routes();` closer to the top of your app's `routes.php` before the others
# Oct 18th, 18:54 daniel.upshaw Yah
# Oct 18th, 18:54 ndm Look at route number 3 and 4, they are catch all routes, number 4 specifically will catch your URL. That's most likely in your main routes config file.
# Oct 18th, 18:54 daniel.upshaw I wonder if that `_controller:index` route is catching it
# Oct 18th, 18:53 daniel.upshaw Yeah it does look right
# Oct 18th, 18:52 daniel.upshaw Sorry, hmm
# Oct 18th, 18:52 daniel.upshaw Oh
# Oct 18th, 18:52 daniel.upshaw @ron.rattie Probably should be `class AuditTrailsController`
# Oct 18th, 18:52 slackebot1 <ron.rattie>
# Oct 18th, 18:52 ron.rattie Okay.. updated the routes to use scope instead of get and I see these:
# Oct 18th, 18:51 daniel.upshaw @ndm, looks like a handy CLI function, nice
# Oct 18th, 18:21 ndm You probably have other routes that are catching the URL. Use the routes shell (`bin/cake routes`) to get a list of routes in the connected order.
# Oct 18th, 18:18 slackebot1 'MspPivotActivityLogDetails' ] ] ); $this->set('logs', $query); }
# Oct 18th, 18:18 ron.rattie namespace AuditTrails\Controller; use AuditTrails\Controller\AppController; use Cake\ORM\TableRegistry; class LogsController extends AppController { public function index() { $AuditTrailsLog = TableRegistry::getTableLocator()->get('AuditTrails.MspPivotActivityLog'); $query = $AuditTrailsLog->find( 'all', [ 'contain' => [ 'MspPivotActivityLogRequest',
# Oct 18th, 18:18 ron.rattie My Logs controller has this:
# Oct 18th, 18:17 ron.rattie use Cake\Routing\RouteBuilder; use Cake\Routing\Router; use Cake\Routing\Route\DashedRoute; Router::plugin( 'AuditTrails', ['path' => '/audit-trails'], function ($routes) { $routes->get('/logs', ['controller' => 'Logs']); } );
# Oct 18th, 18:16 ron.rattie This is the router for the plugin:
# Oct 18th, 18:16 ron.rattie Hey, I have a routing question I think. I have a plugin "Audit Trails" with a controller "Logs" with an index function. When I go to /audit-trails/logs I see "Controller class AuditTrails could not be found".
# Oct 18th, 16:48 daniel.upshaw I bet my routes issue is that this project uses `"cakephp/cakephp": "3.5.*"`
# Oct 18th, 16:19 neothermic sweet, init was the key
# Oct 18th, 16:18 daniel.upshaw You might have to `use` the trait in the `Table` class
# Oct 18th, 16:17 noel I'm trying to get friendsofcake/Search and friendsofcake/crud-json-api to work together. What isn't clear is how to make a search request? Is this documented somewhere? I'm assuming it would be GET request using a query string but I'm getting an error `Missing Search.Search behavior on App\\Model\\Table\\CocktailsTable`
# Oct 18th, 16:17 neothermic ```This branch is for CakePHP 3.4 and newer```
# Oct 18th, 16:17 steinkel https://github.com/jippi/cakephp-newrelic/tree/cake3
# Oct 18th, 16:16 neothermic (I'm aware that there's a middelware for this, but that one needs cake 3.6 and PHP 7.1+... and yeah.)
# Oct 18th, 16:16 steinkel there's also a plugin for that I've used time ago...
# Oct 18th, 16:16 steinkel middleware after routing middleware would work
# Oct 18th, 16:16 steinkel because AppController happens now much deeper in the stack, Middleware sound like a good place for non cake stuff happening in the request
# Oct 18th, 16:16 neothermic I need to construct enough of a path to be able to name the transaction for newrelic
# Oct 18th, 16:15 noel Hi all
# Oct 18th, 16:14 steinkel what do you need to inject?
# Oct 18th, 16:14 daniel.upshaw Niiiice
# Oct 18th, 16:14 neothermic been using cake since 1.3 :)
# Oct 18th, 16:14 daniel.upshaw Lol I wish I could say that I've been a Cake dev that long.. PHP since v4, but I've only discovered the magic of Cake within the past year or so