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# Oct 17th, 11:42 neon1024 Uploaded files are not scalar
# Oct 17th, 11:41 jotpe Have fun :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 17th, 11:41 francis.nadal thank you! looking into it now
# Oct 17th, 11:40 jotpe Remove the validator with photo and try something from https://cakephp-upload.readthedocs.io/en/latest/validation.html#uploadvalidation
# Oct 17th, 11:38 francis.nadal that would be
# Oct 17th, 11:38 jotpe What's the content of validationDefault() in UsersTable for photo?
# Oct 17th, 11:37 jotpe There's something with your Validation Rules in UsersTable
# Oct 17th, 11:35 francis.nadal does it mean I ahve to set path to where the photos will be moved?
# Oct 17th, 11:35 francis.nadal @jotpe running this $this->request->getData('photo'); I get this
# Oct 17th, 11:34 alexdd55976 seems that you need to add a file when you want to add a user
# Oct 17th, 11:33 francis.nadal @jotpe hi i get this when debug is enabled
# Oct 17th, 11:31 jotpe Form looks good. You see the post data with `if ($this->request->is('post')) { debug($this->request->getData('photo'));...`
# Oct 17th, 11:27 francis.nadal @conehead this is my form
# Oct 17th, 11:26 conehead And how does your form look like?
# Oct 17th, 11:26 francis.nadal Thank you very much! I will try it right now
# Oct 17th, 11:25 slackebot1 <jotpe>
# Oct 17th, 11:25 jotpe @francis.nadal I don't know about this plugin, but you can try to debug it. In your UsersController try something like this:
# Oct 17th, 11:15 francis.nadal Do I also need to configure this here in users table?
# Oct 17th, 11:15 francis.nadal hello, I have a question regarding the cakephp-upload plugin. I wanted to have a photo upload for users and it was suggested to me to use it. But I was trying out their documentation example(https://cakephp-upload.readthedocs.io/en/latest/examples.html) but I seem to not get it to work. I always get this error.
# Oct 17th, 10:02 koeller If I do it your way I don’t have to do the setConnection on the loaded Model :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!
# Oct 17th, 09:52 slackebot1 <challgren>
# Oct 17th, 09:51 slackebot1 <challgren>
# Oct 17th, 09:50 challgren That might be your issue is your loading the config after the alias
# Oct 17th, 09:49 challgren and maybe load your config before the alias
# Oct 17th, 09:45 koeller To have be aware of not configured connection names passed?
# Oct 17th, 09:44 challgren @koeller did you try to inspect it with `ConnectionManager::configured()`?
# Oct 17th, 09:41 koeller @alexdd55976: For now I’m able to perform the action I want in loading the connection into the Model directly, like: ```$this->Users ->setConnection(ConnectionManager::get($args->getArgument('connection')))```
# Oct 17th, 09:21 alexdd55976 @koeller i do not know, but if you find the solution can you add to docu and do a PR on it?
# Oct 17th, 09:18 koeller Hey, How can I switch a database in a Command. I’ve tried in command execute(): `ConnectionManager::alias($args->getArgument(‘connection’), ‘default’); Configure::load($args->getArgument(‘connection’), ‘default’, true);` But that doesn’t work :S I haven’t found anything in the documentation on that topic, either.
# Oct 17th, 09:08 challgren Evening all!
# Oct 17th, 08:51 neon1024 Wishing everyone a great day! :tada:
# Oct 17th, 08:50 neon1024 Heya everyone
# Oct 17th, 07:20 jotpe Morning, folks!
# Oct 17th, 06:47 javier.villanueva morning!
# Oct 17th, 06:32 alexdd55976 good morning
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 'marketingthumb >' => 0 ] ]``` any ideas how to achieve that?
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 'Projectfiles', function (Query $q) { return $q->where( [ 'OR' => [ 'marketingvideo >' => 0, 'marketingthumb >' => 0 ] ] ); } ); $query->cache('project_list_video_images'); $query2 = $this->Projects->find('all')
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 'Products', 'Marketinginfos', 'Clients', 'Projectfiles' ] ); $query->where(['active' => true]); $query->order(['Projects.id' => 'DESC']); return $query; } ``` this is of course not 100% correct as the condition is to open in ``` return $q->where( [ 'OR' => [ 'marketingvideo >' => 0,
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 ->contain(['Marketinginfos', 'Products']) ->toArray(); debug($query2); return $query; } private function __prepareApiMarketingGetProjectList() { $query = $this->find(); $query->matching( 'Marketinginfos', function (Query $q) { return $q->where(['closed' => true]); } ); $query->contain( [
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 ``` public function ApiGetProjectListVideoAndImages() { $query = $this->__prepareApiMarketingGetProjectList(); $query->matching( 'Products', function (Query $q) { return $q->where( [ 'producttype_id' => [1,2], ] ); // Videos and Images Only } ); $query->matching(
# Oct 16th, 21:42 mrfeedback i am not sure how i can build a query for the following example: i have projects I want to select `projects` which have in `marketinginfos.closed = true`, and `producttype_id` either `1` or `2` and if it is `producttype_id = 1` it has to have at least one `projectfiles.marketingthumb > 0` and `projectfiles.video > 0` if it is `producttype_id=2` it as to have at least one `projectfile.marketingthumb > 0` only. my approach is the following