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# Oct 17th, 08:50 neon1024 Heya everyone
# Oct 17th, 07:20 jotpe Morning, folks!
# Oct 17th, 06:47 javier.villanueva morning!
# Oct 17th, 06:32 alexdd55976 good morning
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 'marketingthumb >' => 0 ] ]``` any ideas how to achieve that?
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 'Projectfiles', function (Query $q) { return $q->where( [ 'OR' => [ 'marketingvideo >' => 0, 'marketingthumb >' => 0 ] ] ); } ); $query->cache('project_list_video_images'); $query2 = $this->Projects->find('all')
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 'Products', 'Marketinginfos', 'Clients', 'Projectfiles' ] ); $query->where(['active' => true]); $query->order(['Projects.id' => 'DESC']); return $query; } ``` this is of course not 100% correct as the condition is to open in ``` return $q->where( [ 'OR' => [ 'marketingvideo >' => 0,
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 ->contain(['Marketinginfos', 'Products']) ->toArray(); debug($query2); return $query; } private function __prepareApiMarketingGetProjectList() { $query = $this->find(); $query->matching( 'Marketinginfos', function (Query $q) { return $q->where(['closed' => true]); } ); $query->contain( [
# Oct 16th, 21:42 slackebot1 ``` public function ApiGetProjectListVideoAndImages() { $query = $this->__prepareApiMarketingGetProjectList(); $query->matching( 'Products', function (Query $q) { return $q->where( [ 'producttype_id' => [1,2], ] ); // Videos and Images Only } ); $query->matching(
# Oct 16th, 21:42 mrfeedback i am not sure how i can build a query for the following example: i have projects I want to select `projects` which have in `marketinginfos.closed = true`, and `producttype_id` either `1` or `2` and if it is `producttype_id = 1` it has to have at least one `projectfiles.marketingthumb > 0` and `projectfiles.video > 0` if it is `producttype_id=2` it as to have at least one `projectfile.marketingthumb > 0` only. my approach is the following
# Oct 16th, 16:49 ssalvatori I want to test the internal logic of the listerner
# Oct 16th, 16:49 ssalvatori hello, hey any examples how to test a EventListener ?
# Oct 16th, 16:47 javier.villanueva Im testing with 10.000 and time to save its very up
# Oct 16th, 16:47 javier.villanueva I may not need lft and rght structure
# Oct 16th, 16:45 javier.villanueva ok
# Oct 16th, 16:44 admad MPTT is optimized for read
# Oct 16th, 16:44 admad it won't crash on finds but more like on saves :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 16th, 16:09 javier.villanueva ok i will make it
# Oct 16th, 16:09 ndm Finds shouldn't be an issue even with billions of records (assuming your DBMS can handle large amounts of data in general), writes on the other hand can be very expensive. Generate some test data and try it out.
# Oct 16th, 16:01 javier.villanueva really when I write finds is reorder
# Oct 16th, 15:47 javier.villanueva Im using the tree behaviour in a model, probably with 2 million of records, a person tell me that probably it will be crash in finds... any advice about it?
# Oct 16th, 14:00 paul_83uk ok useful to know thanks.
# Oct 16th, 13:58 admad gtg
# Oct 16th, 13:58 admad FYI it's the `ResponseEmitter` class with makes the `setcookie()` calls. So if you do upgrade to php 7.e then for now you can use your own reponse emitter class which overrides relevant method and pass your emitter instance to $server->emit() call in webroot/index.php
# Oct 16th, 13:58 paul_83uk haha love the pic! coookieeee!!
# Oct 16th, 13:58 paul_83uk ahhh ok! sorry hadn't realised that at all. no wonder CakePHP class isn't supporting it yet.
# Oct 16th, 13:57 admad https://ayesh.me/PHP-Samesite-cookies
# Oct 16th, 13:57 admad set you can't set `SameSite` option since php itself has no support for hit prior to 7.3
# Oct 16th, 13:56 paul_83uk in production
# Oct 16th, 13:56 paul_83uk 7.2.19 at the mo
# Oct 16th, 13:55 admad @paul_83uk are you using php 7.3?
# Oct 16th, 13:53 david is the ->translation() method the provided by the trait?
# Oct 16th, 13:51 david Mmm, I think I have made a mistake reading the docs
# Oct 16th, 13:48 admad just using the trait won't do anything, you have to use the method the trait provides :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 16th, 13:48 david the result of that pr() is the same using or not the TranslaitTrair
# Oct 16th, 13:47 david <?php pr($this->Variables->find('translations')->first()); ?>
# Oct 16th, 13:47 david I am using Translate behaviour. Documentation says that "Working with multiple translations can be done by using a special trait in your Entity class" (using TranslateTrait). I have an entity not using TranslateTrait, and I can't find any difference between using and not using it.
# Oct 16th, 13:42 paul_83uk Hi All, I'm using Cake\Http\Cookie to create all cookies for my site but I'm looking to set 'SameSite=Lax' as one of the configuration values (I have a PEN test coming up). This does not appear to be an option within the class. Is there a way around this or do I need to stop using the class for now?
# Oct 16th, 12:19 eax Good to know, thanks @dereuromark! :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 16th, 12:17 dereuromark dunno, but for us ulimit -n 65535 worked with larger code base.
# Oct 16th, 12:17 eax @dereuromark Ok, that’s the only solution?