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# Aug 16th 2019, 15:39 davorminchorov Anyone here ever got the following error when saving data with the Entity object? `Cannot convert value of type `string` to integer` It's weird that it throws such an error when the database field and the field are strings, not integers
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:10 neon1024 Anyway, job for Monday. Have a great weekend everyone :wave:
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:09 neon1024 Perhaps I’ll have to build something
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:08 neon1024 Although it doesn’t enforce workflow, but just adds api sugar
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:08 neon1024 I think I’m looking for this actually :point_right: https://github.com/cakemanager/cakephp-utils/wiki/stateable
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:07 neon1024 Don’t fancy doing that!
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:06 val @neon1024 You can try to migrate it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:03 neon1024 `3.8.2` :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:03 neon1024 Sorry, forgot to mention the version!
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:02 neon1024 I’m on 3.x :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:02 val @neon1024 https://github.com/bancer/cakephp-wizard for 2.x
# Aug 16th 2019, 15:00 neon1024 My app needs some workflows :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th 2019, 14:51 spriz I saw some talking a while ago with some immutable transform actions
# Aug 16th 2019, 14:11 neon1024 Did someone have a plugin which was around working with stepped processes? Such as moving an order from basket, pending, paid, shipped, completed, etc? Like a workflow
# Aug 16th 2019, 13:42 CakeBegginer can you guys help me where am I wrong
# Aug 16th 2019, 13:41 CakeBegginer Hello guys, I'm stuck into an Issue, i have created a website with cakePHP and it is working well with localhost, but when I've uploaded it on server it is not, and showing me en error of "misconfiguration",
# Aug 16th 2019, 13:24 neon1024 Good question for cakefest
# Aug 16th 2019, 12:31 challgren I wish I could go but it would cost an arm and a leg for me is it going to web streamed at all?
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:35 alexdd55976 i would so love to come to cakefest. first of all to meet you guys personally, also the topics are very interesting
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:18 hmic s/ens/ions/
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:17 hmic I am happy for suggestens before I decide to go ;-)
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:17 neon1024 @hmic I have a hotel near Shinjuku-Gyoemmae subway station
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:16 neon1024 Morning team! :wave:
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:09 hmic Where are zou guys staying?
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:09 koeller @admad thanks alot. works now :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:09 hmic ah, guys... I just thought about joining cakefest this time...
# Aug 16th 2019, 09:04 admad @koeller by calling $next() first you are setting up the alias after your controller code already run :)
# Aug 16th 2019, 08:44 koeller I would like to set a database connection through this TenantShardMiddleware. I added `$middleware->add(TenantShardMiddleware::class)` to my Application.php. When I debug the code the Middleware class is loaded correctly, but the ConnectionManager::alias won’t take any effect and my Table will always use the default database credentials. Any ideas? Thank you!
# Aug 16th 2019, 07:26 conehead Good morning
# Aug 16th 2019, 07:26 jotpe Hi
# Aug 16th 2019, 02:49 D-rex it didnt solve errors just created more
# Aug 16th 2019, 02:49 D-rex @challgren it wasn't but I did it anyway. I'm not sure why I would need to install it though if I haven't configured anything to use it
# Aug 16th 2019, 02:33 kiwi_58 sdsd
# Aug 16th 2019, 01:13 jslamka5685 The ObjectType database type was exactly what I needed.
# Aug 16th 2019, 01:12 jslamka5685 @dereuromark Took me some time to figure out exactly what I needed to do, but your solution is top notch.
# Aug 15th 2019, 23:11 dereuromark see geo plugin, it uses the same thing
# Aug 15th 2019, 23:10 jslamka5685 How do I go about including a virtual field within a pagination query?
# Aug 15th 2019, 20:13 latenal @admad, it worked! Thanks
# Aug 15th 2019, 20:11 admad same for `Date`
# Aug 15th 2019, 20:11 admad @latenal add `FrozenDate::setJsonEncodeFormat('yyyy-MM-dd')` in bootstrap
# Aug 15th 2019, 20:04 latenal yes