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# May 23rd, 19:06 niel45 look at https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/query-builder.html about 2/3 of the way down the page under 'Advanced Conditions'
# May 23rd, 19:05 ricksaccous hmph
# May 23rd, 19:05 ricksaccous but there's probably a better way
# May 23rd, 19:05 ricksaccous i suppose i could just do a separate query on the matching table and get all the proper ids from there and do or equals or or in
# May 23rd, 19:04 ricksaccous cause it always returns true since the subquery is doing a find on all
# May 23rd, 19:03 ricksaccous This obviously doesn't work
# May 23rd, 19:02 ricksaccous right now i'm doing the query expression thing and confused
# May 23rd, 19:01 ricksaccous where you want or Model.value => 1 OR matching('SomeModel', function ($query)
# May 23rd, 19:01 ricksaccous how do you get an or condition
# May 23rd, 18:10 destinydriven Seen
# May 23rd, 18:08 ricksaccous i don't believe so....
# May 23rd, 18:08 destinydriven @ricksaccous there’s no overhead with model chaining?
# May 23rd, 18:08 ricksaccous @destinydriven that's up to you dyud
# May 23rd, 18:07 destinydriven Model binding/chaining up to 5 or 6 models vs just ClassRegistry::init() ? At what point does it make sense to just abandon model chaining?
# May 23rd, 17:17 prev.aurelien Hi, any way to refresh that :relaxed:?
# May 23rd, 16:06 this.impetus ...just gently checking to see if anyone's around yet, still can't figure out what's wrong re: post above
# May 23rd, 15:13 slackebot the model is ``` $validator ->boolean('public') ->requirePresence('public', 'create') ->notEmpty('public', 'create');```
# May 23rd, 15:13 this.impetus Hey guys, stuck on trouble shooting what must be a simple problem. Have a boolean field (tiny int) in my `tags` table, `public`. When creating a new tag or editing one, this checkbox isn't respected. If I manually set `public` to true in the database, editing it back to false does nothing, but all new tags default to false. The field is being generated with cake's code, ie. `<?= $this->Form->control('public');?>`, and the validator in
# May 23rd, 11:01 challgren WYSIWYG more or less
# May 23rd, 10:48 neon1024 Like a person designer?
# May 23rd, 09:23 challgren Anyone know of a decent email HTML designer?
# May 23rd, 09:06 neon1024 So I’m going to try and overwrite the templates in the configuration
# May 23rd, 09:05 neon1024 I have opened an issue about it for discussion, but I need to resolve my ticket in the meantime as a discussion and release will be too slow
# May 23rd, 09:05 neon1024 They didn’t, it’s an optional class which has been, in my opinion, mistakenly implemented into the templates in the plugin
# May 23rd, 08:53 challgren When did they get rid of the labels? In the BS4 version?
# May 23rd, 08:52 neon1024 Great, be right back! Replacing ALL my selects with javascript! :face_palm:
# May 23rd, 08:51 challgren https://select2.org/
# May 23rd, 08:51 challgren Ohh yeah
# May 23rd, 08:51 neon1024 How’d you do that for a `<select>` :thinking_face:
# May 23rd, 08:50 challgren What about placeholder?
# May 23rd, 08:49 graziel they can always use 'inspect element'
# May 23rd, 08:49 challgren Ohh wussies! They’ll get over it! :P
# May 23rd, 08:49 neon1024 Which has confused my admin team because none of the filter fields have any labels now
# May 23rd, 08:48 neon1024 A change was made which hides all inline form labels
# May 23rd, 08:48 neon1024 No, that’s already been done.
# May 23rd, 08:48 challgren @neon1024 Are you making it support BS4????
# May 23rd, 08:46 neon1024 Busy trying to fix bootstrap-ui helper
# May 23rd, 08:46 graziel its ok for me, have you tried clearing cache? ;)
# May 23rd, 08:40 neon1024 Very slow for me and throwing page unavailable occasionally
# May 23rd, 08:40 hmic What's up with GH?
# May 23rd, 08:28 neon1024 Oh no! RIP Github