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# May 22nd, 07:20 admad @luisdelamo From localized plugin readme: "This plugin also houses translations for the client-facing translated strings in the core (the cake domain). *to use these files link or copy them into their expected location: src/Locale/<locale>/cake.po*"
# May 22nd, 07:18 luisdelamo I try now, and for core translations should be works loading the localized Plugin?
# May 22nd, 07:17 welo.lamacchia if it has afterSave i only change the entity... if not i save the new entity
# May 22nd, 07:16 welo.lamacchia i can check in behavior if table has afterSave method
# May 22nd, 07:15 admad you'll end up with infinite loop if you are not careful about calling save() in afterSave callback
# May 22nd, 07:15 luisdelamo Thanks @admad
# May 22nd, 07:13 welo.lamacchia @admad my problem was that in behavior i call $event->getSubject()->save($entity), so the entity in Table afterSave is not new
# May 22nd, 07:09 admad @luisdelamo you can use $this->loadPlugins() in your testcase class to load required plugin
# May 22nd, 07:07 luisdelamo I try in test folder bootstrap.php use plugin::getcollection:add but not work either
# May 22nd, 07:05 luisdelamo I think is about the plugins now is in Application.php
# May 22nd, 07:04 luisdelamo When I run the unit test the the plugins translations doesn't work.
# May 22nd, 07:03 welo.lamacchia not in my case
# May 22nd, 07:03 welo.lamacchia mmmmm
# May 22nd, 06:58 admad $entity->isNew() would return the same results in both the behavior and table's afterSave()
# May 22nd, 06:40 welo.lamacchia i can't call parent::afterSave in behavior :S
# May 22nd, 06:27 welo.lamacchia ill try to do this, thanks
# May 22nd, 06:26 turkles Do you just need to call parent::afterSave() in your behaviour?
# May 22nd, 06:24 welo.lamacchia Hello everyone, i have Table attached to behavior with afterSave callback when check if entity is new i did some logics. In Table i have another afterSave callback when i check also if entity is new, but it return false because it was executed already in Behavior. How i can resolve this issue ?
# May 22nd, 06:15 turkles JS Calendar - you mean https://gramthanos.github.io/jsCalendar ? Seems its only dates, I need a time input too
# May 22nd, 04:43 admad @turkles just use a text input instead of date time selects and JS calendar
# May 22nd, 03:25 turkles Hi all, the FormHelper for DateTime - is there something quick/easy that would help me display this as a calendar picker? Or replace it?
# May 22nd, 00:30 waspinator `parent_id` needs a prefix I think
# May 22nd, 00:29 itmpls `property_id` in this case is ambiguous. prefixing it with either alias doesn't work. wut?
# May 22nd, 00:29 itmpls how can a self reference be made with conditions because of ambiguity? `$this->belongsTo('ParentBuildings', ['className' => 'Properties.Properties', 'foreignKey' . => 'ParentBuildings.property_id', 'conditions' => ['parent_id IS NULL'] ]);`
# May 22nd, 00:28 itmpls hm
# May 21st, 23:40 waspinator @luisdelamo try asking your question, and if someone can help they will
# May 21st, 23:12 luisdelamo somebody can help me
# May 21st, 21:20 dereuromark @neon1024 This is my draft on the CastTrait: https://github.com/dereuromark/cakephp-shim/blob/master/docs/Controller/CastTrait.md You might find that useful for the controller scope. Phpstan level 7 approved^^.
# May 21st, 20:57 ricksaccous yeah it just makes things faster as well
# May 21st, 20:57 cnizzardini ^ that much we can all agree on i think
# May 21st, 20:56 luisdelamo for safety migrations, create always with bin/bake migration MyMigration
# May 21st, 20:56 cnizzardini thanks
# May 21st, 20:55 ricksaccous personally
# May 21st, 20:55 cnizzardini yeah imma keep em
# May 21st, 20:55 ricksaccous i still wouldn't delete old ones
# May 21st, 20:55 ricksaccous to do things that way
# May 21st, 20:55 ricksaccous honestly i'm prob a mediocre dev as well so if you listened to me it'd be the blind leading the blind maybe it works nicer in your case
# May 21st, 20:55 cnizzardini our app is huge and that data helps em get going
# May 21st, 20:54 cnizzardini we prob are using migrations wrong, but, i prefer setting someone up with a staging dump
# May 21st, 20:54 ricksaccous cool
# May 21st, 20:53 cnizzardini already was using proper class and extending correctly