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# May 17th, 04:16 hmic is there a way to access the resposne returned from an action in a afterFilter callback? - of course I can access $this->response from it, but that does not (necessarily) reflect whats returned from the controller action. - or any other solution how to change the response of any action (i just want to add additional headers)?
# May 17th, 04:14 hmic moin moin
# May 17th, 03:06 bgrinter easy fix for your instagram foodie friends https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0aIAwGoEmU
# May 16th, 22:27 ndm Have you tried my suggestion to send the token in a header instead of in the post data?
# May 16th, 20:22 aldodelgado Anyone have suggestions on some automated gem/tools that help figure out what JS libs are being used in a very large legacy rails app? There is a lot of unfinished code, commented out code, libs not being used, etc from an application I just inherited.
# May 16th, 18:27 np https://cakesf.slack.com/archives/C053DPNGT/p1558016585256600 same today
# May 16th, 18:19 dereuromark dont forget to add it to https://github.com/FriendsOfCake/awesome-cakephp then :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 16th, 18:18 rafaelqueiroz @dereuromark Sure, just checking... Thanks!
# May 16th, 18:17 dereuromark just use https://github.com/webonyx/graphql-php (what I found via google), and maybe you can even create plugin with convenience wrappers for Cake.
# May 16th, 18:15 rafaelqueiroz Hi folks, someone know about some plugin/package for GraphQL and CakePHP ?
# May 16th, 18:14 cnizzardini n/m this is middleware now, had to remove from routes
# May 16th, 18:13 elb98rm100 @dereuromark This has fixed it. Took me a while to work out, but it's done. Thanks for the info.
# May 16th, 18:13 cnizzardini in cake 3.7
# May 16th, 18:13 cnizzardini public function beforeFilter(Event $event) { $this->getEventManager()->off($this->Csrf); }
# May 16th, 18:13 cnizzardini I have attempted disabling, but problem persists
# May 16th, 18:12 cnizzardini 1) Receive\Test\TestCase\Controller\InntopiaControllerTest::testIndexHotelBookingRuleNotifRQ Possibly related to Cake\Http\Exception\InvalidCsrfTokenException: "Missing CSRF token cookie"
# May 16th, 18:12 cnizzardini Keep getting CSRF error in unit tests:
# May 16th, 17:58 niel45 damn, I was hoping 4.0 would be my next upgrade :-(
# May 16th, 17:53 dereuromark but yeah, patchEntity() afterwards + saveOrFail() and it should be done
# May 16th, 17:53 dereuromark 3.8 will become just more strict here and throw exception if save didnt work: https://github.com/cakephp/docs/blob/3.next/en/appendices/3-8-migration-guide.rst#behavior-changes
# May 16th, 17:52 dereuromark shouldnt findOrCreate() already auto-persist itself?
# May 16th, 17:50 elb98rm100 Can kick elb98rm, that's me before I dropped off my vpn!
# May 16th, 17:48 niel45 wouldn't findOrCreate followed by patchEntity achieve the same?
# May 16th, 17:48 ricksaccous it has findOrCreate but that's not the same thing
# May 16th, 17:46 waspinator cake doesn't have an `update_or_create()` style method does it?
# May 16th, 17:43 niel45 solved it, until Cake created a new file with the wrong creds ;-)
# May 16th, 17:42 niel45 I had similar problems with logs, in the end I did chown -r me:www-data ./
# May 16th, 17:41 niel45 ooops only r I mean
# May 16th, 17:41 elb98rm Good spot, never was good at linux!
# May 16th, 17:41 elb98rm Gotcha: I'm going to try and resolve that now.
# May 16th, 17:40 niel45 you might be setting 777, but that's not what your permissions show as on that issue. Only x for any
# May 16th, 17:37 dereuromark You can even ->orderAsc() ;)
# May 16th, 17:37 elb98rm Sure, but with permissions as 777, all users should be able to edit and change those files, correct?
# May 16th, 17:36 elb98rm Sorry: afk'd for a second!
# May 16th, 17:36 this.impetus But also I discovered how to achieve my ends; turns out I wanted `find( 'list')->order(['column'=>'ASC']);`
# May 16th, 17:36 elb98rm Yeah, the folder exists.
# May 16th, 17:36 dereuromark use fluent Interface. way easier.
# May 16th, 17:35 this.impetus @dereuromark sorry. 3.7
# May 16th, 17:34 dereuromark interesting, in 3.x assoc the key is not order but sort..
# May 16th, 17:33 dereuromark @this.impetus always state the cake version. order should work
# May 16th, 17:29 dereuromark also your user might be www-data maybe?