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# Jan 24th, 16:06 adsc i get syntax errors trying to import it
# Jan 24th, 16:06 adsc hmmm, it seems the dump is not a mysql dump
# Jan 24th, 15:58 NeoThermic|WorkI it's better to get that over to UTF8 now before you have major issues :D
# Jan 24th, 15:58 NeoThermic|WorkI oh and uncomment the encoding line
# Jan 24th, 15:56 NeoThermic|WorkI just fill out the default
# Jan 24th, 15:56 NeoThermic|WorkI for now don't worry about the test variable in there
# Jan 24th, 15:55 NeoThermic|WorkI use that as your database.php file, fill in the missing details :)
# Jan 24th, 15:55 adsc ah, nice
# Jan 24th, 15:55 NeoThermic|WorkI https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cakephp/cakephp/2.x/app/Config/database.php.default (herp, it's database.php.default as the example file)
# Jan 24th, 15:55 adsc but it only contains mysql statements, don't I also need a database.php that tells cakephp how to connect to the db?
# Jan 24th, 15:54 NeoThermic|WorkI ahh, so import that to somewhere that your vagrant can access
# Jan 24th, 15:54 adsc i do have a mysql dump somewhere
# Jan 24th, 15:54 adsc and there is no database.example.php either
# Jan 24th, 15:54 adsc no
# Jan 24th, 15:53 NeoThermic|WorkI when you inherited this project, did they also furnish you with a database? :)
# Jan 24th, 15:53 NeoThermic|WorkI ok, so there might be a database.example.php in there
# Jan 24th, 15:53 adsc i get the exact same error message...and it seems the file database.php is really missing in the Config folder
# Jan 24th, 15:48 adsc ah, ok, i'll do that
# Jan 24th, 15:48 adsc it seems I'm lacking db configuration
# Jan 24th, 15:48 NeoThermic|WorkI ah, you need to point the webroot at /app/webroot
# Jan 24th, 15:47 adsc https://hastebin.com/cawigeluxi.rb
# Jan 24th, 15:45 adsc how do I get it to run, i put it onto a lamp stack server and put apache's webroot to the project's app directory, but I get some problems when i request any url...i'll paste you the error message
# Jan 24th, 15:45 NeoThermic|WorkI what's stopping you from getting it to run?
# Jan 24th, 15:44 NeoThermic|WorkI so that's not too far behind
# Jan 24th, 15:44 NeoThermic|WorkI 2.10.14 is the latest version of the 2.x series
# Jan 24th, 15:44 adsc i'm just trying to get it to run so I can reverse-engineer it
# Jan 24th, 15:44 NeoThermic|WorkI that's not too terrible
# Jan 24th, 15:44 adsc 2.7.0-RC
# Jan 24th, 15:43 NeoThermic|WorkI oh. In the cake directory, there's a VERSION.txt file
# Jan 24th, 15:43 adsc yup
# Jan 24th, 15:43 NeoThermic|WorkI ok, go into Lib, is there a Cake directory?
# Jan 24th, 15:43 adsc yes
# Jan 24th, 15:42 NeoThermic|WorkI adsc, start with the simple questions, is there a app and lib directory in the root directory?
# Jan 24th, 15:41 adsc hey, I took over a cakephp project from a third party, how do I find out which version of cakephp it uses?
# Jan 24th, 14:43 tippexs91 Hi folks - Need to connect to two different DBs with Cake3. 1st DB is select date (MSSQL) 2nd DB write (MySQL). Found two different ways to do this. 1st via ConnectionManager and specify the connection with `ConnectionManager::get('mysql-prod')` 2nd Using `defaultConnectionName()` in the table classes Any ideas whats the better option. Thanks!
# Jan 24th, 14:24 swarson form->select works perfectly but I've not find how to set it required
# Jan 24th, 14:22 swarson what I would like to do is quite special. I would like to put a label in a form->control select type with input and there is nothing like as I would like... Do you see what I mean ?
# Jan 24th, 14:17 NeoThermic|WorkI specifically from https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html#creating-input-elements onwards?
# Jan 24th, 14:17 NeoThermic|WorkI https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/views/helpers/form.html ?
# Jan 24th, 13:59 swarson Hi everyone, I would like to know how to add an input into a form (Form->Control type=>select). I've not find anything on the book
# Jan 24th, 06:06 challgren https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/01/pear-php-site-breach-lets-hackers-slip-malware-into-official-download/