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# Jan 23rd, 16:31 neon1024 If it was easy we’d all be out of a job:p
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 neon1024 It is what it is :man-shrugging:
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous but that is so lame
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous government should stay out the way, alright enough politics from me
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 neon1024 Congratulations Mr 371461623914613764
# Jan 23rd, 16:30 ricksaccous lmaooo
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 neon1024 Kinda tempted to spit out the encrypted values :P
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 neon1024 Got reporting tooling to build
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 neon1024 Oh I have to do that next :P
# Jan 23rd, 16:29 ricksaccous you can't exactly pull a bunch of names and emails now
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 ricksaccous makes sense security wise but what if you just want an internal application for a company that needs that data on the fly to be efficient
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 neon1024 I mean sure, encryption can be broken, but ‘harder’ at least
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 ricksaccous haha
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 neon1024 You’d need to get the db, server env and the code!
# Jan 23rd, 16:28 neon1024 Just so it ties the security to more than the database
# Jan 23rd, 16:27 ricksaccous maybe it's for the better but making that searchable, easier to index sounds like a pain
# Jan 23rd, 16:27 neon1024 We’ve done first/last name and email
# Jan 23rd, 16:27 ricksaccous yikes
# Jan 23rd, 16:27 neon1024 I believe so
# Jan 23rd, 16:27 ricksaccous so do you seriously need to encrypt first and last names in your dbs if you want to operate in Europe?
# Jan 23rd, 16:26 neon1024 You don’t need to be concious
# Jan 23rd, 16:26 neon1024 That’s the thing thats got me about finger print phone unlocks
# Jan 23rd, 16:26 ricksaccous haha
# Jan 23rd, 16:26 neon1024 Well after that FBI vs Apple case, I bet there is!
# Jan 23rd, 16:26 ricksaccous there are some weird laws regarding encryption in USA
# Jan 23rd, 16:25 neon1024 Yeah, I agree, although I think services like Netflix have also helped
# Jan 23rd, 16:25 ricksaccous but yeah, banning encryption is stupid lol
# Jan 23rd, 16:25 ricksaccous you can still download illegally but they've made it harder over the years
# Jan 23rd, 16:25 ricksaccous it does make things harder, i mean, i never thought cracking down on torrent sites would work
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 neon1024 Oh no Fasil we can’t encrypt our plans it’s illegal! :O
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 neon1024 You think making something illegal will stop them?
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 neon1024 Terrorists break the rules, that’s kinda their job
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 neon1024 I’ve always loved the idea that they think banning encryption will work
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 ricksaccous hehe
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 neon1024 Then they said they’d outlaw an aspect of it, which basically meant banning Mathematics
# Jan 23rd, 16:24 ricksaccous they prob already have it XD
# Jan 23rd, 16:23 neon1024 Yes, a while ago governments wanted backdoors to encryption
# Jan 23rd, 16:23 ricksaccous pretty sad
# Jan 23rd, 16:23 ricksaccous there are actually people pushing for regulations on algorithms or at least i read something like that in some clickbait article
# Jan 23rd, 16:22 neon1024 Well tbh I won’t be European soon either :,(
# Jan 23rd, 16:22 ricksaccous lolll