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# Jan 22nd, 20:08 yamcomnet so, hidden fields cannot be altered?
# Jan 22nd, 20:08 yamcomnet cake gives form tampering on hidden field. When field is not hidden no problem. Tampered field 'price-max' in POST data (expected value '' but found '1000')
# Jan 22nd, 19:50 cosarara hi there! I opened https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/12920 - just wanted to say that I'm here, in case I should add info or something
# Jan 22nd, 19:39 devito im assuming its more for front end framework intergration like react / angular
# Jan 22nd, 19:38 devito I see in 3.7 there a bake command to generate a twig template. Are there any benifits of using twig over traditional cake ctp’s?
# Jan 22nd, 19:38 jhall ok honestly I am going to redo the way it works. I was trying to mirror the client's old application but it works kinda funky
# Jan 22nd, 19:36 ricksaccous feel free to post the form.ctp
# Jan 22nd, 19:36 ricksaccous but yeah, that doesn't matter too much
# Jan 22nd, 19:36 ricksaccous append
# Jan 22nd, 19:36 ricksaccous i mean
# Jan 22nd, 19:36 ricksaccous also maybe prepend id to the url rather than passing it in, up to you
# Jan 22nd, 19:36 jhall yeah something went sour
# Jan 22nd, 19:35 ricksaccous if you grab the whole form.serialize it should send all data in the fields individually
# Jan 22nd, 19:35 jhall I'll look into deeper start piece by piece
# Jan 22nd, 19:35 jhall yeah I have got something not quite right haha
# Jan 22nd, 19:34 ricksaccous that looks wrong to me
# Jan 22nd, 19:34 ricksaccous heh wahhh
# Jan 22nd, 19:33 jhall looks like this
# Jan 22nd, 19:33 slackebot1 <jhall>
# Jan 22nd, 19:31 ricksaccous but yeah double checking your field names won't hurt
# Jan 22nd, 19:31 jhall ok
# Jan 22nd, 19:31 ricksaccous and see if you get what you think you should have
# Jan 22nd, 19:30 ricksaccous you can just debug($this->getRequest()->getData()
# Jan 22nd, 19:30 jhall hmm I am definitely passing the entity into the form let me double check on field names
# Jan 22nd, 19:30 ricksaccous etc
# Jan 22nd, 19:30 ricksaccous are your fields named correctly?
# Jan 22nd, 19:29 ricksaccous are you passing the entity to your form?
# Jan 22nd, 19:29 ricksaccous @jhall do you have your data formatted like usual?
# Jan 22nd, 19:10 jhall It's not applying my changes to the database but the save returns success
# Jan 22nd, 19:09 jhall $deliveryType = $this->DeliveryTypes->patchEntity($deliveryType, $this->request->getData());
# Jan 22nd, 19:09 jhall @ricksaccous can I not patch entity like usual?
# Jan 22nd, 19:00 ricksaccous ;)
# Jan 22nd, 19:00 jhall oh okay let me test that
# Jan 22nd, 18:59 ricksaccous then you can get it via $this->getRequest()->getData()
# Jan 22nd, 18:59 ricksaccous $form.serialize();
# Jan 22nd, 18:59 ricksaccous @jhall you can serialize the whole form
# Jan 22nd, 18:51 jhall If I am posting serialized form data how do I access it on the controller action side?
# Jan 22nd, 17:41 ashish_onmobile anybody has any clue?
# Jan 22nd, 17:41 ashish_onmobile I am getting above error for hitting one of my server with https
# Jan 22nd, 17:41 ashish_onmobile cURL Error (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate in vendor/cakephp/cakephp/src/Http/Client/Adapter/Curl.php
# Jan 22nd, 17:00 neon1024 :rabbit2: