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# Aug 7th, 10:06 spriz it seems to use ‘paths’ to actually find the things anyway
# Aug 7th, 10:06 spriz I guess it’s some old unused code then :slightly_smiling_face:
# Aug 7th, 10:05 spriz roger
# Aug 7th, 10:05 bernat I haven't*
# Aug 7th, 10:04 bernat I've checked it but if it works it must be reading it somewhere.
# Aug 7th, 10:04 spriz it also reads from ./plugins by default
# Aug 7th, 10:04 spriz but there’s no usage of `$this->params['app']` anywhere
# Aug 7th, 10:04 bernat It reads code from src/ and writes pot files to src/Locale by default.
# Aug 7th, 10:03 bernat It does all file operations realtive to that directory.
# Aug 7th, 10:03 spriz I can’t see where it’s used in the task/shell classes
# Aug 7th, 10:03 spriz but for what reason?
# Aug 7th, 10:00 bernat @spriz, it does tell the shell command where the app directory is.
# Aug 7th, 09:56 spriz Could anyone tell me what the `-app` options on the `I18nShell actually does? (link: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/blob/master/src/Shell/Task/ExtractTask.php#L316)
# Aug 7th, 09:45 bernat Anyone that can guide me? I've already found something but I'm not sure how to continue from here.
# Aug 7th, 09:44 bernat Hi. I'm trying to investigate this issue: https://github.com/AD7six/cakephp-shadow-translate/issues/52
# Aug 7th, 09:36 nisseni I'm getting this error: default cache was unable to write '77cdf40047b7b8e666cec24ecbfdb1d9' to Memcached cache - can't find anything on google. I've tried File cache with the same result.
# Aug 7th, 08:40 clementcrown wao, thank you @chrisshick and @saeideng
# Aug 7th, 08:38 chrisshick it clearly shows your intl is disabled
# Aug 7th, 08:38 chrisshick i was just about to say that lol
# Aug 7th, 08:37 saeideng `'--disable-intl' `
# Aug 7th, 08:34 clementcrown you can also see that intl is also enabled from that place, or what do you think?
# Aug 7th, 08:34 clementcrown @chrisshick http://landmarkpolytechnic.edu.ng/new.php
# Aug 7th, 08:32 chrisshick @clementcrown
# Aug 7th, 08:31 chrisshick Are you using nginx or apache?
# Aug 7th, 08:31 clementcrown ok
# Aug 7th, 08:30 chrisshick There could be multiple reasons for that
# Aug 7th, 08:30 clementcrown thanks @chrisshick,but I was expecting the error log to show today's date, or what do you think?
# Aug 7th, 08:30 chrisshick have you checked that it is in your php.ini
# Aug 7th, 08:29 clementcrown getting solutions to problem shouldnt be difficult like this @admad , how has my lack of experience caused the error log file to be updated last on the 4th of august and the site is still showing the same error?
# Aug 7th, 08:29 chrisshick @clementcrown it has to be the intl extension
# Aug 7th, 08:28 admad i have to go, hopefully someone else can help you
# Aug 7th, 08:27 clementcrown the error log has not even been updated since that time, and the site is not working
# Aug 7th, 08:26 clementcrown @admad,thanks for your help, can you see the last line of my error log ? the error log was last updated on the 4th of august
# Aug 7th, 08:26 admad > I am becoming tired of Cakephp don't rant about the framework when it's your lack of experience that is causing the problem
# Aug 7th, 08:26 clementcrown [04-Aug-2018 08:44:28 UTC] PHP Fatal error: You must enable the intl extension to use CakePHP. in /home2/landmar1/public_html/portal/config/bootstrap.php on line 25
# Aug 7th, 08:25 admad php doesn't lie, so if it says it can't find intl then it's not properly installed/loaded. your server could have different config files for cli and webserver so ensure it's enabled for both
# Aug 7th, 08:24 clementcrown I am becoming tired of Cakephp
# Aug 7th, 08:23 clementcrown how else can I make the error show?
# Aug 7th, 08:23 clementcrown 'debug' => filter_var(env('DEBUG', TRUE), FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN),