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# Jul 12th, 09:40 josbeir not sure that is possible
# Jul 12th, 09:35 birdy247 I kind of want to say Table->setRules
# Jul 12th, 09:33 birdy247 Would the best way be to apply a new Rules object to the Table before saving?
# Jul 12th, 09:32 birdy247 In the case of saving a Book from the API, we only want to run a subset of the rules
# Jul 12th, 09:31 birdy247 We have some app rules for a given entity (Books)
# Jul 12th, 09:07 neon1024 I’m happy with 4th place ;)
# Jul 12th, 08:57 josbeir but its like every WK ever :)
# Jul 12th, 08:57 josbeir looks like nobody knew this was going to happen
# Jul 12th, 08:57 josbeir yep !
# Jul 12th, 08:57 tim @josbeir Rematch time saturday :) I'm really happy about that
# Jul 12th, 08:56 josbeir i didn't even take a look at all that twig stuff
# Jul 12th, 08:54 neon1024 Seems I was looking for `{{ dump() }}` https://twig.symfony.com/doc/2.x/functions/dump.html
# Jul 12th, 08:46 neon1024 I’d like to know what’s in `columnData` so that I can add a helper call for my `status_id` field in my bake theme
# Jul 12th, 08:46 neon1024 `{% set columnData = Bake.columnData(field, schema) %}`
# Jul 12th, 08:46 neon1024 Anyone know if there is updated docs anywhere for the new Bake Twig stuff?
# Jul 12th, 07:57 neon1024 @jslamka5685 Perhaps you are missing the RequestHandler component, the `.xml` extension in your request url, or you could be missing the use of `_serialize` in your Controller actions `set()` method
# Jul 12th, 07:56 neon1024 Morning all
# Jul 12th, 03:05 jslamka5685 Am I missing something?
# Jul 12th, 03:04 jslamka5685 I have added $routes->setExtensions(['json','xml']); into the routes file
# Jul 12th, 03:04 jslamka5685 This should be simple task, but I am having trouble figuring out why. I am trying to enable XML views, but I am getting the error "Template File ControllerName/xml/index.ctp is missing"
# Jul 11th, 20:53 josbeir The best teams are already out except Croatia
# Jul 11th, 20:53 josbeir Croatia ftw
# Jul 11th, 20:53 josbeir Indeed
# Jul 11th, 20:53 itmpls go Croatia
# Jul 11th, 20:53 itmpls France must lose!
# Jul 11th, 20:53 itmpls nice, that should be a good game
# Jul 11th, 20:52 josbeir Again...
# Jul 11th, 20:52 josbeir It's not over
# Jul 11th, 20:52 josbeir It seems we need to play against uk for the third place this Saturday..
# Jul 11th, 20:43 admad No more #cominghome nonsense
# Jul 11th, 20:40 lorenzo seems like they got brexited
# Jul 11th, 20:40 admad Well done Croatia :clap:
# Jul 11th, 19:52 itmpls maan
# Jul 11th, 19:52 itmpls croatia tried so hard
# Jul 11th, 19:52 itmpls wow
# Jul 11th, 19:26 admad @josbeir I hope you are rooting for Croatia :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 19:11 danb Also, in the paginate details array, I'm assigning an alias to the field names. ie. [fields=>['oi'=>'Order ID']]
# Jul 11th, 19:10 itmpls wonderful, youtubetv died for the game :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 19:10 danb URL for the sort column doesn't change from asc to desc like other tables do.
# Jul 11th, 19:10 danb Quoting is enabled.
# Jul 11th, 19:10 danb https://exampe.com/pick-packs?sort=oi&direction=asc