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# Jul 11th, 20:52 josbeir Again...
# Jul 11th, 20:52 josbeir It's not over
# Jul 11th, 20:52 josbeir It seems we need to play against uk for the third place this Saturday..
# Jul 11th, 20:43 admad No more #cominghome nonsense
# Jul 11th, 20:40 lorenzo seems like they got brexited
# Jul 11th, 20:40 admad Well done Croatia :clap:
# Jul 11th, 19:52 itmpls maan
# Jul 11th, 19:52 itmpls croatia tried so hard
# Jul 11th, 19:52 itmpls wow
# Jul 11th, 19:26 admad @josbeir I hope you are rooting for Croatia :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 19:11 danb Also, in the paginate details array, I'm assigning an alias to the field names. ie. [fields=>['oi'=>'Order ID']]
# Jul 11th, 19:10 itmpls wonderful, youtubetv died for the game :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 19:10 danb URL for the sort column doesn't change from asc to desc like other tables do.
# Jul 11th, 19:10 danb Quoting is enabled.
# Jul 11th, 19:10 danb https://exampe.com/pick-packs?sort=oi&direction=asc
# Jul 11th, 18:47 josbeir +1 for base controllers being abstract :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 18:11 dereuromark also make sure quoting is enabled.
# Jul 11th, 18:11 dereuromark what are the generated URLs?
# Jul 11th, 18:10 dereuromark query strings should be auto encoded usually. maybe a small bug?
# Jul 11th, 17:44 danb (Cake version 3.5.6)
# Jul 11th, 17:42 danb Can't seem to get the Paginate sort links to work.
# Jul 11th, 17:42 danb Anyone familiar with the MSSQL-column-names-with-spaces issue?
# Jul 11th, 16:26 DmRomanov Thank you.
# Jul 11th, 16:25 DmRomanov ok
# Jul 11th, 16:25 dereuromark feel free to provide a PR that makes it possible to introspect the controller without having to new ...() it. Then you can have it abstract
# Jul 11th, 16:25 DmRomanov agree :)
# Jul 11th, 16:24 dereuromark well, its not a bug if it wasnt expected to be abstract in the first place :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 16:23 DmRomanov So I've just wanted to know whether it's me doing the wrong thing with the controller, or it's a bug in the plugin and I should report it.
# Jul 11th, 16:21 DmRomanov *it
# Jul 11th, 16:21 DmRomanov I works, but "dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper" plugin crashes :)
# Jul 11th, 16:21 DmRomanov Well yes It works
# Jul 11th, 16:18 dereuromark but yeah, having those kind of classes abstract sounds actually not a bad idea.
# Jul 11th, 16:18 dereuromark did you try it?
# Jul 11th, 16:17 DmRomanov Hi everyone! I was wondering: can I mark my AppController as abstract? Since it does not do any actual job, only serves as a parent for other controllers?
# Jul 11th, 15:23 Martin` everything works fine now, I'm happy :D
# Jul 11th, 14:41 neon1024 For some reason when I mock it and set the method with an array return my test fails, because phpunit is overwriting my return with a Mock_ResultSet object
# Jul 11th, 14:40 neon1024 Can I mock a result set? I have a method which returns a result set from an `all()` call
# Jul 11th, 14:40 Martin` :P
# Jul 11th, 14:36 neon1024 Perhaps, I have no idea of the context in which you are working.
# Jul 11th, 14:28 Martin` but then I need to create a function thats counts up? I can not simple say it needs to use the position?
# Jul 11th, 14:26 neon1024 Sure, use indexBY