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# Jul 11th, 17:42 danb Can't seem to get the Paginate sort links to work.
# Jul 11th, 17:42 danb Anyone familiar with the MSSQL-column-names-with-spaces issue?
# Jul 11th, 16:26 DmRomanov Thank you.
# Jul 11th, 16:25 DmRomanov ok
# Jul 11th, 16:25 dereuromark feel free to provide a PR that makes it possible to introspect the controller without having to new ...() it. Then you can have it abstract
# Jul 11th, 16:25 DmRomanov agree :)
# Jul 11th, 16:24 dereuromark well, its not a bug if it wasnt expected to be abstract in the first place :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 16:23 DmRomanov So I've just wanted to know whether it's me doing the wrong thing with the controller, or it's a bug in the plugin and I should report it.
# Jul 11th, 16:21 DmRomanov *it
# Jul 11th, 16:21 DmRomanov I works, but "dereuromark/cakephp-ide-helper" plugin crashes :)
# Jul 11th, 16:21 DmRomanov Well yes It works
# Jul 11th, 16:18 dereuromark but yeah, having those kind of classes abstract sounds actually not a bad idea.
# Jul 11th, 16:18 dereuromark did you try it?
# Jul 11th, 16:17 DmRomanov Hi everyone! I was wondering: can I mark my AppController as abstract? Since it does not do any actual job, only serves as a parent for other controllers?
# Jul 11th, 15:23 Martin` everything works fine now, I'm happy :D
# Jul 11th, 14:41 neon1024 For some reason when I mock it and set the method with an array return my test fails, because phpunit is overwriting my return with a Mock_ResultSet object
# Jul 11th, 14:40 neon1024 Can I mock a result set? I have a method which returns a result set from an `all()` call
# Jul 11th, 14:40 Martin` :P
# Jul 11th, 14:36 neon1024 Perhaps, I have no idea of the context in which you are working.
# Jul 11th, 14:28 Martin` but then I need to create a function thats counts up? I can not simple say it needs to use the position?
# Jul 11th, 14:26 neon1024 Sure, use indexBY
# Jul 11th, 14:25 Martin` when I sort a collection, is it not possible to index by position in collection? :P
# Jul 11th, 14:05 slackebot4 } return $q; });
# Jul 11th, 14:05 james.phillips $query->innerJoinWith('CrmContactRoles', function ($q) use ( $crmRoleId, $role2Org, $pt) { $x = 0; foreach ($crmRoleId as $rId) { $q->orWhere(['CrmContactRoles.crm_role_id' => $rId, "CrmContactRoles.crm_admin_organisation_id" => $ptRip]);
# Jul 11th, 14:04 admad @dereuromark checking
# Jul 11th, 14:04 james.phillips any ideas?
# Jul 11th, 14:04 james.phillips hi....if I have innerJoinWith with a loop inside... how do I generate (CrmContactRoles.crm_role_id = 2 AND CrmContactRoles.crm_admin_organisation_id = 1) OR (CrmContactRoles.crm_role_id = 3 and CrmContactRoles.crm_admin_organisation_id = 1)) I always get (CrmContactRoles.crm_role_id = 2 AND CrmContactRoles.crm_admin_organisation_id = 1) OR (CrmContactRoles.crm_role_id = 3 OR CrmContactRoles.crm_admin_organisation_id = 1))
# Jul 11th, 14:03 dereuromark @admad Are you ok with the hybridauth addition? We would need it to get the flash message and login count (back) for non-form login.
# Jul 11th, 14:02 admad that's the only reason I would work on code from the Jurassic age
# Jul 11th, 14:01 admad atoning for your sins?
# Jul 11th, 14:01 verax5 What am I doing with my life
# Jul 11th, 14:01 verax5 god
# Jul 11th, 13:51 josbeir taking a trip down memory lane
# Jul 11th, 13:50 josbeir => https://book.cakephp.org/1.3/en/The-Manual/Developing-with-CakePHP/Controllers.html
# Jul 11th, 13:50 josbeir If you do not wish to use a Model in your controller, set var $uses = array(). This will allow you to use a controller without a need for a corresponding Model file.
# Jul 11th, 13:50 josbeir try $uses = array();
# Jul 11th, 13:48 josbeir i'm looking if i have some old cake 1.x project on this laptop but cant find any
# Jul 11th, 13:47 josbeir uses = false; should work
# Jul 11th, 13:47 verax5 But it also forced me to create Model class
# Jul 11th, 13:47 verax5 I don't even need model
# Jul 11th, 13:46 verax5 https://kopy.io/JMoxd