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# Jul 11th, 13:46 verax5 Missing Database Table No Database table for model Unsub (expected "unsubs"), create it first.
# Jul 11th, 13:45 josbeir also verax, if its cake 1.x your controller name must be lowercases and underscored, ROR naming conventions
# Jul 11th, 13:45 admad gonna have a tough time working with nearly a decade old version of a lib :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 11th, 13:45 iqu maybe there is something similar 1.1
# Jul 11th, 13:45 admad verax5: try adding `var $uses = false;` to the controller
# Jul 11th, 13:44 iqu verax5: cakephp 3 comes with https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/controllers/pages-controller.html
# Jul 11th, 13:44 verax5 If anyone else is willing to help me would be appreciated
# Jul 11th, 13:43 verax5 It's fine
# Jul 11th, 13:43 iqu ok. then i cannot help. sry
# Jul 11th, 13:43 verax5 cake 1.1
# Jul 11th, 13:43 verax5 I'm working with some legacy code here
# Jul 11th, 13:43 verax5 I'm not quite sure mate
# Jul 11th, 13:43 iqu verax5: are you using skeleton app?
# Jul 11th, 13:42 verax5 page
# Jul 11th, 13:42 verax5 I don't understand why cakephp is forcing me to create a model when I just want o return static apge..
# Jul 11th, 13:42 iqu could open many possibilities with async model
# Jul 11th, 13:42 iqu anyone tried with cake: https://laravel-news.com/laravel-swoole
# Jul 11th, 13:34 dereuromark Unsub sounds like straight from criminal minds and behavior unit of the FBI :P doing some cake profiling there? HEHE
# Jul 11th, 13:34 josbeir and the path is wrong too
# Jul 11th, 13:34 josbeir your view name is wrong
# Jul 11th, 13:22 verax5 Which from what I understand should invoke index() method in UnsubController right?
# Jul 11th, 13:22 verax5 Page I'm trying to load is /unsub
# Jul 11th, 13:22 verax5 https://kopy.io/0kMSX
# Jul 11th, 13:22 verax5 Would anyone have any clue why this keeps returning page not found?
# Jul 11th, 12:35 josbeir just use setDirty('modified', true) if you dont want it to update..
# Jul 11th, 12:35 josbeir once your entity is marked as dirty it will be trigged.
# Jul 11th, 12:34 josbeir it will always be updated, unless you set the field dirty, then it will be ignored.
# Jul 11th, 12:31 Diego_ but the student have '[dirty]' => ['courses' => true],
# Jul 11th, 12:30 Diego_ because each of the courses array itens have only this '[dirty]' => ['_joinData' => true],
# Jul 11th, 12:30 Diego_ hmm i think its the main model trigger
# Jul 11th, 12:25 josbeir https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/behaviors/timestamp.html#saving-updates-without-modifying-timestamps
# Jul 11th, 12:23 Diego_ how about this exists event in timestamp?
# Jul 11th, 12:23 josbeir https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/saving-data.html#associate-many-to-many-records
# Jul 11th, 12:22 Diego_ hmm i want timestamp for course only when creating this alone
# Jul 11th, 12:22 josbeir if you only want to link stuff, you could also use the 'link' method
# Jul 11th, 12:21 josbeir if you dont want that behavior, you could just disable it before save
# Jul 11th, 12:20 josbeir if there are dirty fields on the entity the timestamp will be updated.
# Jul 11th, 12:19 Diego_ Course record already exists im using only its id to create new CoursesMemberships
# Jul 11th, 12:18 josbeir you are using 'always' and you trigger a save on those entities
# Jul 11th, 12:18 tim Technically you are making changes though, because its associations will be different
# Jul 11th, 12:16 Diego_ im not making any change in the main entity only creating new record for the join one