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# Apr 16th, 05:05 prasanna.venkat did anyone know how to use map reduce?
# Apr 16th, 05:04 prasanna.venkat hi
# Apr 15th, 19:09 stalkerxxl I thought that login - for guests for auth.users - logout
# Apr 15th, 19:02 saeideng logout can be a public action
# Apr 15th, 18:54 stalkerxxl File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/UA5RA3X9V/FA6D9FZUG/image.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-FA6D9FZUG-63e3c4caaa
# Apr 15th, 18:53 stalkerxxl The documentation says that you need to allow unauthorized users to add and logout actions $ this-> Auth-> allow (['add', 'logout']); Why does an unauthorized user - action logout? Is this a bug in the documentation or am I misunderstanding something?
# Apr 15th, 18:53 stalkerxxl Hi guys!
# Apr 15th, 17:28 nitesh573 is there anyone
# Apr 15th, 17:28 nitesh573 hi
# Apr 15th, 16:04 nitesh573 i am stuck and looking likes it's deadlock for me
# Apr 15th, 16:04 nitesh573 @spencdev kindly help to find a solution
# Apr 15th, 15:25 nitesh573 that's why i m in trouble
# Apr 15th, 15:25 nitesh573 i did that.. but i am not getting the image in request body
# Apr 15th, 14:33 spencdev The image content should be in the request body itself. I'm just not entirely sure _where_ that is in Cake
# Apr 15th, 14:31 spencdev Well, `Content-ID:` is not the image data itself. That's being set by `$file->contentId()` Your actual file data is being sent with `(string) $data` I've never done it this way, but there are many different ways of doing it.
# Apr 15th, 14:29 graziel check file_get_contents('php://input') in your api server it should have raw data without cake processing
# Apr 15th, 14:26 nitesh573 @spencdev is there any other way to post and receive image using api
# Apr 15th, 14:25 nitesh573 this part in response contains the fileuploaded also image in binary format
# Apr 15th, 14:24 nitesh573 [stream:protected] => Zend\Diactoros\PhpInputStream Object ( [cache:Zend\Diactoros\PhpInputStream:private] => --c3beca06404cc2c3c2f16a83dd43cb91 Content-Disposition: attachment; name="imageFile"; filename="phpm05imk" Content-Type: image/jpeg; charset=binary Content-ID:
# Apr 15th, 14:22 nitesh573 sharing my response on same gist
# Apr 15th, 14:21 spencdev you said that you can see the file contents on the API but can't access it? I'm confused on what you mean by that. Is there an error?
# Apr 15th, 14:21 nitesh573 @spencdev yes. all the platforms are of cakephp3
# Apr 15th, 14:20 nitesh573 yes. we have two servers A and B. on server A code for UI is written and for some initial checks. Server B contain apis also server B. Server A is allowed to send request to server B using httpclient
# Apr 15th, 14:20 spencdev the "code at API server" that is CakePHP as well?
# Apr 15th, 14:17 spencdev Is there a particular reason you're doing it this way?
# Apr 15th, 14:16 nitesh573 thanks @spencdev @saeideng for responding . i can see the image is attached in the request on serverB but i am not able to access it
# Apr 15th, 14:12 nitesh573 cake 3.5.12
# Apr 15th, 14:11 nitesh573 https://gist.github.com/niteshsri/4951c8a67f67c57ed39e9f751048716e
# Apr 15th, 14:07 saeideng gist your code + cake version
# Apr 15th, 14:00 spencdev Can you gist your code?
# Apr 15th, 13:50 nitesh573 but not getting hoe to receive this on another server
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# Apr 15th, 13:49 nitesh573 [stream:protected] => Zend\Diactoros\PhpInputStream Object ( [cache:Zend\Diactoros\PhpInputStream:private] => --7aaf9753a7a720715caa201985669d45 Content-Disposition: attachment; name="imageFile"; filename="phpBpp9pL" Content-Type: image/jpeg; charset=binary Content-ID: ����JFIF��C    $.' ",#(7),01444'9=82<.342��C 
# Apr 15th, 13:49 nitesh573 i am sending image using addFIle formData: and receiving
# Apr 15th, 13:38 nitesh573 prb
# Apr 15th, 13:38 nitesh573 kindly provide a solution to my porb
# Apr 15th, 13:37 nitesh573 hello
# Apr 15th, 13:25 nitesh573 kindly suggest
# Apr 15th, 13:25 nitesh573 i have to servers in which one contain frontend on cake and another contain api, so forward http request to other server using http client but not able to upload image
# Apr 15th, 13:22 nitesh573 hi, i need support in uploading images. i am uploading image on one server and forwarding the request to api on another server but not able to get the image