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# Apr 15th, 14:20 spencdev the "code at API server" that is CakePHP as well?
# Apr 15th, 14:17 spencdev Is there a particular reason you're doing it this way?
# Apr 15th, 14:16 nitesh573 thanks @spencdev @saeideng for responding . i can see the image is attached in the request on serverB but i am not able to access it
# Apr 15th, 14:12 nitesh573 cake 3.5.12
# Apr 15th, 14:11 nitesh573 https://gist.github.com/niteshsri/4951c8a67f67c57ed39e9f751048716e
# Apr 15th, 14:07 saeideng gist your code + cake version
# Apr 15th, 14:00 spencdev Can you gist your code?
# Apr 15th, 13:50 nitesh573 but not getting hoe to receive this on another server
# Apr 15th, 13:49 slackebot2 Pq�Z]�F%+M+�����]�������_=ɒ�a+�P��潥��!���Nr��z��u"��d�R2�Q� NG��9芥D��@�j�#Bʉ%�q�� א�0$
# Apr 15th, 13:49 slackebot2 2!!22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222���"������ � bi�andand7Q� H@�0�,�� �f��4����"�)eŴ�iu���r�+3��Fk4�2�^�5\�!���and �L� �ML�j �and��B@�)1BEsVF6�e���n��$�f�3%sKKh,�k�w.�鲤�ȕ��0�QVȘ���[.SN��U������@Ā"0@P� �My� �R�@�1��1�� ښ�
# Apr 15th, 13:49 nitesh573 [stream:protected] => Zend\Diactoros\PhpInputStream Object ( [cache:Zend\Diactoros\PhpInputStream:private] => --7aaf9753a7a720715caa201985669d45 Content-Disposition: attachment; name="imageFile"; filename="phpBpp9pL" Content-Type: image/jpeg; charset=binary Content-ID: ����JFIF��C    $.' ",#(7),01444'9=82<.342��C 
# Apr 15th, 13:49 nitesh573 i am sending image using addFIle formData: and receiving
# Apr 15th, 13:38 nitesh573 prb
# Apr 15th, 13:38 nitesh573 kindly provide a solution to my porb
# Apr 15th, 13:37 nitesh573 hello
# Apr 15th, 13:25 nitesh573 kindly suggest
# Apr 15th, 13:25 nitesh573 i have to servers in which one contain frontend on cake and another contain api, so forward http request to other server using http client but not able to upload image
# Apr 15th, 13:22 nitesh573 hi, i need support in uploading images. i am uploading image on one server and forwarding the request to api on another server but not able to get the image
# Apr 15th, 12:11 bravo-kernel sorry, wrong channel
# Apr 15th, 12:10 bravo-kernel unit testing and all are breaking badly
# Apr 15th, 12:10 bravo-kernel friendly people... it seems Cake 36 is killing my crud-json-api Travis due to some deprecations
# Apr 15th, 11:11 birdy247 @dereuromark I had to update my composer.json file
# Apr 15th, 10:06 dereuromark when u composer install it all will work
# Apr 15th, 10:06 dereuromark see mine or tons of other plugins:)
# Apr 15th, 10:06 dereuromark add it
# Apr 15th, 09:47 birdy247 In this scenario, how should I ensure it gets into the psr4?
# Apr 15th, 09:47 birdy247 its a plugin that I copied into the plugin folder
# Apr 15th, 09:46 birdy247 actually ignore that!
# Apr 15th, 09:45 birdy247 It works to a point, but the namespace is not in my psr4 file
# Apr 15th, 09:45 birdy247 and installed with composer
# Apr 15th, 09:45 birdy247 I have moved a cake plugin into its own repo
# Apr 15th, 09:27 turkles did you run composer with the right perms to set perms?
# Apr 15th, 08:41 noobJoe unless I set to chmod -R 0777 tmp
# Apr 15th, 08:41 noobJoe Hi, I am trying to install a cakephp 3.5 in an digitalocean LAMP setup. I ran the composer install and allow it to set permission. But I still got this issue /tmp/cache/models/ is not writable [CORE/src/Cache/Engine/FileEngine.php, line 437]
# Apr 15th, 04:46 turkles show us some code :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 15th, 03:50 Mentis Can I use this channel to ask for help? I have a problem creating a query with multiple BETWEEN conditions.
# Apr 15th, 00:41 turkles so i can re-populate them
# Apr 15th, 00:07 generitter Why do you want to know the ids?
# Apr 14th, 23:49 turkles Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a solution for finding missing IDs? I use autoinc, but some entries were removed by mistake :S
# Apr 14th, 21:30 jagspecx Thanks for the idea @dereuromark
# Apr 14th, 21:30 jagspecx Ahhh, yes, there it is. In my Table file CakePHP baked the relation with ‘joinType’ => ‘INNER’ automatically. Removing that fixed it.