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# Apr 15th, 10:06 dereuromark add it
# Apr 15th, 09:47 birdy247 In this scenario, how should I ensure it gets into the psr4?
# Apr 15th, 09:47 birdy247 its a plugin that I copied into the plugin folder
# Apr 15th, 09:46 birdy247 actually ignore that!
# Apr 15th, 09:45 birdy247 It works to a point, but the namespace is not in my psr4 file
# Apr 15th, 09:45 birdy247 and installed with composer
# Apr 15th, 09:45 birdy247 I have moved a cake plugin into its own repo
# Apr 15th, 09:27 turkles did you run composer with the right perms to set perms?
# Apr 15th, 08:41 noobJoe unless I set to chmod -R 0777 tmp
# Apr 15th, 08:41 noobJoe Hi, I am trying to install a cakephp 3.5 in an digitalocean LAMP setup. I ran the composer install and allow it to set permission. But I still got this issue /tmp/cache/models/ is not writable [CORE/src/Cache/Engine/FileEngine.php, line 437]
# Apr 15th, 04:46 turkles show us some code :slightly_smiling_face:
# Apr 15th, 03:50 Mentis Can I use this channel to ask for help? I have a problem creating a query with multiple BETWEEN conditions.
# Apr 15th, 00:41 turkles so i can re-populate them
# Apr 15th, 00:07 generitter Why do you want to know the ids?
# Apr 14th, 23:49 turkles Hi all, just wondering if anyone has a solution for finding missing IDs? I use autoinc, but some entries were removed by mistake :S
# Apr 14th, 21:30 jagspecx Thanks for the idea @dereuromark
# Apr 14th, 21:30 jagspecx Ahhh, yes, there it is. In my Table file CakePHP baked the relation with ‘joinType’ => ‘INNER’ automatically. Removing that fixed it.
# Apr 14th, 21:27 dereuromark Maybe you configured your relations wrong?
# Apr 14th, 21:27 jagspecx Thanks in advance for any insight.
# Apr 14th, 21:26 jagspecx I recall that in previous versions of CakePHP contain() functioned more like an outer join - I would get all B’s, even if no matching C’s. Did this change sometime after version 1.3?
# Apr 14th, 21:26 jagspecx I would expect to get the specific A, plus all related B’s, and if a B has any C’s I would get all related C’s for that B. But I am only getting back B where there is a matching C. Like an inner join.
# Apr 14th, 21:26 jagspecx So I have a contain() question for 3.x. Suppose I have A hasMany B hasMany C, and I do something in a controller like $this->A->get($id, [‘contain’ => [‘B’ => [‘C’]]]);
# Apr 14th, 16:38 hiryu85 https://pastebin.com/raw/F3ykMbFa anyone can help me?
# Apr 14th, 16:32 alexmax I cleared the redis database, logged in, and checked redis with `KEYS *` and saw a session in there
# Apr 14th, 16:32 alexmax It sure is using Redis
# Apr 14th, 16:29 admad Check your session config
# Apr 14th, 16:29 admad @alexmax the error shows its trying to write session file, so not using redis like you say
# Apr 14th, 16:25 saeideng can you upgrade to 3.5.14?
# Apr 14th, 16:23 saeideng recently session has changed
# Apr 14th, 16:22 saeideng please open issue
# Apr 14th, 16:22 alexmax And didn't see anything
# Apr 14th, 16:22 alexmax We were runnin 5.6 + Cake 3.29
# Apr 14th, 16:22 alexmax It shows up in the error.log file in CakePHP
# Apr 14th, 16:21 saeideng php or cake?
# Apr 14th, 16:21 saeideng from?
# Apr 14th, 16:21 alexmax after upgrading
# Apr 14th, 16:21 saeideng ?
# Apr 14th, 16:20 saeideng or after upgrading
# Apr 14th, 16:20 saeideng do you receive always?
# Apr 14th, 16:14 alexmax We're running CakePHP 3.5.12 + PHP 7.1
# Apr 14th, 16:12 alexmax There's no stack trace