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# Mar 14th 2018, 08:57 dorxy hi! :)
# Mar 14th 2018, 08:36 megan Hi Andrew_ :slightly_smiling_face: welcome!
# Mar 14th 2018, 08:19 ono-t hello ^^/
# Mar 14th 2018, 08:13 Andrew_ anybody here?
# Mar 14th 2018, 08:12 Andrew_ I'm new here
# Mar 14th 2018, 08:12 Andrew_ hello
# Mar 14th 2018, 08:09 birdy247 Morning
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:35 xinobi setConfig come from a trait :)
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:34 xinobi I think I got it BaseAuthenticate there's a default config but can't see any setMethod so this is perhaps a constructor param anyway ok I need to read this class thank you dereuromark
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:32 xinobi I don't see where it goes the model name in FormAuthentication
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:27 xinobi exactly so after that I need to override the authenticate method, I'm not just sure where goes the userModel key after all because now I need at least two of them
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:25 dereuromark jep, that should work.
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:24 xinobi This is my old config https://pastebin.com/1FmKBhfz I think I need to change the 'authenticate' => [ 'Form' ... to 'Custom'
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:18 dereuromark and how do you load it?
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:18 xinobi namespace App\Auth;
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:18 dereuromark the last part is already the class name
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:18 dereuromark thats not the namespace
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:18 xinobi namespace App\Auth\CustomAuthenticate;
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:17 dereuromark whats your namespace of it?
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:17 xinobi it should be auto loaded...
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:17 xinobi I've and it didn't worked Authentication adapter "Custom" was not found.
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:16 dereuromark try it
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:14 xinobi dereuromark so I need a folder named Auth and class NameAuthenticate with proper namespace adjustment ?
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:09 dereuromark same structure etc, even if on app level
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:08 dereuromark same as all the other plugins etc :slightly_smiling_face: see awesome list
# Mar 13th 2018, 22:06 xinobi where should I place to place a custom authentication adapter?
# Mar 13th 2018, 20:07 cnizzardini @madrid998 this isn't a cake thing, this is a general software engineering question you are asking. A simple static file with a 1 or 0, a database table with a is_first_time boolean column or an install page would all solve your problem a long with countless other ways.
# Mar 13th 2018, 20:04 cnizzardini @jojomartius maybe leftJoinWith https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/retrieving-data-and-resultsets.html
# Mar 13th 2018, 20:03 cnizzardini @jojomartius CakePHP can do most everything you want. You can force contains to a LEFT JOIN if you'd like. You can even do custom joins. I need to know your schema and query before I could begin to help. See if you can get the ORM to do what you want.
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:59 madrid988 I need to populate the database table the first time the app is used.
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:58 madrid988 The records are static rows which are currently hard-coded in an array.
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:58 madrid988 My app requires a database table named 'custom_report_column_names' to be populated with records when the app is first used. How do I handle this in CakePHP?
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:23 jojomartius @cnizzardini but i can't make a condition in my comments to return everything what has no comment :P because cake handles it not as LEFT JOIN but as two seperate queries
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:10 inoas grml.. cordova, typescript, ionic, angular, java, objective c, ... so much "stuff" :(
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:09 inoas hmm :( too much magic for me - I think
# Mar 13th 2018, 19:08 inoas steinkel let me take a look instead of reinventing the wheel all time ;)
# Mar 13th 2018, 18:56 madrid988 Also for testing, we would need to populate the test database with the records before running the test, so it would be simpler to have a hard coded static array. There are no associations.
# Mar 13th 2018, 18:54 madrid988 The data starts off as a hard coded array so it is simpler to use that same static array instead of creating a database table and populating the database. We will simply store the records as an array in the model and set useTable=false
# Mar 13th 2018, 18:46 dereuromark why do you want to? just cache and you are done. Even that is not necessary, the overhead of change outweighs any benefit
# Mar 13th 2018, 18:44 steinkel we use cakedc/cakephp-api like every day :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th 2018, 17:29 madrid988 I have a table used to store about 50 records which never change, the data is static. What is the best way to store this as an array in Cake instead of a database? Where do I store the file? Many thanks for any help.