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# Mar 13th, 15:38 dereuromark the config file? not really.
# Mar 13th, 15:37 greenjam94 gotcha, thanks.. any chance it’s cacheable?
# Mar 13th, 15:37 dereuromark See https://github.com/cakephp/app/blob/master/config/app.default.php#L12 env() part
# Mar 13th, 15:37 dereuromark it can also come from env :slightly_smiling_face:
# Mar 13th, 15:30 greenjam94 also, it’s a test server, nothing in production
# Mar 13th, 15:29 greenjam94 not in version control, it’s something i’m directly changing on the server.. I just don’t see it taking affect
# Mar 13th, 15:26 dereuromark this will then not be shipped (or accidentally deployed) to production
# Mar 13th, 15:26 dereuromark instead in the local file (I call mine app_local.php) you can then overwrite it locally to true
# Mar 13th, 15:26 dereuromark is app.php in version control or not? the one in version control must always be set to false
# Mar 13th, 15:21 greenjam94 a while ago I set debug to false in config/app.php, what do I need to do to re-enable it? Setting it to true doesn’t seem to help
# Mar 13th, 15:13 popperz0r looks good anysson!
# Mar 13th, 15:04 alysson-azevedo http://www.bravo-kernel.com/2015/04/how-to-use-a-cakephp-3-rest-api/
# Mar 13th, 15:03 popperz0r anyone use them, or have any other tools to suggest?
# Mar 13th, 15:03 popperz0r https://github.com/CakeDC/cakephp-api
# Mar 13th, 15:03 popperz0r https://github.com/multidots/cakephp-rest-api
# Mar 13th, 15:03 popperz0r ive seen this repos
# Mar 13th, 15:02 popperz0r Hello, ill need to create a full rest api for our saas and planned to use cakephp for it. What do you advice me to use as add-ons?
# Mar 13th, 13:47 megan yeah no collusion allowed :)
# Mar 13th, 13:33 neon1024 I can’t say because the voting is anonymised
# Mar 13th, 12:50 spencdev whatcha gonna talk about? x)
# Mar 13th, 11:46 neon1024 I’m waiting to see if my talk gets selected before buying a ticket
# Mar 13th, 11:42 yadav.manu36 i have follow below url https://github.com/cakephp/bake/issues/391
# Mar 13th, 11:42 yadav.manu36 @dereuromark this issue has solved
# Mar 13th, 11:28 acosonic @dereuromark Yes I think so...
# Mar 13th, 11:19 megan cakefest.org/submit
# Mar 13th, 11:19 megan Who's coming to CakeFest this year? :) CFP closes in 2 days - so if you are keen to be a speaker, now is the time to submit!
# Mar 13th, 11:16 dereuromark there is no release yet, dev-... branch
# Mar 13th, 11:14 yadav.manu36 for 3.next
# Mar 13th, 11:14 yadav.manu36 @dereuromark so we need to use 3.5.13 bake?
# Mar 13th, 11:14 jbehling Okay
# Mar 13th, 11:13 dorxy so make sure your namespace is defined correctly inside the controller class in your subdirectory
# Mar 13th, 11:13 dorxy @jbehling if you check out `/src/Http/ControllerFactory::64` you can see where they take into account the prefix for the namespace
# Mar 13th, 11:13 jbehling @dorxy Okay, I'll take a look. Thank you
# Mar 13th, 11:12 dereuromark master is still 3.5 of course
# Mar 13th, 11:12 dereuromark @yadav.manu36 Did you use the 3.next branch for bake?
# Mar 13th, 11:11 dorxy looking for the docs on it but can not really find it
# Mar 13th, 11:11 dorxy that is at least what I recall
# Mar 13th, 11:11 dorxy so e.g. if you have controllers in a Reports subdirectory you should be able to access it through routes such as /reports/:controller
# Mar 13th, 11:11 jbehling @dorxy I tried to use prefix but I could not, I probably did it wrong
# Mar 13th, 11:10 dorxy @jbehling you can access controllers inside a directory using a prefix
# Mar 13th, 11:09 dorxy @dorxy I'm no core contributor but be my guest :)