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# Feb 13th 2018, 22:10 ahmed_Bodi never had to do that with the DashedRoute
# Feb 13th 2018, 22:10 ahmed_Bodi got it, For some reason had to move the definition of the prefix sope above the definition of the / scope
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:51 ahmed_Bodi anyone?
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:49 ahmed_Bodi | admin:dashboard:index | /:lang/admin | {"controller":"Dashboard","action":"index","prefix":"admin","plugin":null} |
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:49 ahmed_Bodi this is the route from the ./bin/cake routes command
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:42 ahmed_Bodi its like its ignoring the prefix
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:37 ahmed_Bodi this is under the router scope /
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:37 ahmed_Bodi $routes->connect('/admin', ['controller' => 'Dashboard', 'action' => 'index', 'prefix' => 'admin'], ['routeClass' => 'ADmad/I18n.I18nRoute']); shows missing controller error
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:37 ahmed_Bodi Having an issue with prefixed routes wondering if you have any idea
# Feb 13th 2018, 21:36 ahmed_Bodi @admad around?
# Feb 13th 2018, 20:55 admad madrid998: http://www.icu-project.org/apiref/icu4c/classSimpleDateFormat.html#details
# Feb 13th 2018, 20:53 madrid998 Where do I find the valid format options for setLocalFormat? There does not appear to be an correlation between PHP's date formating characters with Cronos'
# Feb 13th 2018, 20:48 madrid998 Should setLocaleFormat('c') now work to set the default? Does the syntax of the format string not match php's DateTime formats?
# Feb 13th 2018, 20:02 slackebot different environments.
# Feb 13th 2018, 20:02 jameg83 @hmic (IRC) I told a fib earlier, when I run my template as html the image doesn’t load. If I change my img src to (http://localhost:8765/img/image.png) when running as a html file it works. When running with the .pdf extension I have to change the img src to (/home/jamesg83/NetBeansProjects/project/webroot/img/image.png) and that works fine too. If I can’t find a solution I’ll have to extend the html helpers to write my paths for the
# Feb 13th 2018, 17:04 night_wulfe I feel like the model is the best place because of fat model, but feel like having a tight coupling with the Message and the model knowing how to convert it to entities is wrong, so I'm struggling.
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:56 slackebot transition goes from the Message object to the corresponding models. Should the controller be responsible for calling all the various model Save calls, or should a single "parent" model have a save method which takes an instance of the Message object?
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:56 night_wulfe Another question; I have an object (Message) that's composed of several smaller objects. Message objects are created when deserialized from an XML representation. The specific types and count of the child objects depend upon the type of message being deserialized. I have all this object/deserialization/serialization code implemented and working. These objects are to be then stored in database tables. My question relates to how the
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:48 night_wulfe Thanks
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:48 night_wulfe That makes sense. I didn't think about the find/save stuff implicitly doing the relationship tests.
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:48 dereuromark makes it a bit quicker, since I am mainly interested in validation on save, and other hooks working properly. for regression protection.
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:47 dereuromark I rather test find+save on those (which implicitly tests those then)
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:45 night_wulfe Does anyone unit test their model relationships? I started doing it, but it feels like I'm just unit testing the framework.
# Feb 13th 2018, 16:05 clementcrownrise thanks @hmic
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:33 hmic but besides it
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:33 hmic the empty key does not belong into the options array
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:30 clementcrownrise how do you mean please?
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:30 meder ill ask in mysql
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:29 meder hmmm
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:29 meder its the same hostname structure as another rds on amazon
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:29 meder hah
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:29 meder its really weird, because when i set it back to using 1 db and a table in that main db, it's normal/fast
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:29 hmic empty does not go into the options key, but one level higher in the array
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:25 clementcrownrise https://thepasteb.in/p/JZhpzlGVKzjhg
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:25 clementcrownrise @hmic, why is the empty not working in this scenerio below
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:22 clementcrownrise thanks @ hmic, the last one works $year = array_combine(range(2001, 2018), range(2001, 2018))
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:21 meder but i wonder if i can use an internal thing
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:21 meder well it's aws to aws
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:21 meder wonder if it's something with that db setup
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:21 hmic make sure your dns is setup correctly, so the hostname of the db can be resolved fast
# Feb 13th 2018, 15:21 meder hm. really weird