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# Dec 7th 2017, 14:03 birdy247 POPO ?
# Dec 7th 2017, 14:03 johnwayne How can I call AppController from another class in another folder ex. src/Controller/Utils/lists.php (List class) and from there I want to call method from AppController
# Dec 7th 2017, 14:03 birdy247 but presumably just making a new Entity folder and additing one myself is the way to test these methods
# Dec 7th 2017, 14:03 neon1024 Well they’re POPO’s, they don’t need any
# Dec 7th 2017, 14:03 birdy247 I notice that cake doesnt bake any tests for entities
# Dec 7th 2017, 14:02 birdy247 @neon1024 thanks
# Dec 7th 2017, 14:02 neon1024 No @birdy247
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:58 saeideng maybe needs to fix in debugKit
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:58 birdy247 that are not just getters and setters?
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:57 birdy247 Is it bad practice to put methods inside an entity?
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:57 saeideng and I can not see it on debugKit
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:57 saeideng I loaded external behavior
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:54 obinoob I'm trying to run cakephp 3x under lighttpd but rewrite rules are failing... anyone has experience with it? my config https://gist.github.com/anonymous/23b1675dc43af7e66422b998d75d6384
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:51 saeideng solved
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:50 saeideng and I can see loaded bahavior on debugKit
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:50 saeideng Unknown method "saveWithImage"
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:49 saeideng but i receive error
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:49 dereuromark they just cant exist on table then, then they will be forwarded
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:49 dereuromark sure, thats the idea
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:48 saeideng can I access to bahavior method from controller like table method ?
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:47 saeideng hi
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:46 cakephp404 thanks
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:45 cakephp404 something wrong with copy. I re-copy everything is ok
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:39 cakephp404 htaccess file is there
# Dec 7th 2017, 13:22 hmic JD-Robbs, there is proof that you can achieve the same without using goto, just reordering the execution flow - and creating more functions to call in the process.
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:58 hmic JD-Robbs, it's good practise to not use nested if statements at all
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:56 JD-Robbs I wonder how people here feel about goto as a way to get rid of nested if's in controller actions to (when a condition doesn't match) jump to where view variables are set? Crucify me xD
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:20 hmic so it needs to be json he is talking about - the webservice hints on that too ;-)
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:20 hmic i dont think navision does interact with php arrays in any possible way
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:19 neon1024 Or the error isn’t actually related to the data perhaps
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:18 neon1024 My guess would be .. that ^
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:18 hmic thats a different thing
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:18 hmic if you are talking about a json representation
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:18 hmic rudy1976s: this is how an array looks like. you can only *declare* it in the second form and php will give you the first one back. it will always be nummerically indexed automatically.
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:17 rudy1976s @neon1024 thank you
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:17 rudy1976s I know but I create the first array dinamically but Microsoft Navision soap webservices expect array in the second notation format, and get error otherwise
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:16 neon1024 Perhaps learn about Arrays? http://php.net/manual/en/language.types.array.php
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:16 neon1024 Sorry, I’m not sure how else to explain that they’re the same thing
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:16 hmic beware the mixed forms ;)
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:15 rudy1976s ah yes I know but my webservice need to have the second version
# Dec 7th 2017, 12:15 neon1024 That’s just how arrays work in PHP :slightly_smiling_face: