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# Nov 15th 2017, 07:41 dfens *field
# Nov 15th 2017, 07:41 dfens hi, how can i validate one time based filed to be greater than another (start-end time)?
# Nov 14th 2017, 23:14 saeideng set json in bedorefilter
# Nov 14th 2017, 22:24 meder is there a way to force an entire controller to use a json response, even with exceptions being thrown by cake?
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:49 stoykovnet Everything, without vendors dir (which is ignored by default after cake installation)
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:47 fensd ok thanks, makes sense, do you als have the whole cakephp in git?
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:44 stoykovnet It's much better than ftp.
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:42 stoykovnet @fensd I use this approach for deploying local changes to my remote server https://mikeeverhart.net/2013/01/using-git-to-deploy-code/
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:39 fensd is there something like yeoman for cakephp to create a nice build environment
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:37 fensd i have set up sftp in phpstorm but i'd rather have a git based sync
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:36 fensd hi, how do you guys setup your dev workflow, i'd like to develop local (win10) and deploy to a linux server, using migrations for db changes and a dev and live database, any hints or best practices?
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:29 saeideng has anyone ?
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:24 saeideng ?
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:24 saeideng in cakephp client
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:24 saeideng what is equal to `curl -X POST -u .....`
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:03 Es0teric i have something like $this->Html->link( $btn_text, array( 'plugin' => 'plugin_name', 'controller' => 'controller_name', 'action' => 'some_action', array('param1', 'param2')));
# Nov 14th 2017, 20:02 Es0teric if i am using the HTML helper, specifically the ->link() method -- how do i specify more than one param?
# Nov 14th 2017, 19:04 ppisecky File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U7HK6RAUW/F819GSCKH/set_default_query_condition_if_not_set_before.php / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-F819GSCKH-ca85bd51ed
# Nov 14th 2017, 19:03 ppisecky So finally can anyone see problems with the following:
# Nov 14th 2017, 19:03 ppisecky Ok the example above had the proble of not passing `and$has_deleted_condition` to the `use` construct (i.e. not passing the variable as reference)
# Nov 14th 2017, 18:42 ppisecky Can anyone please point me in the right direction?
# Nov 14th 2017, 18:41 ppisecky I tried above to check if a query condition has been set in a where clause but that does not work because I cannot modify the `$has_deleted_condition` flag variable
# Nov 14th 2017, 18:40 ppisecky File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U7HK6RAUW/F7ZGRLS0Y/check_if_a_condition_has_been_set_and_if_not_set_default.php / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-F7ZGRLS0Y-1b72b795d3
# Nov 14th 2017, 18:39 ppisecky I still need help with setting a default query condition in a `beforeFind` event listener
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:56 flavius which are located in the cache-* dirs
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:55 flavius i have a view helper with which I add any css or js file in any layout or view and then at the "end" it compiles and minifies all the files (css and js) into 1 css file and 1 js file
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:52 etipaced So your layouts and views point to your cache-* dirs?
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:51 flavius i usually put js files in js/ and css files in css/ and then compile and minify them in cache-js/ and cache-css/
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:50 flavius are they not source as well? :P
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:50 flavius what about js files?
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:49 saeideng turn off proxy solve it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:49 etipaced Not necessarily as obviously it’s public anyway. Just seems like better organization to keep “source” files outside of webroot.
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:48 flavius @etipaced are you concerned that someone will just steal the scss? :P
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 etipaced @mail That’s what I did: src/Template/CSS so I can stash SCSS and/or LESS source files as needed.
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 saeideng this did work for 6 7 months
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 flavius ye, you need to bind it to .... yourdomain.local
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 inoas and on apache into virtual hosts
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:46 inoas well I am not good with devops but you need to add it to /etc/hosts
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:46 flavius which other domain
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:45 saeideng but I have another domain
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:44 saeideng http://localhost/ works