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# Nov 14th 2017, 17:56 flavius which are located in the cache-* dirs
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:55 flavius i have a view helper with which I add any css or js file in any layout or view and then at the "end" it compiles and minifies all the files (css and js) into 1 css file and 1 js file
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:52 etipaced So your layouts and views point to your cache-* dirs?
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:51 flavius i usually put js files in js/ and css files in css/ and then compile and minify them in cache-js/ and cache-css/
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:50 flavius are they not source as well? :P
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:50 flavius what about js files?
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:49 saeideng turn off proxy solve it :slightly_smiling_face:
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:49 etipaced Not necessarily as obviously it’s public anyway. Just seems like better organization to keep “source” files outside of webroot.
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:48 flavius @etipaced are you concerned that someone will just steal the scss? :P
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 etipaced @mail That’s what I did: src/Template/CSS so I can stash SCSS and/or LESS source files as needed.
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 saeideng this did work for 6 7 months
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 flavius ye, you need to bind it to .... yourdomain.local
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:47 inoas and on apache into virtual hosts
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:46 inoas well I am not good with devops but you need to add it to /etc/hosts
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:46 flavius which other domain
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:45 saeideng but I have another domain
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:44 saeideng http://localhost/ works
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:44 saeideng The DNS server returned: Name Error: The domain name does not exist. This means that the cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL. Check if the address is correct.
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:43 saeideng Unable to determine IP address from host name...
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:43 saeideng The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:43 saeideng The requested URL could not be retrieved
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:43 saeideng my local domain not works
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:43 inoas but would be good if there was a standard @ cakephp/app
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:43 inoas so create src/web-assets or something
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:40 etipaced Where is the best place to store SCSS files in a Cake 3 project? I don’t know that I want to keep these inside webroot since that’s publicly accessible.
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:39 inoas there must be a better way than this https://gist.github.com/inoas/7d5be16ddf8be8737b7142a9ec535f66
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:36 inoas found it in some older code of mine now ... too
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:36 inoas return $exp->or_([ there is that thing I was looking for
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:30 flavius more here -> https://book.cakephp.org/3.0/en/orm/query-builder.html#advanced-conditions
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:30 inoas hehe, that is very low levely ;-) again I think where and andWhere() do the same thing here
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:29 flavius @inoas example of query expressions if it helps you -- https://pastebin.com/vMj8cj7d
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:09 inoas got an example for that, none in the book :E
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:08 inoas right I am looking for the query expression way
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:08 diego182 thats what i've been doing lately, i do this way or with query expression
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:07 inoas just use where(['or' => $yourConditions]) for the most part
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:07 inoas so it is dangerous to use IMHO
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:06 inoas diego182 well orWhere can have its uses but as far as I know it basically sets the query object into a state to append addition statements as OR instead of AND
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:06 inoas was it _or()?
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:06 diego182 i saw something about it, i guess were at github, that orWhere is comming back, aboud andWhere, i didnt now about that, thanks!
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:06 inoas which will fail as the keys are not unique
# Nov 14th 2017, 17:06 inoas now next problem I want to iterate this multiple times $orConditions['Devices.identifier LIKE'] = $value;