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# Oct 13th 2017, 08:37 hmic yeah, well...
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:36 hughbertd :thumbsup: You still wouldn’t be able to have a sort like: ASC NAME, DESC ID tho right?
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:36 hmic hints are: use a seperator that not in your text and fitting to the sort order. - might not be the best choice, ~ or # or something obcure is better IMHO
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:35 hughbertd Oh man. I’m an idiot. It’s not even early enough in the UK to excuse it. Thanks!
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:34 hmic and it shows how to use that to sort on multiple columns in the example!
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:34 hughbertd hmic: from the docs: `The sortBy() method is flexible enough to let you specify an extractor function that will let you dynamically select the value to use for comparing two different values in the collection:`
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:34 rudy1976s I have two languages on my site: the main is italian and the second is english: the translate works fine but I had some request from customer regarding fallbacks: sometimes happens that something should not be translated because the same is for both language: is there a way when switching italian to english to read italian when english field is empty?
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:33 hughbertd @hmic I thought the closure just gave the field to sort on, thats what the docs indicate
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:33 hmic hughbertd: you can have a closure doing the sort, if you can do it, so can the collection
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:32 hmic !tell rudy1976s about ask
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:32 hughbertd Hi all, Is `collection::sortBy` able to sort by multiple columns?
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:31 rudy1976s Hi I have a question related to translatable behavior
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:25 hmic good morning neon1024
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:25 neon1024 Moin hmic!
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:23 hmic justcharlz: sounds like you want a belongsTo association and contain the other table in your query
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:21 neon1024 @dereuromark https://www.12factor.net/de/config - could be of interest as you were talking about config yesterday iirc
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:06 justcharlz Good morning
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:05 neon1024 Morning everyone
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:04 justcharlz Is there another easy way to do this using cakephp collection and extract.
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:03 justcharlz my solution is to first get the id of the genres from the store table and then create another query to get the name from the genre table.
# Oct 13th 2017, 08:02 justcharlz I have two tables. Stores and Genres. I connect them together so that inside the store table, I have the unique id of genre inside the genre column of store. Now I am listing the various music of stores table and I don't want it to be listing the unique id of genres rather should be the name attached to the unique id
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:59 justcharlz I don't know if it is clear.
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:59 justcharlz hello. I know this question is basic but I need to know the best possible way to do it. My question is this - Is it possible to use a column data that is foreignkey to get data from join table without querying the table first to get the foreignkey id and then querying the join table to get the data needed.
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:39 ono-t 2
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:10 garciamarinel012 Here's the error log i've get . @xvifr
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:10 garciamarinel012 File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U7J6X3T7H/F7HT0MK8D/-.txt / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-F7HT0MK8D-a719f69833
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:09 rudy1976s Hello good morning: is there a way to order the elements of a configure ?
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:03 xvifr Check the logs/error.log file,
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:03 garciamarinel012 the debug mode is already turned off :S
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:02 birdy247 @jl.fmst if you used debug() then yes this is odd.
# Oct 13th 2017, 07:01 garciamarinel012 @xvifr Yes i've tried it
# Oct 13th 2017, 06:59 xvifr garciamarinel012, have you tried to flush cache?
# Oct 13th 2017, 06:12 garciamarinel012 another issue is that I'm unable to login . it only redirects on ligin page
# Oct 13th 2017, 04:19 garciamarinel012 they had same site files even .htaccess files are the same . can somebody help. Thank you
# Oct 13th 2017, 04:18 garciamarinel012 good day. something weird happening on the site . the staging site site seems ok but the live version displaying almost white s
# Oct 13th 2017, 02:40 TonyFish 1
# Oct 12th 2017, 21:46 inoas unit and integration tests XD? :P
# Oct 12th 2017, 21:46 inoas What are you training on btw ;)?
# Oct 12th 2017, 21:36 steinkel sorry you lost this one, we'll have another one scheduled soon, we try to get 1 free session every 1-2 months done
# Oct 12th 2017, 21:34 dan221 @steinkel I see, I totally got the timezone wrong. I thought it was 4pm EST but it was actually 12pm EST. Darn it.....
# Oct 12th 2017, 21:31 steinkel did you have issues connecting?