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# Oct 12th 2017, 18:45 jl.fmst maybe is hould be doing newentities instead of newentity
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:45 jl.fmst what's dd btw?
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:44 jl.fmst returns me an empty array
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:42 dereuromark dd($ent->errors()) ?
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:39 jl.fmst any idea on how to debug this? because the $this->Model->save($ent) is giving me no errors (at least not in the way I debugged them)
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:38 jl.fmst https://gist.github.com/anonymous/03eff6a0a8c42bbfc2c30d80cc915eff
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:38 jl.fmst I'm trying to 'update' a table but i'm failing to do so. I know i'm getting my new data in $this->request->data() I know the request is a post and i'm doing the following inside the action
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:26 keyur.joshi thanks
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:19 bravo-kernel https://github.com/ADmad/cakephp-jwt-auth
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:19 inoas keyur probably http basic auth over https
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:07 keyur.joshi is it possible to do without plugin
# Oct 12th 2017, 18:05 bravo-kernel @keyur.joshi https://disqus.com/home/discussion/bravo-kernel/how_to_add_jwt_authentication_to_a_cakephp_3_rest_api/
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:51 keyur.joshi where can i get cakephp 3 rest api authentication example
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:45 inoas rrd564 yeah the ORM <3 ;)
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:30 keyur.joshi hi i had created api in cakephp 3 now i have to create component for auth how can i can you help me in this i am new to cakephp thanks in advance
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:23 night_wulfe When running the CakePHP 2 unit tests, I'm getting an invalid object name 'tblSession'. It looks like it's because the error handlinger is being tested, which is resulting in my session and template objects being used in the core unit tests. Is there a way I can prevent this, or code my application to play nice with the CakePHP tests?
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:19 rrd564 it is soo good
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:18 rrd564 the ORM is the best part of CakePHP
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:17 hmic the orm is really really powerfull :)
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:17 hmic glad you made it!
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:17 rrd564 you have saved me a lot of time
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:17 rrd564 thank you for your help
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:17 rrd564 ok thanks
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:15 hmic pass the option not to run callbacks...
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:15 rrd564 I mean beforeFind
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:07 rrd564 I found it. Is there a way to tell beforeFilter to do not fire for one find?
# Oct 12th 2017, 17:00 rrd564 but I am able to solve that my own - I hope... :)
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:59 rrd564 at least I got and SQL error what complaining about an inner part of the query, and the generated SQL seems to be the thing i want
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:59 rrd564 hm, i think it is solved like this: https://gist.github.com/rrd108/2aedefdaf28bef2919321f8e36f98e68
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:54 hmic maybe ['da.*', 'ca.*'] could do too
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:53 hmic but listing the aliased fields should do, if thats the only problem left ;-)
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:53 hmic could work too, sure. i wonder why the * does add the alias for you, it did not with me. but then again, i did not leftjoin. so that might be it
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:52 hmic please try without leftJoin and without table alias, exactly like i did $table->find()->select('*')->from($q)
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:52 rrd564 I did not tried that ne yet
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:52 rrd564 should I manually list all fileds there from the temporary tables?
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:51 rrd564 yes
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:51 hmic oh, its the select * thats the showstopper
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:51 rrd564 PDOException: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AS `Tetelek__*` FROM (SELECT Osztalyok.id AS `oId`, Osztalyok.nev AS `oNev`, Tar' at line 1
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:51 hmic can you pass the query like i did to the from
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:50 hmic i'd not had the leftJoin added already, but the idea is the same, sure
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:50 rrd564 The generated SQL starts with this: SELECT Tetelek.* AS `Tetelek__*`