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# Oct 12th 2017, 16:41 rrd564 no space between the _ and * just slack make the text bold...
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:40 rrd564 yes, but than I get SELECT table.* AS table__*
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:38 hmic you can select *
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:38 rrd564 A temporary table
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:37 rrd564 well i that case I would get an SQL like SELECT x,y,z FROM table, but what I need is not that but this: https://gist.github.com/rrd108/1c0f2688e5e867b5c388a2f723fe23ac
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:33 hmic $this->find() on a table gives you a ORM\Query instance back
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:32 hmic you use it from a table anyways, do you?
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:32 hmic so?
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:32 rrd564 I have started with that but the constructor of ORM\Query requires a table as the second argument
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:31 hmic alecilla: you should stop useing action and use url instead, as action will stop working in the next release
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:31 dereuromark use the documented "url" key.
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:31 dereuromark exactly what it says.
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:31 alecilla what mean Deprecated (16384): Using key `action` is deprecated, use `url` directly instead. [CORE/Cake/View/Helper/FormHelper.php, line 383]
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:31 hmic so just start with a ORM\Query instead of a Database\Query and you should be fine
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:30 hmic so you need to express your query with what ORM\Query gives you. It is a subclas of Database\Query, so you should be able to use the interface too
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:30 rrd564 I want to use ORM/Query, just was not able to figure out how to build the same query with it
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:29 hmic so you want to use Database\Query but use the ORM\Query interface? - thats not going to happen. the other way round is not problem though
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:23 rrd564 and I guess I can not chain it
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:23 rrd564 So for example I can not call ->first(), ->toArray() on the return value
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:22 rrd564 I get the SQL what I want but I use the Database/Query builder not the ORM/Query
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:22 alecilla ok
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:22 hmic still not available outside slack
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 alecilla no code
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 alecilla its a image
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 rrd564 still this is just a half of a union
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 hmic !tell alecilla about gist
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 rrd564 It took me time to cut out non relevant part
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 alecilla File uploaded https://cakesf.slack.com/files/U70LAN9EE/F7JFCUGBH/selecci__n_001.png / https://slack-files.com/T053DPNCM-F7JFCUGBH-7a0f0e087f
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:21 hmic at what part are you struggling
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:20 rrd564 and this is my finder so far : https://gist.github.com/rrd108/2aedefdaf28bef2919321f8e36f98e68
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:20 hmic but you could have just continued. just wanted to say that i would be away. does not mean everybody is gone :p
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:20 rrd564 this is the SQL part what I want to achieve: https://gist.github.com/rrd108/1c0f2688e5e867b5c388a2f723fe23ac
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:20 hmic yes
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:19 rrd564 @hmic are you back?
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:13 inoas yeah I wish there was a way to inject abitrary SQL in before SELECT (for CTEs https://mariadb.com/kb/en/library/with/ )
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:13 happy ->newExpr() may do it though, I'll report back!
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:11 happy Thanks, @mail. epilogue wont work because it only appends raw text at the end of the query, but the IGNORE/USE statement must go before the WHERE statement
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:09 happy Only official mention to use/ignore index was a few years ago, a closed github request due to lack of interest
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:09 inoas (no, but maybe epilogue() helps)
# Oct 12th 2017, 16:07 happy Anyone had any luck using IGNORE INDEX when selecting data from mysql in cake 3?
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:53 inoas and array_mege in there