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# Oct 12th 2017, 15:31 hmic neon1024: not really
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:31 neon1024 How can I load some routing data from my db? I’d like to create routes for ‘types’ which I have in the DB. Seems more logical to read them from there
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:29 hmic show the query you want to create please
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:28 rrd564 :slightly_smiling_face: than I need some direction in that
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:27 hmic i bet you can build the query
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:27 rrd564 @hmic well, I am wrong. I want to have a custom finder with a complex SQL what I can not build up with the ORM query builder. But if I build it up via Database/Query builder the returned Query will not match th erequirements
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:26 hmic rrd564: do tell ;-)
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:18 rrd564 @hmic actually it helped me to find the solution :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:16 inoas sort the files and execute them... you can use savepoints in mariadb to store the database as a snapshot in case one of the alter table statements fails I believe
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:16 inoas or shell/command
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:16 inoas or rather a task
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:15 hmic no. but the correct one. don't expect bad/wrong answers. but here you go: create an UpgradeController with an action that executes the alter statements/files inoas was talking about.
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:14 alecilla my English is bad
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:14 alecilla yes
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:14 hmic alecilla: you want to ask if that's the *only* way?
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:13 alecilla it is the unique way?
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:13 hmic !tell rrd564 about xy
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:13 hmic alecilla: like with everything else too - get a decent hoster!
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:12 rrd564 is it possible to transform a Database/Query object into ORM/Query object?
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:12 inoas otherwise incrementally named sql files with ALTER TABLE statements
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:12 alecilla ok, but How I get console for it?
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:12 hmic migrations too, not in the core/default app though
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:11 hmic alecilla: migrations
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:11 alecilla in cake2
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:11 alecilla hello a question if an established model added a field to the database, How I add it to the project?
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:11 jl.fmst maybe
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:11 jl.fmst hahaha
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:10 inoas :>
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:10 hmic inoas, sounds more like its not security related but embarrassing :d
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:09 inoas jl if it is not security related just dump the heap and mark the relevant lines by clicking onto the line number
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:09 jl.fmst i know about it, it's about sending you something that'll be time consuming, is all
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:08 inoas Agreed :) but reading is okay in MVP and actually the query objects are executed lazy from view templates as far as I know (and rails does it too - lol)
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:08 hmic !tell jl.fmst about gist
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:08 jl.fmst give me a second before i throw this big heap of ....*** onto you guys
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:08 hmic inoas, you need to accept my first guess with his second sentence. you are correct that reading data might be happening form a view - even though bad practice and unneccessary, but writing data is a big NONO in MVC too.
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:06 jl.fmst :)
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:06 jl.fmst oh you...you would have a headache
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:06 hmic show your code and problem please
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:06 inoas hmic it is time we rename cakephp to Model Controller Presenter Framework ;p
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:06 jl.fmst :((
# Oct 12th 2017, 15:06 jl.fmst basically a form is trying to push data but i have no idea how it's sending, if at all, sending to the associated model of the controller