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# May 19th, 14:28 cake-novice http://josediazgonzalez.com/2015/12/23/data-validation-in-cakephp-3/ see this
# May 19th, 14:27 cake-novice obinoob: yes you can create
# May 19th, 14:25 obinoob is it possible to create a custom validator and call in a controller action method?
# May 19th, 14:15 obinoob Can I create a custom validator only for sending emails?
# May 19th, 14:14 cake-novice $this->User->recursive = 0; $this->User->bindModel(['belongsTo' => ['Form' =>['className' => 'Form', 'foreignKey' => 'form_id']]]); $leads = $this->User->find('all', 'contain' => array('Form'));
# May 19th, 14:14 cake-novice form has template_id (template primary key)
# May 19th, 14:14 cake-novice User has form_id (form primary key)
# May 19th, 14:14 cake-novice User , Form, Template
# May 19th, 14:14 cake-novice what i am doing wrong in this i am not getting data of template modal
# May 19th, 14:13 cake-novice User , Form, Template User has form_id (form primary key) form has template_id (template primary key) $this->User->recursive = 0; $this->User->bindModel(['belongsTo' => ['Form' =>['className' => 'Form', 'foreignKey' => 'form_id']]]); $leads = $this->User->find('all', 'contain' => array('Form'));
# May 19th, 13:56 GuillaumeP For those interested, I found the answer here on S.O. : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36722156/cakephp-3-how-to-validate-multiple-select-field-belongstomany-association
# May 19th, 13:44 GuillaumeP Neon1024: there is a validation method named "multiple" which works fine, but I'm probably not naming the field right when in HABTM
# May 19th, 13:32 Neon1024 requirePresence()*
# May 19th, 13:32 Neon1024 I’d probably just use requiredPresence() and notEmpty()
# May 19th, 13:31 GuillaumeP Hi! Have you ever tried to create a validation method in Cake 3 to make sure that at least one choice is made in a MultipleSelect or CheckboxGroup (HABTM) ? I can only make it work in a non-HABTM context.
# May 19th, 13:28 rudy1976s thank you @neon1024
# May 19th, 13:28 Neon1024 $table->hasField()
# May 19th, 13:28 Neon1024 Ah it’s a shortcut in \Cake\ORM\Table hasField()
# May 19th, 13:27 Neon1024 $this->_table->getSchema()->hasColumn() I think, let me check
# May 19th, 13:27 Neon1024 Yes, I think it has that, but you need to get the schema iirc
# May 19th, 13:19 rudy1976s I was thinking of something lile $this->table->column(‘name’)
# May 19th, 13:19 eax Ahh, not sure then, sorry! :) Good luck!
# May 19th, 13:19 rudy1976s I am migrating some tables
# May 19th, 13:19 rudy1976s no its just for retrocompatibility
# May 19th, 13:18 eax Oh, hmm, and you want to avoid hitting a situation where the column could be hidden by the entity, or something like that?
# May 19th, 13:18 rudy1976s and I need to make somethin only if te table on whch the behavior is acting on has a column called “column_name”
# May 19th, 13:17 rudy1976s I am in a behavior
# May 19th, 13:17 rudy1976s @eax I need to know if the actual model table has a particular column which in my case could be user_id or created_by
# May 19th, 13:16 eax What do you mean rudy1976s? What do you want to check specifically?
# May 19th, 13:15 rudy1976s is there a way to check against a table column name in a model ?
# May 19th, 12:44 eax Hey folks! Cake3 CRUD question: In the CRUD API, can I edit 2 different models (Articles belongsTo AuthorDescription)? I have a form that saves both the Article and the AuthorDescription, and on edit it consistently try to create a new AuthorDescription
# May 19th, 12:27 kareylo The problem was the new bug... feature.
# May 19th, 12:27 kareylo :slightly_smiling_face:
# May 19th, 12:27 dereuromark that actually works. nice
# May 19th, 12:27 kareylo new "feature"...
# May 19th, 12:26 dereuromark Yeah I am gonna try "autoload_files: - %rootDir%/../../../tests/bootstrap.php"
# May 19th, 12:25 ian_d_h Check for undefined constants (level 1). You must define your constants in an autoloaded file or otherwise PHPStan cannot see them. https://github.com/phpstan/phpstan/releases/tag/0.7
# May 19th, 12:24 kareylo Or startu
# May 19th, 12:24 kareylo Maybe force the const in initialize ?
# May 19th, 12:22 kareylo It just tries the file and don't understand why you use ROOT and APP const which come with another file
# May 19th, 12:21 kareylo I think I understand