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# Oct 14th, 18:04 graziel can you post your plugin code somewhere?
# Oct 14th, 18:03 david yes, @ricksaccous
# Oct 14th, 18:03 david sorry, CmsSection is the name of the plugin
# Oct 14th, 18:03 ricksaccous is your application skeleton up to date?
# Oct 14th, 18:03 david Application.php has $this->addPlugin('CmsSection');
# Oct 14th, 18:02 david yes
# Oct 14th, 18:02 admad You have loaded the plugin in application right?
# Oct 14th, 18:02 admad Then cake shouldn't have problem finding it and issue is something else.
# Oct 14th, 18:01 david yes, it is
# Oct 14th, 18:01 admad Is your plugin listed in vendor/cakephp-plugins.php?
# Oct 14th, 17:59 graziel and by extension also cake
# Oct 14th, 17:59 graziel doesnt matter autoload needs to know where to look for classes
# Oct 14th, 17:58 david I have baked it, but my plugin is not a plugin from composer
# Oct 14th, 17:57 graziel thats why bake is better it does it for you
# Oct 14th, 17:57 graziel to autoload section
# Oct 14th, 17:56 graziel "MyPlugin\\": "./plugins/MyPlugin/src/"
# Oct 14th, 17:56 graziel also if you didnt change composer.json you need to add
# Oct 14th, 17:56 david no changes... after dump-autoload
# Oct 14th, 17:54 admad Try running `composer dump-autoload`
# Oct 14th, 17:54 david can't remember, really
# Oct 14th, 17:54 david updated, I think
# Oct 14th, 17:54 david mmm
# Oct 14th, 17:53 graziel cake version
# Oct 14th, 17:53 david ?
# Oct 14th, 17:53 david what do you mean with "updated code or new"
# Oct 14th, 17:51 graziel it might be same problem as in https://discourse.cakephp.org/t/running-commands-attempts-to-load-shell-instead/4381/10?u=graziel
# Oct 14th, 17:51 david and bake command has created it with the shell
# Oct 14th, 17:51 graziel i ment whole app
# Oct 14th, 17:51 david I have deleted /plugins/MyPlugin/src/Shell
# Oct 14th, 17:50 david new code
# Oct 14th, 17:50 graziel hm is it updated code or new?
# Oct 14th, 17:49 david same result
# Oct 14th, 17:48 graziel bake is great i use it everytime i can
# Oct 14th, 17:48 david (didn't know)
# Oct 14th, 17:48 david ok, I'll try
# Oct 14th, 17:48 david oh
# Oct 14th, 17:47 graziel why move bake has ability to bake into plugin
# Oct 14th, 17:47 david I have baked a shell and moved to /plugins/MyPlugin/src/Shell, with the same result: commands not found by ./cake
# Oct 14th, 17:42 david in fact, my plugin only have the shell
# Oct 14th, 17:41 graziel try baking just to be sure its not typo or silly mistake
# Oct 14th, 17:41 david no
# Oct 14th, 17:41 graziel are you using bake to create it?
# Oct 14th, 17:38 david if my shell is under src/Shell it works, but when I move the shell to /plugins/MyPlugin/src/Shell. commands are missing
# Oct 14th, 17:27 david but MyPlugin shell commands are not autodiscovered when I run ./cake
# Oct 14th, 17:27 david yes, I loaded the plugin via ./cake plugin load MyPlugin, so Application.php has been updated with $this->addPlugin('MyPlugin');
# Oct 14th, 17:24 dereuromark If you loaded/enabled the plugin.
# Oct 14th, 17:20 david When a plugin has a shell, the shell commands should be showed in console when you run ./cake, isn't it?
# Oct 14th, 16:25 jotpe Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 16:25 jotpe Alright, I changed this.
# Oct 14th, 16:22 admad that looks fine but unlike `getPath()` `getRequestTarget()` will include query string
# Oct 14th, 16:17 jotpe I don't need to inject other classes so this should be fine, or?
# Oct 14th, 16:17 slackebot1 <jotpe>
# Oct 14th, 16:17 jotpe @admad Yes, i used this. I ended up building a helper with something like this:
# Oct 14th, 16:05 admad @jotpe `$this->request->getPath()` will return the current URL without query string args if any
# Oct 14th, 15:58 jotpe Thanks @tobse, @dereuromark and @admad
# Oct 14th, 15:52 admad a more generic solution would be generate URL for record and compare with current request's URL. Then you will be able to use the check for any record, not just companies
# Oct 14th, 15:50 dereuromark wrapping it inside helpers maybe :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 15:46 tobse I'm using the request object in my menu-elements. I.e. ''' if ($this->request->getParam('controller') === 'Companies' andand $this->request->getParam('pass')[0] === strtolower($company->slug)) { $active = ' active'; $current = ' <span class="sr-only">' . __x('Navigation', '(current)') . '</span>'; }''' Maybe there is a much more elegant way. :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 15:40 jotpe What's the proper way to get the current request url within a view? E.g. for set the current active link in a menu in a element?
# Oct 14th, 15:12 ricksaccous that's cool man, hopefully you can maintain it easily enough
# Oct 14th, 15:12 ricksaccous lol jk
# Oct 14th, 15:12 ricksaccous HERETIC LEAVE THIS CHANNEL AT ONCE
# Oct 14th, 15:11 nils I moved to Laravel a while back. That’s my new god. I only have one project to maintain in Cakephp :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 15:10 ricksaccous BELIEVE MY FRIEND AND YOU WILL ACHIEVE
# Oct 14th, 15:09 nils :)
# Oct 14th, 15:09 ricksaccous you gotta believe
# Oct 14th, 15:08 nils Not attitude problems, age problems. I started out too late. :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 15:07 ricksaccous not with that attitude
# Oct 14th, 15:06 nils Haha, I will never become victorious in the developer-scene.
# Oct 14th, 15:06 ricksaccous no pain no gain
# Oct 14th, 15:06 ricksaccous this is why we're here oh yeahhhhh
# Oct 14th, 15:06 ricksaccous @nils you're being molded by the flames into a better developer, through the flames you will rise victorious
# Oct 14th, 15:05 nils Yeah. A lot of the burns were simply language barriers. I mean, it’s nice to have english, PHP and CakePHP as a native language. Some people here were never beginners it seems. :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 15:05 admad yeah, if you don't have a thick skin :slightly_smiling_face:
# Oct 14th, 15:04 niel45 flame-retardant underwear helps
# Oct 14th, 15:03 nils I guess. When I started hanging out in this channel around 8 years ago I got burned each and every day. So I’m used to it.
# Oct 14th, 15:03 ricksaccous lol
# Oct 14th, 15:02 admad the burn is worth the effort of extra typing
# Oct 14th, 15:02 nils Yeah. Just thought there would be easier for you to type “Yes” rather than “This is not somethi…“ ;)
# Oct 14th, 15:00 ricksaccous ouch another harsh one, sometimes other netizens need tough love though
# Oct 14th, 15:00 neon1024 Maybe search Google for ‘Basic maths’
# Oct 14th, 15:00 neon1024 You have all the power of The Internet at your fingertips
# Oct 14th, 14:59 neon1024 This is not something you need me for.
# Oct 14th, 14:59 neon1024 > 100 pence = 1 pound?
# Oct 14th, 14:59 ricksaccous just join the discord @neon1024 hangs out on, they'll help you out
# Oct 14th, 14:58 ricksaccous lolll
# Oct 14th, 14:58 alexdd55976 will do.. i am here anyway and will complain about it a lot :)
# Oct 14th, 14:57 ricksaccous @alexdd55976 alright good luck and let me know how it goes
# Oct 14th, 14:55 nils @neon1024 I see. 100 pence = 1 pound?
# Oct 14th, 14:55 alexdd55976 hard to tell what the best way to do it... gonna find out soon
# Oct 14th, 14:54 neon1024 I do everything in pencese
# Oct 14th, 14:54 alexdd55976 @ricksaccous thorugh selction you change some json config which triggers changes in your forms...
# Oct 14th, 14:54 nils So I should use the checkout amount times 100 ?
# Oct 14th, 14:54 neon1024 Then things like Yaun or Yen might not have minor denominations
# Oct 14th, 14:53 neon1024 cents, pence, etc
# Oct 14th, 14:53 nils @neon1024 not sure what you mean by “minor denominations”
# Oct 14th, 14:53 ricksaccous these radio buttons given this class and these data properties would hide/show x field
# Oct 14th, 14:52 ricksaccous and operate based on that
# Oct 14th, 14:52 ricksaccous i search for inputs with certain classes and data- attributes attached
# Oct 14th, 14:52 ricksaccous with jquery i generify that to some degree