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# Jul 15th, 18:30 daniel.upshaw I might have an answer for you
# Jul 15th, 18:29 daniel.upshaw E.g., to fit in boostrap etc?
# Jul 15th, 18:29 daniel.upshaw You're trying to nest checkbox controls differently @ricksaccous?
# Jul 15th, 18:28 ricksaccous also the defaults for templateVars don't work, lmao
# Jul 15th, 18:28 ricksaccous because it's using 'label'
# Jul 15th, 18:28 ricksaccous just not using the nestingLabel template I want it to
# Jul 15th, 18:28 ricksaccous it's correctly over-riding the templates
# Jul 15th, 18:28 ricksaccous yeah that piece of the code is working
# Jul 15th, 18:27 genellern Hmm, I wonder if templates add would work, have you checked the templates in your widget?
# Jul 15th, 18:27 ricksaccous instead of the widget
# Jul 15th, 18:27 ricksaccous i might just plop that in an element and call it a day
# Jul 15th, 18:27 ricksaccous to get checkboxes to use x templates
# Jul 15th, 18:26 ricksaccous I think formHelper just uses some magic i don't understand
# Jul 15th, 18:26 ricksaccous This is working though:
# Jul 15th, 18:26 slackebot <ricksaccous>
# Jul 15th, 18:23 ricksaccous I don't want to use label template because then i can't get the hidden field
# Jul 15th, 18:23 ricksaccous it's using 'label' template instead of nestingLabel template
# Jul 15th, 18:21 ricksaccous @genellern https://gist.github.com/Modicrumb/e848e4f610e52d9b9884650eb3016608
# Jul 15th, 18:19 genellern Do you care to show me your code?
# Jul 15th, 18:19 ricksaccous it uses the same widget, but different templates
# Jul 15th, 18:18 genellern Are you sure checkbox uses the template a text input would use?
# Jul 15th, 18:18 ricksaccous I'm setting the type in the widget, meh
# Jul 15th, 18:17 ricksaccous it refuses to use the stupid nestingLabel
# Jul 15th, 18:17 ricksaccous manually set the type to "checkbox"
# Jul 15th, 18:17 ricksaccous but when i try to create a widget
# Jul 15th, 18:17 ricksaccous it's working fine when i attach the 'templates' to an input
# Jul 15th, 18:16 ricksaccous yeah, been messing around with those
# Jul 15th, 18:16 genellern Have you tried changing the templates?
# Jul 15th, 18:15 ricksaccous i'm building a widget and i can't figure out how to force the widget to use label of type nestingLabel
# Jul 15th, 18:15 ricksaccous for the life of me
# Jul 15th, 18:07 bird87_za Does anyone know of an API I can use to authenticate a user on his xbox profile and pull that data into my app?
# Jul 15th, 17:14 devito thank
# Jul 15th, 17:14 devito @kaliel yeah its mod rewrite
# Jul 15th, 16:50 hippo @rrd564 I think the easiest solution is to specify the columns you would like to export via the `$_extract` view variable.
# Jul 15th, 16:21 rrd564 I have to call toArray on a resultset. Is there any way to define the order of the array keys? I export to CSV using FirendsOfCake csvView plugin, but the order of the columns are mixed
# Jul 15th, 16:02 kaliel @devito nothing on logs ? mod_rewrite enable ?
# Jul 15th, 16:01 devito what would cause me to get a missing home controller error on a fresh stand up of cake3? default / route points to pages home and the route is named to /home
# Jul 15th, 15:57 ndm There's also `assertResponseEquals()` if you want to compare the whole content.
# Jul 15th, 15:55 neon1024 As it’s json, I’d rather do some more intrusive asserts :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:55 neon1024 I’d only found `$this->assertResponseContains()`
# Jul 15th, 15:55 neon1024 Ahh, thanks!
# Jul 15th, 15:55 ndm `$this->_response`
# Jul 15th, 15:50 neon1024 Using the IntegrationTestTrait, how do I get the response?
# Jul 15th, 15:24 kaliel your welcome :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:24 lubos I'll pick this in the morning with fresh head :slightly_smiling_face: thanks @kaliel for your input! :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:23 lubos @kaliel the memory issues are before creating any CSV (when trying to debug `orders` results - just count output)
# Jul 15th, 15:23 kaliel @lubos do you use a plugin or something to output csv ? I had memory issues too with some of them. Or do the allowed memory error is triggered before csv construction ?
# Jul 15th, 15:22 lubos to be even more specific, we have `orders` and `leads` data and client is requiring output of both combined in CSV file so they can process data on their side
# Jul 15th, 15:21 lubos @kaliel as you say, only the new collection is not third table but CSV output
# Jul 15th, 15:20 kaliel @lubos To be clear, you have to query 2 tables, merge the results, do some process, then save this new collection (to a third table) ?
# Jul 15th, 15:19 lubos I'll see, but for now it seems I stick with increasing memory limit, hopefully `512M` is just fine :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:18 lubos and sql union could be answer too, but who does like it? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:17 lubos but still, i need to combine two collections (each has different table) that's why I picked post-processing at the first place
# Jul 15th, 15:17 lubos rather than do post-processing with collections
# Jul 15th, 15:16 lubos so using endless group and sql with `limit (number, from)` is the way to go I guess :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:15 lubos @kaliel but then 101 - 200 created date could be wrongly sorted with first 100 results, but I need to loop sql queries with short period at this case I think :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:14 kaliel @lubos you can sortBy('created') the first 100 results, then query for the 101th to 200th, etc...
# Jul 15th, 15:14 lubos is using `512MB` too much? :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:13 lubos but so much easier to increase memory limit
# Jul 15th, 15:13 lubos thanks both, i will do
# Jul 15th, 15:13 lubos but I guess I can make sets limited by short period, e.g. day or so
# Jul 15th, 15:12 lubos and output is one CSV file which would be OK I can append to the CSV, but neeed sort them first
# Jul 15th, 15:12 lubos well I can chunk them, but i need `sortBy('created')` for all items, then chunk does not work well
# Jul 15th, 15:11 ricksaccous like @kaliel is suggesting
# Jul 15th, 15:11 ricksaccous do x amount at a time with some delay in between maybe
# Jul 15th, 15:11 kaliel @lubos you can add a "processed" boolean to each item of your collection, and add multiples tasks with queue plugin
# Jul 15th, 15:11 ricksaccous @lubos you can probably chunk them no?
# Jul 15th, 15:10 ricksaccous in one widget
# Jul 15th, 15:10 ricksaccous and permeating data through different templates
# Jul 15th, 15:10 lubos processing about 9300 results set which does not seems too much though, but there are many fields in the row
# Jul 15th, 15:10 ricksaccous I'm having so much trouble with widgets
# Jul 15th, 15:09 lubos @kaliel I can but I rather write scripts memory wise
# Jul 15th, 15:08 kaliel @lubos So you can increase memory_limit ?
# Jul 15th, 15:07 lubos so far I am setting the memory limit to `ini_set('memory_limit', '512M');` and it works fine, hopefully I am not using too much memory :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 15:05 lubos good way is to use `take` with `while` loop, but in my case i need to merge 2 collections first so I am using ``` $collection3 = $collection1 ->append($collection2) ->sortBy('created') ->take(100) ``` but because the `$collection1` is too large it fails due to memory limit
# Jul 15th, 15:03 lubos I probably can optimize the sql (adding fields list instead of *) so the collettion is not so large and can fit into memory
# Jul 15th, 15:02 lubos @kaliel well I am already executing this on the cli
# Jul 15th, 15:01 kaliel @lubos maybe you can try to defer some process, see cakephp-queue plugin : https://www.dereuromark.de/2013/12/22/queue-deferred-execution-in-cakephp/
# Jul 15th, 14:55 lubos Is there any good way to process large `ResultSet` collections while not increasing `memory_limit`? I am havving allowed memory error with my result set
# Jul 15th, 13:49 ricksaccous i think i know how to go about it actually
# Jul 15th, 13:48 ricksaccous custom nesting label covers no label
# Jul 15th, 13:45 ricksaccous i want a custom inputContainer, no label, and a custom nestingLabel, and a custom checkbox
# Jul 15th, 13:45 ricksaccous is there an easy way to just create a widget that uses x template instead of y template
# Jul 15th, 12:57 okelet hi all, i am trying to use custom column types in my migrations, as said in http://docs.phinx.org/en/latest/migrations.html#custom-column-types-default-values, but the doc is not clear for me. how could I create mysql generated stored columns, like in this post https://stackoverflow.com/a/44548610/576138?
# Jul 15th, 12:21 mikelthewebguy :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 12:21 mikelthewebguy I am really amazed after seeing fast response from you guys
# Jul 15th, 12:20 mikelthewebguy but tried this community first time
# Jul 15th, 12:20 mikelthewebguy i am using cakephp from long time
# Jul 15th, 12:18 mikelthewebguy but thank you codehead.. appreciate.
# Jul 15th, 12:18 mikelthewebguy and it worked :slightly_smiling_face:
# Jul 15th, 12:17 mikelthewebguy i just tried escape
# Jul 15th, 12:17 mikelthewebguy yes
# Jul 15th, 12:17 mikelthewebguy I tried that too
# Jul 15th, 12:17 conehead ``` $this->Url->build([ "controller" => "tools", "action" => "getTools", "?" => [ "param1" => "val1", "param2" => "val2" ] ], ['escape' => false]); ```
# Jul 15th, 12:17 dereuromark please read the docs, you are not using '?' for assigning query string
# Jul 15th, 12:14 mikelthewebguy funny thing is that if we try to do urldecode its not converting andamp; back to and
# Jul 15th, 12:14 mikelthewebguy *querystring
# Jul 15th, 12:14 mikelthewebguy it shouldn't encode querystrin
# Jul 15th, 12:13 mikelthewebguy Its generating wrong querystring
# Jul 15th, 12:13 mikelthewebguy right